16 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

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Teenage is a strange yet one of the most beautiful phases of life. This is that time of life when one is neither a kid nor an adult, which means life is like a tug of war where either side pull the adolescent in their direction. A phase when one learns to take and make decisions, make friends and experience life like never before. Teenagers no matter where, need their own little space while growing up. A room of their own is like their own little world and here we have some interesting Teen Bedroom Design Ideas.

1. Simple yet Elegant

This Teen Bedroom Design is for all those who prefer the minimalistic approach. Simple yet smart, Elegant and efficient, this bedroom is ideal for teens. The bookshelves, the wardrobe and the table are done in a way such that they add simplicity to the room. The picture on the wall adds an extra element of beauty to this room.

Simple yet Elegant

Image Credit: 2-quick

2. Color Splash

Teenage girls look at life through rose colored spectacles and hence love elements of color everywhere. Be it their wardrobe or bedroom, they love it colorful. Here is a teen room idea that shows good use of color. Be it a big or a small room, this teen bedroom idea is a sure to win everyone’s hearts.

Color Splash

Image Credit: pointny

3. Go Purple

Purple is the color of royalty and lot of teens love this shade. Here is one awesome teenage bedroom design idea where the entire room talks in shades of purple. Add a dash of traditional furniture and some contrasting color for the curtains and you have a great looking room for your awesome teen.

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Go Purple

Image Credit: hgtv

4. The Bohemian Look

Teenage is the time of self discovery and self expression. Here is a cool teenage room idea that experiments with a lot of colors, giving the room a vibrant Bohemian look. The chandelier and the art work are equally modish and fashionable.

The Bohemian Look

Image Credit: hgtv

5. Compact yet Classy

This is a teen bedroom idea that shows the clever use of space and yet ensures the teen finds his space inspite of the limited space. Brightly colored and well planned, this room has a bunk bed along with a cupboard and study table, hence making it classy and sassy.

Compact yet Classy

Image Credit: digsdigs

6. Minimalistic and suave

Solid colors have their own charm and elegance. This teen bedroom idea is a great example of how solid colors and minimal furniture can make a room look elegant and smart. Minimal furniture and the right colors have added a whole new dimension to this room.

Minimalistic and Suave

Image Credit: digsdigs

7. For the Wordsmiths

A pretty room that shows off a teenager’s passion for a particular art can be very encouraging. This teen room idea will surely bring a smile on the face of any teen who loves to write. Furnishings and wall art with alphabets adds an extra touch and a dose of encouragement to the little literary wizard in the making.

For the Wordsmiths

Image Credit: photobucket

8. LEGO Themed Room

Some teens grow with their toys and one wonderful teen bedroom design idea is the LEGO themed room. LEGO blocks are for all and age can never dampen the spirit of a true LEGO lover. The LEGO theme makes the room more colorful and playful too. A headboard made of LEGO bricks is the highlight of this theme.

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LEGO Themed Room

Image Credit: hometalk

9. Fantastic and Fit

Teens is one of the most active phases in life and for someone who lives, breathes and sleeps sports, this teenager bedroom idea is just perfect. An artificial climbing wall and a boxing bag add that extra element of fitness. This bedroom is also apt for all those gym loving teens.

Fantastic and Fit

Image Credit: home-designing

10. Tennis all the way

This is a teenage bedroom design idea for teens that are tennis fans or enjoy the game thoroughly. While the room is done in colors resembling the field and the ball, the overall décor is done in a simple manner ensuring great use of space and high utility value.

Tennis All The Way

Image Credit: enmerit

11. Like a Princess

Teenage girls and their fascination for princesses is the theme for this another great teen room design ideas. Furniture and furnishings are done in purple to give it a royal feel. This room is sure to wow every teenage girl. Big comfortable furniture and royal looking curtains and décor make the room look truly regal and splendid.

Like a Princess

Image Credit: decoist

12. For the Brand Conscious

Teenage and fashion go hand in hand to quite an extent. Every teenager wants to have and own the latest trends in fashion. Here is a teen room design idea which is made for someone who is brand conscious. This is a fairly simple room with basic furniture and the walls talking about the big names in fashion.

For the Brand Conscious

Image Credit: decoist

13. Vibrant Colors

This is a vibrant teen room design idea for all those teens who love their music and sport. This lively and spirited room will surely lift moods. With minimal furniture and more of sport and musical equipment, this room is sure to bring smiles.

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Vibrant Colors

Image Credit: moffatmn

14. The Bubblegum Look

Teenage girls and their love for pink color is known to all. Here is a teen bedroom design idea for girls who love the pink and white bubblegum look and combination. With matching décor and furnishing this is one design idea that has been popular with teenagers since long.

The Bubblegum Look

Image Credit: desigfx

15. Creative and Colorful

Here is an awesome teen bedroom design idea for anyone who loves nature and creativity. With colorful decals on the walls and patchwork bed furnishings, this idea is sure to spell bind teenagers. Simple and basic furniture and bright, vivacious colors are sure to charm.

Creative and Colorful

Image Credit: 80018

16. Industrial Twist

Here is a teen bedroom design idea for all those who like a little rugged and industrial look in their room. Engineering is an interesting branch that draws the attention of many young boys. This room and its décor gives a rugged look and yet is extremely classy in terms of look.

Industrial Twist

Image Credit: architectureartdesigns

These ideas are sure to have piqued your excitement and enthusiasm to change the look of your room. Go ahead and use them to bring out the creativity and vibrancy in your little world.

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