11 (More) Great Ideas for Your Teen Bedroom

Since 16 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas was so popular, we decided to give it an update.

There’s a lot of love shown to decorating nurseries and baby rooms, but what about cool teen bedroom design ideas? It can be hard to find inspiration.

You want to make sure that there’s plenty of room for your young one to show off their personality, but with enough storage and space to stop them from filing their belongings on the floor.

More often than not, a teenage space is also likely to multitask as their hangout space, their homework zone, as well as where they sleep.

If your teenager is dreaming of a more adult space, we’ve gathered up some inspiration to help turn their space into something that’s more appropriate for their age.

1. Fabric Style

Source: The Monogrammed Life

Dress up their existing space with some fabrics and clever arrangements. It’s a great way to let them put their personal flair, without having to spend a huge amount of time or money.

2. Architectural Delight

Source: Stacy Risenmay

It’s not just teenagers who love strings of lights, and we’re obsessed with the soft glow that you can create in their bedroom. If space is short, it’s also a clever idea to introduce a hanging bedside table for their personal effects.

3. Teenage Kicks

Source: Carli Alves

You may have heard this (and possibly from them) but your beloved teenager isn’t a child any more. That’s why bringing in some traditional features and decorating with fun fabrics is a great way to compromise while creating a more contemporary feel.

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4. Be Inventive

Source: Rittika Chokhany

For a quiet study zone, you want to make sure there’s enough space for a work desk but that it still fits the vibe of a restful room. Clever wallpaper ideas and complementary accessories can add instant personality to their rooms.

5. Traditional Styles

Source: Brooke Christen

As your teen grows, so does their collection of, well, stuff. So it’s always worthwhile investing in plenty of storage – which doesn’t mean having to house them in a room of boxes. Experiment with matching storage solutions can give a collegiate mood that still feels personal.

6. Twin Size Delight

Source: Jessica Bruno

If you’re one of many families whose children are sharing rooms, it can be a challenge to incorporate twice the personality. That being said, a compromise doesn’t have to be ugly – instead, pick calming colors that they can agree on, and mirror the space to give an airy, refined feeling.

7. Industrial Chic

Source: Cristina Garay

It’s hard to argue with the industrial style, but it can be a challenge to make an industrial room also feel restful. Mix and match by zoning the room so that the bed can become a sleep haven but a homework desk is an inspirational place for learning.

8. Boho Delight

Source: Tarina Lyell

A lot of rooms can benefit just from a curation of the right accessories. Simple elements, like matching desk and table legs with the frames on the wall can give a room a completely different vibe.

9. Color Block

Source: Heather Freeman

Adding a stylish piece of furniture is a great way to give your teenager a hangout space in their own room. Just because they’re growing up, doesn’t mean they have to relinquish fun colors – encourage them to experiment with aquas, blues, and pinks.

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10. Serene & Green

Source: Oscar Bravo

It’s incredible what a coat of paint in an original color can do. Green on the walls creates a soothing, peaceful environment that’s conducive to sleep. Also, consider experimenting with different room layouts – we love that, while the bed is against the window, the pure white curtains let it feel comfortable and bright.

11. Color Zones

Source: Danielle Reidy

For a room that has to do so much, it can actually improve the flow to create specific zones. Start with a relatively neutral palette (such as gray) and then build on that. We love that this room uses beautiful fabrics to accentuate colors so that the room feels ideal for all the jobs it has to do!