Conversion Ideas for Your Underutilized Loft

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Lofts are among the most under-utilized spaces in a house with many serving only one purpose: storage space. If you have been thinking of expanding on the living areas in your home, a loft conversion should be at the top of your list of considerations. A loft that is well-designed will not only allow you to add an extra living space or even two to your home but can increase your property value considerably as well. As there are so many things you can do with your attic space it is only natural that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Let’s have a closer look at just a few loft renovation ideas that are definitely worth considering.


Lofts make great home offices  

Dedicated home office spaces are all the rage right now among both remote workers and homeowners who want to keep the family’s paperwork well organized. Lofts make great home offices as they are far enough removed from the rest of the house to ensure that they are quiet and peaceful. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a small loft window to let natural light in. Your loft office can be as simple or luxurious as you choose it to be. Prior to picking wall paint and office furniture, however, you will have to ensure that the structure of your house can handle the weight of a loft conversion. Once this has been established, you can start designing your dream home office with all the furnishings and tech that you heart desires.

Spare bedrooms are always welcome  

Whether you have children who can no longer share a bedroom or never have enough space or guests, chances are your house could do with at least one spare bedroom. A loft is the perfect space to create an airy bedroom in.If you are unsure what direction to take with your spare room, browse the internet for some tips and tricks on house remodeling. Whether you choose a modern, sleek look or want to create a bedroom that is reminiscent of a country garden is entirely up to you. Before starting your conversion, take some time to check on a few things including available head height, the condition of the roofing structure, and the prevalence of potential obstacles such as chimney stacks and water tanks.

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Games rooms provide fun for the whole family 

If you are serious about converting your loft but don’t quite know what to convert it into yet, you should definitely consider a games room. The size of your loft will ultimately determine what you can and can’t include in your games room. While a large space is suitable for everything from a large-screen TV, gaming console, and pool table, a smaller space can still house a smaller TV for console gaming, comfortable seating, and even a table for card- or board games. Before decorating the room with pop culture posters and memorabilia, make sure that the roof is not leaking and that the flooring is secure and in good condition.

An unused loft can be turned into a very desirable living space. As long as you plan properly there are virtually no limits to what you can do during a loft conversion.