16 Ultimate Western Living Room Decorating Ideas

Thinking of decorating your living room in western style? Wondering how you can bring about a western flavor to your homes? Are you in love with the Wild West movies? The west brings with itself a timeless authenticity which is ultimately rustic and appealing for most people.

The dapper looking logs, statues of free spirited horses a galaxy light projector and faux painted walls made to appear like wood or stone are just some of the themes featured in our 16 ultimate western living room decorating ideas.

Read on to see which catches your fancy and use your creativity to create these classic looks.

1. Rustic Western Living Room Decoration

Note how the walls of this classically western living room combine the natural stones and dark colors to give an authentic feel to the room. The stoned flooring and the western style furniture also add to its overall appeal. The indoor plant and the fire place are a quaint touch to this typically western decoration.

living room decorating ideas

Image Credit: cmstatic1

2. Classic Western Living Room Decoration

The large windows framed with the curtains, the small coffee table placed artfully amongst the comfy sofas and chairs and the opulent rug are all classic western ideas. Take some inspiration from this classy looking living room while decorating your home in western style.

living room decorating ideas

Image Credit: gennit

3. Modern Western Living Room Decoration

For those who prefer to merge modern touches with the traditional western décor this living room idea is definitely worth looking in to. The mounted animal heads on the wall along with the animal print rug on the customized wooden floor add an alluring touch.

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living room decorating ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

4. Living Room With A Slight Western Touch

This classy living room with mild western touches is sure to appeal to those who place class above all else. The wooden theme customized flooring made to look like a barn floor and the rustic looking fire place add a classic western touch to this otherwise modern living room.

living room decorating ideas

Image Credit: houzz

5. Opulent Western Living Room

If you prefer opulence in your homes then this sophisticated and magnificent western style living room would surely appeal to you. Check out the luxurious feel of this room created with the presence of a stone wall. The plush rug and animal themed chairs along with the classy sofa set all add to the grandeur of this room.

living room decorating

Image Credit: hgtv

6. Stylish Western Living Room Decoration

Notice how the small space has been utilized to create a lovely western style living room. The fire place adds an authentic touch. The gilt framed mirror adds opulence and class to this otherwise simple living room. The simple sofas are accentuated by the presence of the luxurious rug.

living room decorating

Image Credit: newurbanhomes

7. Minimalist Western Living Room Decoration

There are many who prefer the clean simplistic minimalist look even when it comes to western decoration. The single wooden rocking chair is a truly authentic touch and when paired with the starkness of the room adds to its overall appeal.

living room decorating

Image Credit: homenewdesigns

8. Luxurious Western Living Room Decoration

Check out the lovely contrast created by the dark colored furniture amidst the white background of this classic living room. The classy looking coffee table paired with the lovely carpet underneath adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

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living room decorating

Image Credit: trendecoration

9. Contemporary Western Living Room Decoration

This lavish looking western style living room is magnificent to look at. The show pieces displayed so vividly on the shelves and the subtle lightening all add to the glamor of this wonderful room.

living room design

Image Credit: homeinteriorsdesignideas

10. Texas Style Living Room Decoration

The simple décor paired with the traditional fire place and the stoned wall is a truly authentic touch. For those who prefer the simplistic western style this room provides good inspiration. Create your own western looks by adding authentic looking pieces of furniture and plush rugs for a truly western feel.

living room design

Image Credit: imtex

11. Delightful Country Style Western Decorating Idea

Notice how the room appears to be truly and genuinely western style because of the presence of the customized wooden flooring and walls. The painting is a charming touch and adds to the old world appeal of this country style living room.

living room design

Image Credit: olpos

12. Traditional Western Style Living Room Idea

For those who prefer authenticity above all else this lovely living room decoration is an idea worth looking in to. The horned bull sculptures mounted on the wall along with the western style furniture make this room look quite traditional.

living room design

Image Credit: 9homedecoratingideas

13. Western Style Decorating Items For The Living Room

Check out this lovely looking lamp with western touches. These would be a welcome addition to any living room and make it appear more authentic and traditional. Often enough you can’t completely change the whole furniture but adding bits and pieces here and there like this lamp can give a bit of western touch to your homes.

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Western Living Room

Image Credit: aliimg

14. Tuscan inspired Western Living Room Decoration

The comfy leather sofas and the traditional fireplace attached to the stoned wall give this home a somewhat western look. There are also elements of Tuscan decoration in this living room. The wooden coffee table paired with the elegant customized flooring is a welcome touch.

Western Living Room

Image Credit: sndimg

15. Western Style Murals For The Living Room

Murals can make a living room stand out. In order to bring a true western flavor to your living rooms you can use huge murals like this one to give your living room a distinctive western appeal.

Western Living Room

Image Credit: store51

16. Western Style Cushions And Rugs For Living Room

Adding a bunch of cushions and rugs inspired from cowboy images is a great way of adding a western look to your living room. The plush leather sofas are given an authentic western look by the addition of the small bovine cushions and large comfy looking rug.

Western Living Room

Image Credit: mnginteractive

So whether you plan to simply put a few bits or pieces of western décor to your living rooms or have a complete overhaul, the above mentioned ideas are easy to implement. Choose one which is best suitable for your budget. If you don’t plan to go overboard invest in a nice western style mural or faux paint your walls to develop a western theme. There is something for just about anyone who wants to take inspiration from western decoration for remodeling their homes.

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