Having kids changes the whole lifestyle of a family. From two the family unit becomes compromised of three or more individuals. These little people enter our life with a bang and change everything. But perhaps many feel that having kids is the best decision they have ever made. Decorating your kid’s bedrooms once they are bit old enough is great fun. You get to know them as individuals with likes and dislikes completely different from yours.

You can turn something as stressful as decorating a kid’s bedroom in to a fun project by using the following 16 ideas. These will appeal to just about every little boy or girl and the best part is that there are so many bohemian bedroom decors to choose from!

1. Cool And Fun Girl’s Bohemian Bedroom

This is a great option for families wanting to decorate their room for little girls. Check out how the bed is made to look all the more appealing by the addition of wooden frames draped with bellowing curtains in form of a canopy which have been pulled aside. These curtains can be used for playing and having a great time, closed for privacy, open for chit chat. The wall mounted with the little doll’s collection adds a nice personal touch.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: luxtica

2. Classy Bohemian Bedroom Idea

For kids who like to live in style and especially for all those divas who take their vanity very seriously, the mirror frames with matching consoles are a great addition. The clean and classic simplicity of this bedroom is made alluring by the presence of a lovely beanbag and a cute stuffed elephant!

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

3. Crafty Kids Bohemian Bedroom

This is a great way to decorate your kid’s bedroom if you want to keep them super busy and crafty. Check out how the toys are arranged to give the kids a space to indulge in different sort of the activities. The mattress placed on the floor doubles as a settee and a bed too.

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: homedit

4. Bohemian For The Jungle Boy

This is a great bohemian bedroom idea for enticing your little boy. Check out the large stuffed tiger sitting on the runner in the middle of the room. The built bed with a panda quietly peeking out is definitely a dream come true for any little wanna be jungle boy.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: lonny

5. Beautiful Bohemian Lightening In A Kids Bedroom

Such a lovely looking bohemian bedroom idea with glowing lights and one which is sure to appeal kids of all ages! The hanging star and the artfully placed toys make this bedroom a safe haven for your little ones.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: vissbiz

6. Innovative Kids Bohemian Bedroom

This bohemian kid’s bedroom is certainly inspiring to look at. It’s the kind of bedroom which would be liked by both boys and girls. You can change the color theme according to your kid’s preferences, while keeping the basic idea same. The little straw baskets for storing knick knacks and keeping the room clutter free are also a great idea.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

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7. Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom Décor For Your Little Dreamer

The lovely bed frame and the sweet little appliqué on the wall are all characteristic of a bohemian style décor which would be much loved by your little dreamer. So go on and help them indulge in a bit of daydreaming with this lovely bohemian bedroom idea.

Bohemian Bedrooms

Image Credit: thedesignfiles

8. Sweet Bohemian Bedroom

This lovely bohemian bedroom for kids with its chaise lounge and paneled floor is an epitome of sweetness and loveliness. The informal looking bag on the floor to keep all the toys is a real cute touch. The bed with its comforter and little pillows is a comfortable addition.

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Bohemian Bedrooms

Image Credit: lonny

9. Faux Painted Bohemian Kids Bedroom Walls

The lovely textured walls of this bohemian bedroom add a wonderful touch to this kid’s bedroom. You can use all sort of creative ideas to decorate the walls and give them a personal touch like the walls displayed in this picture.

Bohemian Bedrooms

Image Credit: decodir

10. Bohemian Children’s Nursery

If you want to add a bit of bohemian touch to your child’s nursery then this is indeed a good design to take inspiration from. The flowery curtains, the adorable bear rug and the sweet little rocking horse add a truly quaint touch.

Bohemian Bedrooms

Image Credit: housetohome

11. Stylish Bohemian Bedroom For Boys

It’s not just the girls who love boho chic but boys too will fall in love with this lovely bohemian bedroom designed specifically for 8 to 10 year old boys. The flags and the cutouts hanging on the roof add a nice personal touch.

Bohemian Bedrooms

Image Credit: pinimg

12. Bohemian Curtains for Kid’s Bedroom

Adding these boho chic curtains to your children’s bedroom is a great way of adding bohemian decoration to their rooms. The lovely wind chime and the assortment of toys on the cabinet is a wonderful idea and add to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Bohemian Decor

Image Credit: pinimg

13. Chic Bohemian Bedroom For Two

The two single beds decorated in a lovely way by the bohemian comforters and pillows add a warm and personal touch to this bedroom for two. The wall paper is inspirational in an unconventional sort of a way and adds a great deal of appeal to your little dreamer’s bedroom.

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Bohemian Decor

Image Credit: poshtots

14. Canopy For A Little Girl’s Bohemian Bedroom

The canopy on the bed is a great way of adding a bohemian touch to your children’s bedroom. The small yet comfy bed is ideal for a small child and the canopy gives it a somewhat ethereal and dreamy look. The small nightstand with its bright yellow color adds a certain character to the room making it appear welcoming.

Bohemian Decor

Image Credit: smallshopstudio

15. Country Style Bohemian Bedroom For Kids

This simple yet classically designed bohemian style bedroom for kids is charming and exquisite in its own special way. The separate shelves and beds for two little children evoke a sense of personal space and create a pleasant look.

Bohemian Decor

Image Credit: lonny

16. Bright And Delightful Bohemian Bedroom For Kids

The lovely floral bed sheets with its bright pillow covers are a charming way of adding a boho touch to your children’s room. The sweet looking paintings framed on the wall add a quirky sense of fun to an otherwise ordinary looking bedroom. It’s this unique and quirky way of decorating a child’s bedroom which adds a personal touch and makes it all the more appealing to your kids.

Bohemian Decor

Image Credit: elanlinen

Bohemian looks for the bedroom are all the more appealing for children because they tap into the child’s inner dreamer. Children love brightness and color, if you add certain knick knacks and unique bits and pieces you can make your kids room all the more fascinating. So go on and choose from any of the above mentioned ideas and add a lovely bohemian touch to the children’s bedroom!


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    I decided to hire a professional remodeling contractor for my kid’s room because I want to get things done in the right way. Now I have ideas in my hands too 🙂

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