15 Unique Outdoor Lounge Chairs

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Want to relax by the poolside or on the beautiful balcony of your home, but not sure if you have the right kind of outdoor lounge chairs to allow you to enjoy this luxury? Well, let me give you some good news as I am bringing forward a list that will show how you can bring creative changes to your outdoors by installing the top 15 outdoor lounge chairs that are not just pretty in looks but are also very comfy. With these outdoor lounge chairs, you can now afford to chill by the cool waters of your swimming pool and have a fun time chatting with your partner. Lets see what unfolds before your eyes!

1. Unique wood tone chaise lounge chair

The unique wooden chaise lounge chair looks quite creative and is durable too. It is suitable to be used, both outdoors as well as indoors. The chair has been designed by Giorgio Caporaso and looks very refreshing and different from the rest of the lot. The design is chunky with a comfy head and back rest.

outdoor chaise lounge

Image credit: aldovega

2. Contemporary outdoor chaise lounge

The lounge chair seen here looks ultra modern and chic. The design is such that one can rest his or her back and head comfortably for long hours in the sun. The lounge chair can be placed outside your pool as it is resistant to sunlight. The cushion fitted is comfy and looks great with the teak body of the chair.

outdoor lounge chairs

Image credit: houzz

3. Wicker outdoor chaise lounge

The chaise lounge chair seen placed on the green grass of this lovely garden looks classy and is made of wicker. Such rattan or wicker chaise lounges add a distinct style to outdoor decor and are also very comfortable for sitting. With a comfy back rest and two arm rests, the chair appears pretty decent in its make. It can be used for indoor seating too.

outdoor lounge chairs

Image credit: tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor

4. Modern minimalist floater outdoor chaise lounge

The floaters in red and white are extremely trendy and unique in design with a body that fits your curves well. Yes, the built of these chaise lounges is such that one can spend hours relaxing on them, either on the balcony or by the poolside as the lady in the image is seen doing.

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lounge chairs

Image credit: cooleflorida

5. Unique yarn Loop chaise lounge

Loop chaise lounges look exquisite and really out of the box with tufted backrests. The concept of Loop chaise lounges originated in the mind of a famous designer called Sophie de Vocht who invented this awesome design. The loop chaise lounge is made of yarn, utilizing the art of tufting as can be seen on the backrest. The structure of the chaise chair is made of metal and the covering is done using yarn that is sewed together. While the upper portion is sewn very tightly, the lower portion looks more like a colorful bunch of noodles that have been woven very loosely.

lounge chairs

Image credit: designboom

6. Unique asymmetrical split leather sofa for outdoor use

The design of this awesome split sofa manages to capture your attention with its sleek built. It is a split design wherein the outer portion is made of leather while for the inner part, suede is utilized. The contrasting effect of black and suede helps create a unique look for this chair.

chaise lounge chairs

Image credit: galleryfumi

7. Unique outdoor Wicker chaise lounge leaf design

What can be more fun than relaxing by the side of the gorgeous pool on a lounge chair that is designed in the shape of leaves? Well, the idea to incorporate such a design for outdoor chairs is unique and these chairs look quite creative. The leaf shaped light grayish green and black lounge chairs are made of Wicker and are pretty comfy for relaxing. These are water and sun resistant too.

outdoor chaise lounge

Image credit: hometrendesign

8. Outdoor Marea lounge chair design

With a solid structure made of carbon, this lounge is perhaps the strongest of all types. It looks sleek but can take loads of weight. The hub is made of Titanium while the two separate sections are joined together with it. The design of this lounge chair is sporty and the color combo of red over black does succeed in making your jaws drop in awe.

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outdoor lounge chairs

Image credit: furniii

9. Contemporary outdoor double chaise lounge chair

If you like to laze around in your porch or garden and wish you could have a chaise lounger that could give you the luxury that you always desired, buy this awesomely designed chaise lounge chair that is not just pretty in looks but is comfortable for resting and relaxing. The design is built in a way that allows you to rest your back properly and it doesn’t strain your neck. The tufted inner cover of the lounge looks good and one can get a second set of cushioned cover along with the main chair, as seen below.

outdoor lounge chairs

Image credit: dixib

10. Calvin and Hobbes outdoor lounge chairs

These beautiful curvaceous lounge chairs by Calvin and Hobbes are stunning to look. Built of black metal, these chairs have designs engraved on them that look as if some mesh work has been done by the designer. These can be used separately or can be joined together for seating more people. Great not just in looks, these chairs are quite comfortable for lounging around in style.

lounge chairs

Image credit: houzz

11. Exotic outdoor lounge chair design

An artistic piece of furniture that ought to be showcased to your guests, such a cool outdoor chair can add beautiful accents to your garden or balcony. Made with natural fibers, the chair looks quite stunning and offers comfy seating and backrest too. The inner section is black in color and looks terrific with the brown outer cover of the chair. The chair is durable and will pass the test of time.

outdoor lounge chair

Image credit: theluxhome

12. Modular outdoor lounge chair design

Modular furniture ideas can help you add innovative accents to your decor, whether indoor or outdoor. The modular lounge chairs seen below are actually six in number with each piece being a separate seater in itself. But, one can modify these to seat more number of guests by joining these together. If you need to use a piece as a table, you could easily do it without ruining the functionality of these loungers. The red and brown color combo makes these an ideal furniture piece to adorn your poolside.

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lounge chairs

Image credit: azmyarch

13. Beautiful outdoor iron chaise lounge chair

This piece of furniture is just apt to be placed near your poolside or even in the vast confines of your green garden. The look and design of this iron made chaise lounge chair is ornamental with carvings seen on all curves and corners. The back rest of the chair has been engraved with a floral patterned design while the rest of the body is carved with a unique pattern. The legs supporting the chair are beautiful and are traditional to look.

lounge chairs

Image credit: blogspot

14. Unique outdoor lounge Bloom chair

Known as Lounge Bloom, this uniquely shaped chair is the masterpiece designed by Kenneth Cobonpue who made use of micro fibers to cover the steel structure of the chair. The chair resembles a beautiful flower in full bloom and lots of hard work went into giving such a realistic shape to the chair. The texture is smooth and can be used to adorn any place, inside or outside your homes.

outdoor lounge chair

Image credit: designtopnews

15. Gramophone inspired outdoor lounge chairs

Quite stunning to look, these lounge chairs closely resemble gramophones and are made of metal. The upholstery looks soft with tones of golden yellow that offer a good contrast with the silver metallic look on the outer body. These chairs add a unique style and are quite modern in looks. One can sit on them for long hours without straining their backs as the soft upholstery makes for a very comfy seating.

lounge chairs

Image credit: xfilespress

Outdoor lounge chairs come in a variety of designs and no longer are you required to satisfy yourselves with the dull and boring plastic chairs that were typically the norm till now. From single to double chaise lounge chairs to the uniquely designed loungers, buyers now have a plethora of options to choose from. These are such innovative pieces of furniture that you can place them anywhere in your house, either in the indoors or outside by the pool or porch.

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