15 Cool Blue and Green Boys Room Ideas

Cool Twin Boys Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to designing a room for boys, the first color that strikes in our mind is blue. Based on this color restriction it becomes difficult to decorate boys bedrooms. Every parent would want to have the best personal space for their children. However, sometimes we think and try too hard for something that in reality it is very simple. One of the best options is to add another color to the room with the color blue. Instead of painting a boys room blue each time we must think which additional color blends well with blue. Blue falls into the cool color palette and it would be a great idea to combine another cool color to your child’s room. Green is another cool color and it blends very well with the color blue. You can add various vibrant shades of green to brighten up your son’s room to give it an airy and chic appeal. In this article, we bring for you some great blue and green boys room ideas.

1. Trendy Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Gage this trendy boys room décor which is perfect for teenage boys. The room is designed with the combination of lime green and shades of blue to give it a bright and vibrant feel. The wave effect with monotonous tones of blue is eye-catching and a great highlight to the cool room.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Xifr

2. Teenage Boys Room Décor Ideas

If you have limited space and choked up on designs for your boys room ideas, this is the perfect plan. This bedroom is designed for two kids with a stylish bunk bed and storage area. The room is highlighted with deep navy blue and lime green color combination. The ball baskets on the wall add another handy tip for helping manage the toys clutter.

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Boys Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Decoist

3. Elegant Boys Bedrooms Decor Theme

Both your sons will enjoy this hip and chic bedroom. The white walls make it look spacious and serene. The designer lightens up the room by adding color to furniture laminates and upholstery. This bedroom style is perfectly workable with minimalist space as well.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Home Design Lover

4. Boys Room Ideas in Two Tone Color Scheme

Apart from throwing color on the walls, you can use these boys bedroom ideas to make his room more funkier and brighter. Add color to the room with rugs and activities your son enjoys. For example, here you can see an electric guitar picture on the wall in green and an actual guitar instrument in blue. These small details accentuate your room and take the interior settings to another level.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Arch-Ideas

5. Cool Twin Boys Bedroom Ideas

Check out these brothers enjoying each others company and their cool bedroom. They are loving the different shades of green and the highlights of blue in their room. The room has plenty of storage ideas and the two study tables gives the brothers each others company while finishing their daily homework too.

Cool Twin Boys Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Pamelazone

6. Ocean Themed Boys Room Décor Ideas

This ocean themed room will be loved by all boys. It is highlighted with green textured wallpaper. The contrast of the navy blue carpet uplifts the room decor. The room gives you a sailing feel with reading lamp fixtures and animal silhouettes in deep blue.

Boys Room Ideas

Image Credit: Rilane

7. Vibrant Boys Bedrooms Ideas

Here is another great boys room décor idea. Parents can paint the entire room in a bright shade of green. And color blue can be introduces in highlights with bed sheets, cushions, picture frames, light fixtures and so on. This would give the room a young contemporary look.

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Boys Room Ideas

Image Credit: Rilane

8. Chic Nursery Boys Room Ideas

We bring for you a classy interior design for your boy’s nursery room. This small room is stylized with lime green wallpaper having tree patterns. The modern striped styled rug adds color and class to the room. The trendy blue cylindrical table lamp is a perfect dim light source and adds brightness and color to the room. The dark wood furniture blends well with the color scheme and adds a rustic feel to the nursery.

Chic Nursery Boys Room Ideas

Image Credit: Plusroom

9. Lively Baby Boys Room Décor

Paint your toddler boy’s room sky blue for a lively and bright feel. Using bright colors help your child feel happy and active. Mix it up with lime green and few touches of orange for a flamboyant nursery room.

Lively Baby Boys Room Decor

Image Credit: Project Nursery

10. Bright Study Boys Room Ideas

If your son loves sports and computers, you can design his room on these lines. Light vivid green furniture is a great idea to alleviate the bedroom. You can have wall racks for his books and music cds. The room has striking tall tree and sun print on the walls with stylish surf boards. You can emphasize the bedroom with the sport most enjoyed by your darling boy.

Boys Room Ideas

Image Credit: Dakaya

11. Stylish Boys Bedroom Décor

A tasteful bedroom designed for boys is seen in this image. The blue wall and round rugs lift up the vibrant mood of the room. The stylish bed designed with green and white combo elevates the interior settings further. Geometric shaped door handles in green is an awesome idea to introduce a new color to the room settings.

Boys Bedroom

Image Credit: Distrohome

12. Artistic Boys Bedrooms Ideas

It is often mistaken that one can’t do much with a smaller room. This image is the exact opposite and it gives you genius boys bedroom. You can paint the wall green with stripes of blue. Introduce a colored laminated chest of drawers. Complete the room with wall hangings of your child’s favorite cartoon character or action figures like the wired mesh of a jet plane seen in the image.

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Artistic Boys Bedrooms Ideas

Image Credit: Mocooo

13. Inspirational Study Boys Rooms Ideas

Have you ever thought why your boy runs away from his studies? A child needs to be inspired to study and one way to do that is give him a comfortable exciting space for studying. Brighten up his study space with color. Get him a comfortable blue chair. Add favorite action figures around along with books and his computer. With a perfect workstation he will never run away from his homework.

Boys Bedroom

Image Credit: Mashtart

14. Attractive Boys Bedroom Décor Ideas

A unique and very interesting boys bedroom décor idea is to place cartoon eye stickers on your green colored furniture. This room has a subtle yet eye-catching feel to it. The green color soothes your child and the blue tree highlight on the wall adds an enchanting sense to the entire room setting.

Boys Bedroom

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15. Unique Boys Bedroom Decor Designs

This is an exclusive and magnificent room décor for your little boy. He would love the two toned colored owl theme. The solid blue and green polka dot upholstery really adds to the design and gives it a complete look.

Boys Bedroom Decor

Image Credit: Mobmit

Your boys are sure to love your effort in making their personal space fun and enthusiastic. Every child wants a room that is bright, awesome yet simple. Don’t think too hard, just follow your instincts and design the best boys bedrooms for the star of your eyes.

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