15 Inspiring Wall Murals For Kids Room

Gorgeous Dinosaurs themed wallpaper murals for kid's room

A kid in the family needs space that is his own and must be styled as per his or her liking and tastes. Wall murals play an effective role in styling up the decor of your kid’s room and are a must to be considered when you plan to decorate your children’s play or living areas. The wall murals for kids come in different patterns and designs, with some bearing scenes from everyday life to others that look more dreamy or fanciful. Come take a look as I present before you a very comprehensive post listing the top 15 kid’s wall murals that would help you get some idea and decorate your children’s rooms accordingly.

1. Disney wall murals for kids

Kids love the walls of their rooms to be designed with cartoon inspired wall murals and there isn’t a better way to deck their spaces than decorating the walls with characters of Mickey, Minnie and Daisy Duck. The bedroom in the image is styled on the same lines and looks uber cool and very cute, just perfect for your kiddos to relax and have some fun amidst these colorful Disney characters.

Disney wall murals for kids

Image credit: homesgallery

2. Wall murals depicting car race course for kid’s room

Barbies make girls swoon with happiness and cars make boys go wild! The wall of this bedroom gets transformed with colorful wall mural that features a scene from a racecourse where cars are standing in line, waiting to get into the frenzied race, while others are already competing with each other to win the title. Car or race themed wall murals for kids are quite popular and can spruce up the style factor of your child’s room.

Wall murals depicting car race course for kid's room

Image credit: hdwallpaperslist

3. Beautiful farm wall murals for kid’s room

Farm wall murals add a glint of fun and frolic to a kid’s bedroom or play area as the farm theme is dominated by pet animals like cows, pigs, dogs, donkeys and horses that are loved by young children. The wall mural seen here looks colorful with hints of green, brown and red peeping from all corners. It makes the room look lively and cheerful.

Beautiful farm wall murals for kid's room

Image credit: room-ideas

4. Cool Avengers wallpaper mural for kid’s bedroom

What do you find so special in having a room whose walls are decorated with Avengers inspired wallpaper murals? Well, you won’t find anything extraordinary but a child would certainly do! Yes, the whole room seems to come alive and looks energized with this beautiful wall mural idea that does the trick of balancing different types of color tones together and helps in creating a uniform appearance. We can see on the wall, the images of Iron man, Black Widow, Hulk and Captain America engaged in a battle to save the planet.

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Cool Avengers wallpaper mural for kid's bedroom

Image credit: timticks

5. Gorgeous Dinosaurs themed wallpaper murals for kid’s room

Wallpaper murals add style and make a room look lively. The kid’s room in the image looks terrific with its dinosaur themed wallpaper mural that lends it magic and makes it look cute and just perfect for your kid. Such wallpaper murals for kids can suit any type of decor and come in a number of colorful patterns. The colors used here are green and orange. The animated expressions on the faces of the four ‘dinos’ can make sleeping quite a fun activity!

Gorgeous Dinosaurs themed wallpaper murals for kid's room

Image credit: decoist

6. Kid’s Jungle themed wall murals

A child’s room can be designed with umpteen number of decorative ideas of which wall mural artwork is an important element to consider. Animals are such subjects that are universally loved and adored by children of all ages. Animals, both wild and pet are beloved themes for kid’s bedroom decor ideas and seen below is a nursery where the wall has been plastered with jungle inspired wall mural. These wall murals depicting jungles come in varied shades and one can get to see different kinds of animals that capture the imagination of kids and make them feel as if they are on a real adventurous jungle safari!

Kid's Jungle themed wall murals

Image credit: etsy

7. Transformers inspired wall mural for kid’s room

Do you have boys in your home and want to gift them there very own room that is adorned with walls covered with their favorite ‘Autobots’? What are you thinking then? Go and buy this awesome wallpaper mural set that everyone is going gaga about these days! Inspired by the film, this fantastic wall mural would transform your kid’s room into a play zone that these youngsters would never want to leave!

Transformers inspired wall mural for kid's room

Image credit: cheapbabyclothes

8. Alien adventure themed wallpaper mural for kid’s room

Aliens and spacecrafts are the most loved themes among children, whether girls or boys, and one can bring these creatures come alive in their kid’s bedrooms by using wall murals that are centered around these species. Such wall paper murals for kids add a futuristic touch to the room and make the place interesting. The room shown below looks quite engaging for any kid as its wall is plastered with a huge mural depicting a scene from outer space where aliens are busy preparing for an inter galactic war. Quite a stunner, I have to admit!

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Alien adventure themed wallpaper mural for kid's room

Image credit: interior-blog

9. Digital wallpaper mural for kid’s room

There are thousands of ways you can add fun to your kid’s room, and the one way that is being talked here is the use of childhood pictures of your child to form into a wall mural artwork that would always bring loads of smiles on all your faces and help you relive those old days. Kid’s wall murals depicting childhood pictures is a popular choice when parents think of decorating their ward’s bedrooms with murals. The one seen in the image is a gigantic photo of a young girl’s smiling face that is enough to bring out a swirl of emotions in you!

Digital wallpaper mural for kid's room

Image credit: bigfunkypictures

10. Creative Batman themed wall murals for kids

Batman is a superhero worshiped by millions of children worldwide, specially boys that are crazy for this handsome savior of common people of Gotham City. Now, you do not have to take your kids to a theater to watch the latest batman flick, instead, you can try fixing their walls with such wall murals for kids that are centered around this superhero. Seen in the image is an electric blue colored wall with the famous ‘Bat logo’ inscribed in the middle.

Creative Batman themed wall murals for kids

Image credit: mobytom

11. Tree House wall murals for kid’s room

We have all grown up playing in tree houses installed in the backyards which used to be the favorite joint for all kinds of kid’s play activities, and now we can fill up our kid’s rooms with wallpaper murals that can bring these old memories come alive in our minds. In the image here is a lovely wall that has been plastered with a tree house imprinted wall mural. There is a ladder to be seen hanging amidst green leaves of the gigantic tree.

Tree House wall murals for kid's room

Image credit: snuut

12. Pirates of the Caribbean themed wall murals for kid’s room

Just like we used to be die hard fans of Old western cowboy classics, children, these days love anything and everything about the hit movie series ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’. Wall murals today come in various styles and themes, with each one outdoing the other in terms of looks and creativity. The wallpaper murals for kids seen below depicts the whole scene filled with the Pirate ship docked near the shore, other ships sailing past and the infamous Captain Barbossa standing at one corner. The room surely makes for an adventurous sleep!

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Pirates of the Caribbean themed wall murals for kid's room

Image credit: designshuffle

13. Zoo wall murals for kids

Children love to visit zoos and now, as parents, you can bring the same fun inside their rooms by designing their walls with zoo inspired scenery depicting various kinds of zoo animals. Seen here is the wall of a kid’s room that has been styled with zoo inspired wall mural. The scene depicts a regular green and cheerful day at a zoo where a monkey is seen hanging, doing acrobats from a tree. I must say the wallpaper mural is just awesome and spreads cheerfulness.

Zoo wall murals for kids

Image credit: homesgallery

14. Inspiring colorful wall mural for kids

The sound of a train chugging past the bridge, and the little colorful airplane gliding in the crystal clear sky makes for a very cozy and happy room where your baby or toddler sleeps. Wall murals with such animated pictures of locomotives help in brightening up the room and spread cheerfulness in copious amounts.The whole wall behind the crib looks like a playground of colors that have been used wisely, keeping in mind that the room is resided by a young toddler, and hence the feel is calm and energetic.

Inspiring colorful wall mural for kids

Image credit: homedit

15. Endearing sea life wall murals for kid’s bedroom

The markets of modern times are filled with thousands of wall murals for kids, each having its own distinct style and uniqueness. The wallpaper murals for kid’s rooms are sold with varied themes and are easy to maintain. Seen below is a beautiful and attractive undersea life depicted realistically all over the wall in blue, with swirls of water and creatures swimming past each other. The look of the room gets beautified with this awesome wall mural idea.

Endearing sea life wall murals for kid's bedroom

Image credit: daly06

With these awesome wallpaper murals for kids on display, am sure you all must be itching to go to the market as soon as possible and lay your hands on the very latest design that has come up recently. Wall murals for kids are in great demand and can alter the look of your child’s room in one instant. Do get inspired.

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