18 Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2015

2015 will be all about modern contemporary looks paired with resourcefulness. The emphasis would be on luxury but one which also offers great comfort. Interior design trends would focus on looks which would add glamor and class to your homes. Since most home owners now a days are young entrepreneurs they desire homes which are chic, stylish and have their own distinct style stamped upon.

The key is to have homes which are in vogue, look trendy yet are easy to maintain. Floral wall papers, animal prints, silks and all things luxurious would be the main focus. The classic minimalist look, a jazzy color palette and a few distinct ideas thrown together can be a perfect recipe for achieving the home of your dreams. Following are 18 interior design trends to watch out for in 2015.

1. Classy Yet Comfortable Bedroom

Check out the lovely furniture of this classy and sophisticated bedroom. The white furniture adds a certain grace and subtleness to this awe inspiring bedroom. The shag pile on the lovely tiled floor gives it a luxurious look and the exquisitely dark colored wall paired with the white furniture adds drama as well.

Interior Design Trends

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2. Ultra Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is a perfect example of what every young person wants their kitchen to be like. Classic wooden floors paired off with matching cabinets and stainless steel electric equipments create a juxtaposition of contemporary with classicism. The striking granite countertop upon a charming showcase is also aesthetically appealing!

Interior Design Trends

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3. Nature Inspired Patterned Walls

2015 will be all about taking inspiration from . Adorn your walls with these classic patterns and wall papers to achieve a distinctive flair which sets your home apart from everyone else. Check out how the elegant floral wall paper at the back of the TV adds a distinctively glamorous look to this room.

Interior Design Trends

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4. Classic Minimalist Interior Design Trend

2015 is going to be big on the classic minimalist look. These homes are great to look at but also easy to maintain. Since there is no clutter or extra decoration pieces, keeping these rooms in top form is no daunting task either. Check out how this looks sophisticated and classy without an ounce of clutter. The blinds which lower the glare of the sun and the classy wooden floor all add a certain style to this stunning room!

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Interior Design Trends

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5. Customized Flooring – An Innovative Interior Design Trend

Customized flooring is all the rage these days. Whether you prefer the smooth polished look of dark cherry wood or would go for the lighter shades of brown oak, there is a customized floor available for whatever look you desire. Some people even incorporate stoned flooring for a charming rustic look. 2015 is all about you, what you desire and how you can reflect your personality through the home trends which you follow. Check out the plank wood flooring in this picture and see how it gives the room a chic and exclusive look!

Interior Design Trends

Image Credit: customwoodfloors

6. Retro Look In Home Trends

The retro interior design trend is back. With more people decorating their houses in this classic 1950’s style, you surely can’t go wrong when choosing an interior like this one for your homes. Check out the classic white furniture paired off with the large glazed tile flooring. The indoor plant and the stylish lamp add certain classiness to this room and make it amazing to look at.

Interior Design Trends

Image Credit: freshome

7. Classic Love Seat

The love seat never went out of fashion and is going to be big in 2015 as well. The idea is the same, a huge comfy seat to accommodate two or more! Albeit the designs have changed and been reinvented, however this traditional looking love seat would be a welcome addition to any bedroom. It looks plush, inviting and adds a luxurious look to your room!

Interior Design Trends 2015

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8. Futuristic Bathroom For Latest Home Trends

This futuristic bathroom is amazing to look at. The beautiful pink rug adds a streak of color to this otherwise neutral palette and creates a stunning visual affect. The same pink streak is also present in the bathroom fittings like the tub and the basin. A must for any home which follows latest interior design trends!

Interior Design Trends 2015

Image Credit: hometone

9. Splendid Curtains And Luxurious Rugs

Luxury would be a desired decoration home trend and what better way to add luxury to your homes then by using these kind of curtains and rugs. Check out how a look of opulence and comfort is created in this room by the use of the magnificent rug and the lush curtains!

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Interior Design Trends 2015

Image Credit: twotendesigns

10. Amazing Color Palettes For The Walls

Gone are the days when all things were painted white or bland colors. If you are the sort of person who likes a bit of color in their everyday life then this bedroom with its yellow green leaf like color would definitely appeal to you. Check out how the furniture is complimented by the wall colors and how it provides a great backdrop for the dark colored head board of the bed. The end result is a serene and comfy room!

Interior Design Trends 2015

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11. Stainless Steel Look Paired With Wood For Kitchen Home Trends

Check out the classy kitchen with its stainless steel and chrome plated countertops and sinks, which are paired with wood. This creates a distinctly sophisticated look which would appeal to any ultra modern family. The customized wooden flooring also adds a classy finishing touch!

Interior Design Trends 2015

Image Credit: decoration0

12. Classy Garden Furniture

Gardens are meant to be relaxing and appealing. To make your garden look inviting to you or anyone who visits your homes try adding a few pieces of stylish garden furniture to enhance its natural beauty. See how the lovely sofa set placed under the shade of a tree adds a timeless appeal to this attractive garden!

Interior Design Trends 2015

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13. Interior Design Trend For Ceilings

You can also create glamor by adding ceilings which add style and a divine look to your homes. The ceiling in this picture makes the room appear larger then it is. The finishing touches are added by the exquisite hanging chandelier which gives it an opulent and luxurious feel.

Home Trends

Image Credit: newurbanhomes

14. Latest Home Trend For Textured Walls

Textured walls are the in thing in designer home trends. These walls create a dramatic look and add as a backdrop for the whole room. Notice how the lovely textured wall of this room paired with the exquisite coffee table and lovely sofas gives this room an air of affluence.

Home Trends

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15. Modern Dining room

Don’t fret if you don’t have a large home. You can still create that distinct air of opulence by decorating your dining room like the one in this picture. The sliding doors fitted with gauzy curtains, the lovely hanging chandelier and not to forget the small yet tasteful dining table and chair set give this room a splendid aesthetic appeal!

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Home Trends

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16. Aquatic Shades For 2015

The color blue will play a major role in home trends in the year 2015. You can try using colorful hues of aquatic blue varying from light blue to sea green on the walls. If you aren’t that adventurous then try using blue in your bedrooms in the form of throws or rugs. Investing in a nice sofa set with blue covers is not a bad idea either. The living room in this picture is accentuated with teal blue sofas which give it an ethereal and cool look!

Home Trends

Image Credit: fizzzz

17. Brass Is Back In Home Trends

Warm metallic tones are going to be the in thing in 2015. It would be a great idea to invest a bit of cash in a brass figurine or a decorative piece. Whatever catches your fancy? Add a bit of class and luxury to your homes with metallic accents.

Home Trends

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18. Bring The Great Outdoors On The Inside

The home trends for next year would be focused on bringing in the nature within your homes. Invest in a few indoor plants and let there be nature around you. Take the courtyards wicker chair and bring it inside, cover it up with a soft rug and pillow for that comfortable look. Check out the stunning affect of the indoor plants and wrought iron chairs which brings out the best in this lovely patio.

Home Trends

Image Credit: bloombety

So whether you prefer the minimalist look in home trends or the classic retro look, 2015 will be all about your individual style paired with luxury and sophistication. Create stunning walls by adding splashes of color or simply going for a textured wall or ceiling. Try going for the modern décor when it comes to furniture. Invest in some brass figurines; go about planting some indoor plants and you can have the kind of home you always dreamed about.

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