Eclectic small living room decor with a big window

If you stay in small houses or in apartments where space is a major concern, and are in the process of staging your rooms, here is a post that will help you choose the right kind of furnishings, and accessories that are a must to be included when planning for renovating small living rooms. A small living area, like any other room can look good only if you are a little innovative and have a creative bent of mind. Living room decor ideas for small living spaces are a little different than others as space is the main criterion here. How would you know which small living room decor idea to adopt and what to chuck? Well, wear your glasses and start reading the post!

1. Elegant small

Small living rooms can be made to look equally beautiful like other spacious rooms in your house provided you take care not to clutter up too much. Excessive cluttering creates a congested feel and mars the beauty of a room. Seen in the image is a small living room that looks elegant with minimalist decoration and usage of light accents throughout, like on the couches, walls, curtains and the flooring.

Elegant small living room decor

Image credit: beyondinteriorsdesign

2. Wonderful living room with attractive color combination

If you reside in a home that has a small living room, do not despair as you can now style it up using a combo of various colors. The living room seen below gets its inspiration from small that imbibe lots of colors to gel with each other. The light colored walls look good against the brightly adorned white couch with colorful cushions. The wall behind the couch is painted using eclectic yellow tone that helps in giving a dazzling touch to the whole living area.

Wonderful living room with attractive color combination

Image credit: freshome

3. Chic small living rooms with acrylic coffee table

Acrylic or Lucite finished coffee tables are the perfect choice when thinking of staging your small living area. Most ideas speak of using such trendy looking clear waterfall tables that seem to capture no space at all. In fact these look as if floating in thin air and offer a good contrast with various other colors splashed all around the room. The small area of this living room has been decorated meticulously with acrylic coffee tables that on a closer look become rather visible to the naked eye. Such tables help in creating an illusion of space and are a must to be included when styling a small room.

Chic small living rooms with acrylic coffee table

Image credit: homedit

4. Small living rooms with minimalist decoration

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The living room decor of this elegant space looks quite charming and soothing since the designer has not overloaded the room with excessive furnishings and accessories. The white striped sofas offer a cool look and get a beautiful boost from the patterned grey sofa rested opposite. The light painted walls add a feel of spaciousness to the decor and so do the curtains and the white lamp installed on the side table. Apart from a few paintings, there isn’t much that makes the room look crowded.

Small living rooms with minimalist decoration

Image credit: womenolog

5. Small room with velvety textures

If adding space to your small living rooms play heavily on your minds, it is suggested you use lot of textures all around as textures, be it on your sofas, rugs or walls can help magnify a small area to resemble a spacious abode. Every texture such as the one seen present on the couch adds a homely touch and lets the color palette flow effortlessly without creating a boring and a dull look for the decor. The brown velvet adds personality to the black and wooden accents seen in the room.

Small room with velvety textures

Image credit: housetohome

6. Cool small living room with white and red accents

Using too much of red in a room can overload it with an ‘over the top’ feeling and the aftermath can be disastrous for those that want space. Instead of using just one dark color, combine lighter tones with bright hues to achieve the perfect balance just like the small living room in the image that has successfully acquired a uniform look. The white and red themed room makes use of these two awesome colors on sofas, window seat, ottoman and the rug. The tree artwork imprinted on the wall adds a look of a bigger space with tiny flowers and leaves.

Cool small living room with white and red accents

Image credit: blogger

7. Awesome small living room with patterns

Patterns as they say can alter the look and feel of a room as these create a balanced feel. Patterns when combined with plain shades of colors help in boosting up the style factor just like the small living area seen here that derives its decor inspiration from small living decor ideas. From the rug, ottoman to the cushions anchored on the couch, we can witness beautiful patterns imprinted all over that match well with the white and beige ceiling and wall.

Awesome small living room with patterns

Image credit: womenolog

8. Small living room with light brown furniture

A light toned color palette goes a long way to make a room appear spacious and hence, one must use more of lighter tones when decorating living areas inspired with small living room decor ideas. The light brown couches seem to occupy a small portion of the room and blend nicely with the backdrop adorned with the smooth curvaceous striped wall, big window, and a massive sized painting. The white fluffy rug spread on the floor enhances its appeal.

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Small living room with light brown furniture

Image credit: ambrosiodesign

9. Beautiful small living room with proper storage

Your living rooms can appear large and well lit up provided these are not overcrowded with things lying scattered here and there. A room with too much clutter, apart from being an eye sore, also gobbles up a huge portion of the space. Hence, while staging up your living rooms, it is imperative that you think of storage solutions to keep off the muck from displeasing your senses. Here is what you can do: take a look at this picture where the small living area seems to come alive with a white fireplace, a white mirror and a few rattan baskets arranged under the white shelf besides the whitish cream couch.

Beautiful small living room with proper storage

Image credit: azray

10. Small living room with white theme

The color white looks pure and adds a serene touch to the decor of small living rooms as it is an enhancer of space, say many design experts. The white tones seen splashed all over in the room below make it appear larger than life with proper detailing done with regard to placing of furniture, choosing an iron mantle for the fireplace and utilizing white paint on the walls. The ceiling is fitted with spot lights that add a glow to the room.

Small living room with white theme

Image credit: hgtv

11. Glamorous small living room with mirror

Mirrors are deliberately placed by designers in such rooms that have a lack of space. Mirrors are an essential feature to be adopted by many when taking inspiration from small living room decor ideas as these make the spaces look glamorous too. Seen below is a small living room that appears bigger with the massive mirror framed in black. The reflection given by the mirror adds to the space and makes you believe you are dwelling in a place that’s huge.

Glamorous small living room with mirror

Image credit: best-home-decor

12. Striking small living room with accent wall

Want to repose at such a place that offers you a compact look without looking over crowded? If yes, you can see how the living area in the image appears bigger than what it actually is. The wall behind the grey couch is painted in bright orange accent while the other wall facing it isn’t which offers a good contrasting effect, thereby lending a feel of a greater area. Most often, designers would adorn a big window just next to an accented wall in bright tones so as to break the monotony of a singular look.

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Striking small living room with accent wall

Image credit: roomzaar

13. Eclectic small living room with a big window

If you wish to decorate your humble looking small living area as per certain designs given under small living room decor ideas, it would probably be best if you can accommodate a big sized window just next to your seating area. The room seen below looks quite airy and spacious even though it is merely a 160 sq foot living space. The blue colored walls and the window with a patterned blind allows fresh air and light to enter and this is what makes it look bigger.

Eclectic small living room with a big window

Image credit: hgtv

14. Splendid small living room with lamps

Lighting plays a vital part in adorning a living room with ample beauty and character. An ill lit up room doesn’t look visually attractive nor does it evoke any emotions. Lighting fixtures like lampshades and other fittings lend a glowing touch to a small area by illuminating it from all corners and create romantic silhouettes that add a dazzle to the decor of a room. The living room in the picture is a small area that seems to shine with lamps placed on either sides of the white couch. The glow emanating from inside the lamp falls straight on the walls and the curtains, thereby making the corners come to be noticed.

Splendid small living room with lamps

Image credit: houzz

15. Awesome living room with open kitchen concept

Any living room with limited space can be designed in such a way as to lend it a bigger look by building open kitchens that are not restricted by walls and hence lend a feel of ‘openness’ to the space. Small living room decor ideas such as the one seen implemented in the image adds charm to the living space that seems to appear very chic with an open kitchen that can be viewed directly sitting on the brown sectional couch.

Awesome living room with open kitchen concept

Image credit: beyondinteriorsdesign

Living rooms are the most important places where we spend a lot of time and therefore, must be comfortable and spacious for us to feel relaxed. From coloring the contours and walls, to choosing the right fabrics, one has to consider a lot of factors when decorating their living areas with small living decor ideas. All the above listed small living room decor ideas are awesome and these will help you adorn your living areas in the right manner.