18 Unique Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Marriage is the most intimate relationship and this powerful union has the ability to bind heart. The bedroom of a couple is their private nest, a getaway from all the worries of the world. The bedroom is the place of marital fidelity and intimacy and is supposed to be every couple’s own Heaven. But, unfortunately, the bedroom is everything but nowhere close to being a romantic hideout for couples. The bedroom needs to be a place where romance and true love is cultivated and celebrated. Therefore, it is important to decorate the bedroom in a manner that it inspires romance and the best part is that it is not really difficult to get a romantic look and feel in your bedroom. Inspiration can be found from many sources, you just need to look around. Here are a few romantic bedroom ideas.

1. A fireplace to add the romantic touch

Most people will agree that a fireplace is romantic. With advancement in technology, you can opt for an electric fireplace that looks and feels like the real traditional one. They also have added sound effects to make them more realistic.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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2. The chic romantic bedroom

Keep the furniture compact and pay attention to the color scheme. The room should look neat and appealing. The dim light at strategic places makes the bedroom eclectic. This is a tried and tested idea for romantic bedrooms.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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3. Wooden floor and red brick walls to add the romantic warmth

The red brick walls give a romantic character and when added with a classy wooden floor, the effect is unmatched. These interiors, when paired with the right furniture, spell romance in every sense of the word.

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Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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4. Mood lighting

Lighting is as important as the color scheme and the feel of everything in the romantic room designs. Choose bedside lamps or ceiling lamps with mellow light. You wouldn’t like to go with anything too bright. Softer lighting makes things look better and sets the mood. You can also light candles every once in a while and experience the magical effect that it has.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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5. The Royal Romance

This decor will make you feel like a prince and princess on a romantic holiday. The huge mirror, the rich purple curtains and the perfect lamps will make you and your partner feel like royalty.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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6. Think Romance, Think pink

Pink is the first color that comes to the mind when we think of romantic bedroom ideas so why not use it to make the bedroom romantic? Pink walls with a touch of white in the furniture look very romantic. Add big mirrors to reflect the pink of the walls. Fresh flowers and candles complete this decor.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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7. Colorful and sensuous pillows with curtains

Pillows not only make the bed more comfortable but give a luxurious look to the bedroom. Get creative and choose colorful pillows that match the color scheme of your bed linen and curtains. Keep the walls light if you are choosing brightly colored pillows, curtains and lamps.

Romantic Bedrooms

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8. Use fresh flowers to add romance

Fresh flowers can instantly make the room more romantic. Make sure you arrange these flowers in a manner that is appealing, romantic and adds sensuality.

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Romantic Bedrooms

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9. The romantic theme

Choose a theme that defines romance for your bedroom and decorate it accordingly. The red hearts theme looks romantic and cute. It also helps lighten up the mood.

Romantic Bedrooms

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10. Recreate the urban romance in your bedroom

Elaborate lighting and furniture, combined with a dramatic canopy bed and a romantic wallpaper, set the the stage for romantic nights.

Romantic Bedrooms

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11. The modern romantic bedroom

Use bright colors like green and silver along with lighter shades like blue and white. Adding mirrors and pictures of the couple also has a wonderful effect.

Romantic Bedrooms

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12. The luxurious red and gold bedroom

This idea works great for spacious rooms. Red and gold appear extremely romantic and luxurious. Choose a rich dark shade of red for the walls and the bed linen. Enhance the romantic appeal by adding golden pillows and lamps.

Romantic Bedrooms

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13. Five Star Style

This is not really as expensive as it seems. With a nice luxurious wall paper, fancy bed linen and sensual lighting, you can get the romantic five star suite at home. It will make you feel like you’re on a holiday every time you step into your bedroom.


14. The bold colors of romance

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with bold colors when it comes to romantic decor. Add shades of pink, golden, silver, red, purple and even black but make sure you balance them out with lighter shades as well.

Romantic Room Designs

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15. Silk and sheer

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Buy new satin or silk bedspreads and sheets that give your bed a romantic and luxurious look as well as make it a lot more comfortable. Whites or pastel colors are the most preferred ones. Adding sensuous curtains is a great idea.

Romantic Room Designs

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16. Kindle up the romance

It is amazing how just a few candles can make the bedroom look so romantic. Choose candles that match the color scheme of your room or simply opt for white ones. It would be great if the candles are scented.

Romantic Room Designs

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17. The romantic bed

Floral headboards or traditional royal style canopy beds can drastically increase the romantic appeal of your bedroom. Choose keeping the color scheme and décor of the room in mind. You can also hang curtains around the canopy.

Romantic Room Designs

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18. The Dark Romance

Romantic room doesn’t necessarily have to be pink or red. A dark decor can also look romantic if done the right way. Use shades of brown, add a dramatic chandelier and matching furniture. Make sure that the colors you use are rich and warm.

Romantic Room Designs

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It’s your turn to take these romantic bedroom ideas and add your personal touch to it. Romanticize your bedroom and feel the magical effects it has on your married life.

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