15 Smart and Trendy Kitchen Storage Ideas

Wouldn’t you just love to have a clutter free kitchen? One where you can have a great time cooking and not have to look around for pots and pans, assuming that you did use them last time. A dream kitchen is one which is organized and well kept. In order to have a kitchen such as this one you need to have great storage ideas.

Check out the 15 smart and trendy kitchen storage ideas which we have selected for you to take inspiration from.

1. Stylish Storage Savvy Kitchen

Check out this completely innovative kitchen with its smart and stylish look. Not only is it the ultimate dream kitchen but the clutter free minimalist look is to die for. Observe the space created in the countertop to hold the plates away from peering eyes. The large storage cabinets built into the kitchen island are a great idea too.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: interiordesign2014

2. Clever Storage Ideas For Stocking Vegetables

See how cleverly the vegetables are stored in the straw basket and placed in the drawer. This not only makes your kitchen appear tidier but provides great storage solution as well. The best thing is that there’s just about nothing on display. So you can have a clean clutter free kitchen. This idea is just not great for storing vegetables but for other kitchen knick knacks as well.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: stylisheve

3. Modular Kitchen Storage Idea

Modular kitchen items are all the rage these days. Whether you are looking to keep your kitchen tidy or trying to make use of what little space you have, modular kitchen items such as this smart storage drawer is great for keeping things in one place. Notice how everything is kept in a well preserved way for easy access, from plates and mugs to kitchen knives as well.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: stylisheve

4. Storage Shelves For Kitchen Organization

When you have less space and a great deal of items you are stuck in a rut. Providing a smart storage solution like this one by building in shelves in the wall for various kitchen items is a smart idea.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

5. Open Shelve Cabinets For Smart Storage

When you want to have easy access to all your kitchen utensils then this smart solution for using open shelve cabinets is a great idea. Notice how everything is stored in a clean and organized way. The backsplash of kitchen tiles is kept completely clutter free while all things are stored in the wall mounted open cabinets.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Credit: ariokano

6. Built in Shelves For Smart Kitchen Storage

Having custom kitchen cabinets for storage is good enough but built in shelves like the one in this kitchen helps keep things more organized. The best part is that you can easily store uneven items like food accessories without having to worry about causing too much clutter. These shelves help keep things organized and you can find stuff right away.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: teenydinosaurs

7. Minimalist Kitchen Storage Idea

This lovely dish storage cabinet with its modern built in look will surely appeal to those who prefer minimalism when it comes to kitchen designs. The dishes can stay intact and are easy to access. The hooks provided underneath the cabinets can also hold items such as small pots and coffee mugs.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: groovexi

8. Trendy Spice Storage Racks For Kitchen

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This smart cabinet idea is indeed inspirational. Check out how the spices are stored in an even manner. The different storage racks for putting in a variety of pantry items is a smart idea. From small to big it accommodates all sorts of items.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: groovexi

9. Smart Islands For Kitchen Storage

This cool and innovative kitchen island provides smart storage solutions. It not only boasts a sink but also a number of wooden drawers which can store anything from pots and pans to pantry items. This is a great idea when you want to install a kitchen island which provides easy access and storage of stuff.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: mostbeautifulthings

10. Fancy Kitchen Storage Drawers

Check out this truly stylish kitchen drawer with its fancy built in compartments for storing anything from grains to spices and a great many things. It’s ideal for the busy housewife who wants her home clutter free and things on easy access as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: trendecoration

11. Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas

For those who value simplicity above all else this straightforward and uncomplicated kitchen storage idea is also aesthetically appealing. Notice how simple shelves mounted on the walls are used for storing glassware items like plates, glasses and mugs.

Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: uhousebuild

12. Pantry Shelves For Kitchen Storage

Check out this wonderful pantry storage cabinet with rotating shelves. Things can not only be placed in their rightful place but the rotation allows you to search for items without having to rummage too much into the cabinet.

Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: linkezy

13. Cool And Stylish Racks For Kitchen Storage

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The basic organizing provided by this stylish kitchen rack is a great idea for keeping your kitchen clutter free. The different shelves allow you to place items in places which are well suited. This allows things to be kept in their proper place as well. The spices displayed in the attractive glass bottles also add an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: groovexi

14. Attractive Containers For Kitchen Storage

If renovating the kitchen is not your cup of tea yet you would like smart storage solutions as well try investing in storage containers like these one. This will not only help you organize your various stuff but also provide attractive storage options.

Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: qloungemiami

15. Hidden Cabinets For Kitchen Storage

Check out this uber cool and stylish kitchen with hidden storage compartments to give the appearance of a clutter free kitchen. The sliding shelve doors are quite discreet and no one on a first glance can tell if the kitchen has any smart storage solutions. This kind of kitchen storage idea is ideal for the hip and trendy couple.

Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: mykitcheninterior

For a kitchen to look smart and trendy it is essential that all clutter is kept away from the eyes. This not only gives your kitchen a savvy appearance but also makes the onlooker realize what an organized person you are. The above mentioned ideas range from smart and trendy to basic and simple. Choose the kitchen storage idea which appeals to you!

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