Most Popular Cabinets for Kitchen Remodelers

Most Popular Cabinets for Kitchen Remodelers

Are you about to remodel your kitchen? Perhaps the most critical choice is cabinetry—the focal point of any kitchen design. Learn about remodelers’ most popular kitchen cabinet styles and why they’re so trendy in our helpful guide!

Slab-Style Cabinet Doors

A trend that won’t go away in kitchen design is the modern, minimalist look. Homeowners love the elegant simplicity of the contemporary aesthetic, and the slab-style cabinet door is an ideal fit for those looking for clean lines and no fuss.

The slab-style door may seem boring on its own, but when incorporated into a minimalist design, the flush appearance creates an even and seamless flow that’s attractive to kitchen designers. If you prefer the “less is more” style of design, slab-style cabinets may be what you’re looking for!

Shaker Cabinets

Although they’ve been around for hundreds of years, the shaker cabinets are again at the forefront of popular kitchen design! Homeowners can’t resist the simple, square-paneled design and quality craftsmanship that made shaker cabinets renowned.

In 2021 and 2022, more homeowners are choosing shaker-style cabinets for their kitchen renovation because they can seamlessly fit into practically any kitchen aesthetic, from farmhouse to contemporary and nearly everything in between. White is the most popular color for shakers, but they look just as good in dark-hued colors for modern designs.

Fun Fact

Shaker cabinets got their name from their inventors, the Shakers—a community of Quakers known for their dancing and were nicknamed “Shaking Quakers” and eventually just Shakers.

Open Shelving

Many remodelers are forgoing the traditional cabinetry altogether and opting instead for open shelves! It’s undoubtedly an interesting and unique look that makes any kitchen stand out from others—so if you want something completely different, consider open shelves!

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Open shelves showcase your kitchen supplies and emphasize the wall color and design instead of cabinetry. Plus, many people enjoy how easy it is to access their things. You don’t need doors; just grab and go!

European-Style Cabinets

Otherwise known as frameless cabinets, the European-style cabinet has invaded American kitchens and will grow more prevalent in the coming years. Many remodelers point to the clean and straightforward look of frameless cabinets.

Plus, European-style cabinets give homeowners an extra couple of inches of storage. It may not seem like much, but every inch counts when dealing with a small kitchen!

Fun Fact

Many industry experts point to the expansion of IKEA into America as the origin of the sudden increase in the popularity of European-style cabinets.

There are many other popular kitchen cabinets for remodelers right now, but these are some of the most widespread. Which will you choose for your new kitchen?