18 Functional Floating Shelves For Your Home

Wall Shelves

Shelves, the most essential and useful furnishing accessories of any household. Nowadays, the trend of getting floating shelves installed in ones home is the new cool. These special shelves add an immense amount of style to the home. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, these shelves can be used in different ways. Brands like Ikea provide special and innovative multi-purpose shelves to their customers. There are many other brands too, but Ikea wall shelves are known to be the finest which people prefer getting for their homes.

If you’ve been looking for some interesting wall shelf ideas to decorate your home with, given below are not one but 18 striking ideas which you can use for your home.

1. The Invisible Book Shelf

Make your books float in mid air with this ingenious design that looks really cool while being practical and minimalist. The simple stainless steel construction is strong, erosion free and can hold books up to your ceiling.

Floating Shelves

Image Credit: amazon

2. Recycled Pallets

Go green and help the environment, recycle unused pallets and turn them into wall shelves . Simple, practical and evergreen, pallets can be recycled into a lot of stuff because they are made of strong wood designed to handle heavy loads. Just remember to treat any recycled wood with termite chemicals before use.

wall shelves

Image Credit: gamepic

3. LED Glass Floating Shelf

This glass floating shelf glows with the colors of the rainbow. Set the mood and set the color, or if you want to go full disco that can be done too using the control remote that comes with this awesome looking shelf. This is one of the most brilliant floating wall shelves ever.

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Floating Wall Shelves

Image Credit: decoholic

4. Simple DIY Shelf

Don’t want to spend a bomb on shelves? Have unused hardware lying around? This simple steel bracket can be fabricated for pennies and looks nice while serving its purpose without compromise.

Wall Shelves

Image Credit: blogspot

5. Cover the Whole Corner Shelf

Have constraints about space? Maximize your living area with this funky looking shelf that snugly fits into a corner and can cover the whole area from floor to ceiling, maximizing storage space as well.

Floating Wall Shelves

Image Credit: decoist

6. Floating Glass Shelf

This simple elegant floating glass shelf is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens or anywhere you can expect to get your shelf wet, it is easy to keep clean and looks great. It’s a timeless design available in infinite variations and is the most commonly seen shelf design for a reason.

Wall Shelves

Image Credit: mocoblog

7. Steel Rail Floating Shelf

Another simple strong space saving option for your storage needs that can be easily recycled from unused hardware. Make it any length, perfect for keeping rows of books with their covers facing outwards for a change or picture frames and other stuff of the sort.

Floating Shelves

Image Credit: houzz

8. Laser Cut Wooden Shelves

Laser cut stuff is pretty cool, because you can get complex intricate designs with great finish and ease. Shown here are the cutest butterfly shelves that have taken the advantage of this this great manufacturing technique to create beautiful looking products.

Floating Shelves

Image Credit: pinterest

9. The Cable Management Shelf

Tired of all those ugly unmanageable cables sticking out from your phone connection to your modem to your router to your TV to your DVD player to your x-box to your speakers? The cable management floating wall shelf has been especially designed with your electronic wire jumble in mind and offers a simple practical solution that is adjustable for your custom needs.

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Wall Shelves

Image Credit: audiovisualonline

10. The Old Recycled Suitcase Shelf

Here is another quirky recycling idea using the tonnes of old forgotten suitcases that you have stored in your attic, just gathering dust. Put them to practical use and turn them into wall shelves .

Wall Shelves

Image Credit: pinimg

11. The Old Recycled Table Shelves

Yet another quirky recycling idea using old tables and furniture. Just stick them on the wall one above the other and voila! you have just maximized your space.

floating wall shelves

Image Credit: architectureartdesigns

12. Hanging Shelves

These cute little simple wooden shelves look like hanging birdhouses, beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing yet practical space maximizer for your storage and display needs.

wall shelves

Image Credit: remodelista

13. The Vintage Soda Bottle Crate Shelf

Relive the memories of a time when sodas use to come in heavy glass bottles, there is little use for these crates now that everything is shrink wrapped.

wall shelves

Image Credit: howdiyblog

14. The Pipe Shelf

Don’t forget to express yourself with these infinite pipe shelves. Just keep attaching more pipe and increase your storage area. All the components of this shelf will be easily available at any hardware store. Can be done with PVC pipes as well. So let your imagination go wild and cover the whole wall with these things.

floating wall shelves

Image Credit: etsy

15. The Batman Shelf

Superhero logo’s as bookshelves. What’s not to love? Made of wood or metal, these wall shelves will kick butt anywhere. You can actually bring in Batman right into your home with this superb floating shelf idea.

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floating wall shelves

Image Credit: geekleakdotnet

16. Personalized Lettered Shelves

Make it read out your name, or anything that fancies you and then use it to put stuff on. Practical, customized, good looking, unique, floating wall shelves.

floating wall shelves

Image Credit: pinimg

17. The Lack Ikea Floating Shelf

Simple, corrosion proof, lacquer coated wooden shelves that will go with any decor with their minimalistic, futuristic clean look.

wall shelves

Image Credit: bloombety

18. The Tree Shelf

This tree branch shaped shelf is like the beautiful practical work of art for your wall that looks awesome on its own and can be used to display your stuff on as well. Finally a work of art that you can actually use.

wall shelves

Image Credit: homemydesign

Now that you have these 18 amazing floating wall shelf ideas before you, decorating the home shouldn’t be much of a problem to you. Use these floating wall shelves at your home and make it an innovative and stylish one from the neighborhood today!

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