Spick and span; that’s the kind of home which everyone wants to have. From the porch to the bathroom, people put in a lot of efforts and money these days to come up with a home which is aesthetically modern and comfy. Talking about comfort, it starts right from the place where you spend your time cooking. Yes, the kitchen! Having a neat and uber-trendy kitchen is the new do. From experimenting with quirky colors to getting modish appliances installed, setting up a comfortable yet modular kitchen is what people go in for these days.

Of all the things that make up a kitchen, cabinets play an important role. They not only solve the storage purpose but also they are known to make or break the look of a kitchen.

Now, if designing a kitchen is what you have on your mind but are totally clueless about the cabinets that you should go for, given below is something that will help you out. Listed here are some really cool and superb kitchen cabinet ideas which you must take a look at before going in for a kitchen refurbishment or designing spree.

1. Compact Kitchen Cabinets

To start with the first idea which you can use to decorate your kitchen is to go for compact cabinets. If you’re low on space or want to dedicate more space to your appliances, go in for compact cabinets. Get them done in colors that contrast with the walls and you’ll eventually have a brilliant kitchen to start cooking in.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: afandar

2. Black Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Black is definitely the color when it comes to kitchen cabinets if you have some ultra modern appliances installed in the kitchen. Also, remember that dark colors make a space look a little less smaller than they usually are. So, if you’re picking the color black for your cabinets, make sure you have ample amount of space in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: pizatella

3. European Kitchen Cabinets

European style of kitchen cabinets is all about giving your kitchen that elegant and sophisticated look. Subtle colors and minimal artwork is what the cabinets should feature. Keep the walls simple to bring out the authentic European look.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: pizatella

4. Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Do you remember the kind of cabinets old mansions and house had? That’s exactly what Traditional Kitchen are all about. Go in for a color like green for the cabinets while white can be chosen for the walls. Also, you can use some round knobs with intricate designing to bring out the look even more.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: iseecubed

5. Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary is the buzz-word when it comes to interior decoration. Going in for a modish set-up in combination with some simple kitchen cabinet designs is what most people are opting for these days.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: zanqinren

6. Elegant Ivory Kitchen Cabinets

This one is the most elegant on this list. For implementing this kitchen cabinet idea, you just have to get your cabinet done in the ivory shade and don’t forget to match it with the floor. Also, make it a point to get enough cabinets done so that storage isn’t much of an issue.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: jabbasworld

7. Subtle Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You can always experiment with all the fun colors while choosing the designs for your kitchen cabinets. Leave enough space for your workstation and cover rest of the area with blue cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: trendecoration

8. Customized Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

You can never go wrong with a wooden kitchen cabinet idea. Easy to customize and available in diverse patterns, the wooden cabinets are a fine choice to make. This is one way you can revamp the look of your kitchen using the cabinets with wooden designs.

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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: jabbasworld

9. Glossy Orange Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a bright kitchen, pick the color orange for your cabinets. Use the glossy texture instead of the matte ones. You’ll be able to add a lot of spunk to your kitchen in a matter of no time. Team up these with black or white counterparts whichever suits your taste.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: trendecoration

10. Bright Cabinets for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen that starts with a dishwasher and ends at the workstation itself, add a unique edge to it by choosing bright colors for your cabinets. Make sure you utilize the space in the best possible manner.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: vissbiz

11. Glass Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you want to give your kitchen a gleaming look, none other than the glass cabinets are what you should be going for. You can get compartments with glass covers in them. Glass kitchen cabinet designs are a rage these days.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: trendzona

12. Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Go for grey cabinets made out of wood which feature a petite artwork. Intricate designs and rustic looking wooden cabinets will help you give your kitchen an elegant antique look.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Credit: trendkitchencabinets

13. Trendy Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

As stated earlier, wooden cabinets are never going to go out of vogue. Even if you get simple drawers and cabinets done out of wood and pop of color on the walls, you’ll be able to get a stylish space for a kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: nallau

14. Striking Red Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to bright colors, red is the one which you can never leave behind. Use it in combination with white or steel grey. Cabinets in this combination give a peppy yet cool look to your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: vectormu

15. White Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Last but certainly not the least, modular kitchen have created a buzz among all. Sleek and neoteric, these designs speak volumes about the new-age. White cabinets in combination with white appliances, walls and floors; that’s how you get a super-stunning kitchen cabinet design ready to rock.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Image Credit: jg188

Now that you have this detailed list of 15 spectacular ideas to pick from for your kitchen, why not implement these? Choose the one which you like the most and suits your kitchen. Stop scrolling now and get going!


  1. These are some amazing looking cabinets. I love the black cabinets here and the picture really shows how amazing they look. We have a pretty big kitchen, so the fact that black makes the space look smaller doesn’t even matter!

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