15 Attractive Dining Table Ideas

Attractive Round Dining Table Design

Complete your dining room with the ideal dining table for your family. A dining table in every home plays a vital role to keep the family together. Apart from bringing the family together during meal times, it helps in entertaining the family. Hosting dinner parties and celebrating festive events isn’t complete without a classy, charming table. Striking dining tables add opulence to your home. With the enormous choices in the market it is likely to get confused while picking up the ideal dining table for your home. To make the selection process simple, we have got 15 attractive dining table ideas for you.

1. A Contemporary Glass Dining Table Design

This designer contemporary dining room table alleviates your room. The leather covered base provides optimum support giving it style as well as sturdiness. Its sleek, chic glass top design is one of its kinds and blends well with your modern room interiors. One can easily picture their family enjoying a scrumptious meal together on this stylish dining table.

dining table ideas

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2. Traditional Wooden Dining Room Table Design

Stylize your dining room with this traditional yet classic dining table. The dining table is designed from solid hardwood enhancing its resistance and durability. This dining table is supported with beautifully carved table legs. The rectangular table top is finished with smooth & silky natural wood polish with rounded corners. A perfect buy for your dining room area!

dining table ideas

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3. Elegant Round Dining Table Design

Add elegance to your dining area with this classy round dining table. Designed with a slender glass-top, it is perfect for your everyday family meals. It is stylized with a modernized wooden base stand. It will bring sophistication and opulence to your room interiors.

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dining table ideas

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4. Rustic Wooden Dining Room Table Design

This dining room table is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles. It is crafted with supreme quality Acacia wood with smooth finish. The table top is designed with irregular rectangular shape that adds to its rustic appeal. This is an ideal dining table for your formal dining room for a seating of eight.

dining table ideas

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5. Attractive Round Dining Table Design

Sit and enjoy wine sessions with friends and family at this contemporary wooden dining table. Designed with a wooden round top and stylish base, this table will add class to your room. Its minimalistic design saves space and can fit in any corner of your home.

dining table ideas

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6.Sophisticated Marble Dining Table Design

Create a great first impression on your guests by bringing home this sophisticated marble dining table. This table is embellished with a shiny marble top and sturdy wooden base. Marble top dining room tables bring luxury and richness to your home.

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7. Beautiful White Dining Table Design

This lovely white dining table is perfect for your formal dining room. This dining table is designed keeping both traditional and modern room settings in mind. Its basic rectangular wooden pattern is evergreen and will last you for many years. It would go with any color scheme and décor.

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8. Royal Dining Table Design

For people who are looking to be different, this is just the right dining table for you. This unique dining table is designed with glass and wood. The design consists of a wooden base with four legs beautifully carved with intricate detailing. The glass top adds grace to the design. And to top it off, the table is finished with a gold wood finish that gives it a luxurious royal appeal.

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9. Unique Dining Room Table Design

Play with colors in your dining room with colorfully designed dining room tables. One such example is this attractive round dining room table. It is designed with a four color-scheme of black, red, blue and yellow. The base is designed in a unique abstract shape with all four colors. The clear glass table top balances out the color and adds stillness to this striking table design.

Unique Dining Room Table Design

Image Credit: Arcahouse

10. Exclusive Wood Plastic Dining Table Design

Infuse your contemporary dining room with this exclusive dining room table. This rectangular table is stylized with eye-catching mix of wood and plastic. The corners of the table top are embellished with gorgeous white plastic intricate pattern. This will fit right in with your modern interior room settings.

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11. Trendy Round Dining Table Design

Round dining tables occupy less space and are best options for a nuclear family. This is another round dining table design to enhance your casual dining room interiors. Its lean and trendy glass metal design goes with any furniture. Like displayed in the picture, it will go very well with colorful fiber or plastic chairs.

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12. Stylish Wooden Oval Dining Table

The natural wood polish of this dining table piece makes it special. Its abstract wooden base design adds to its artistic appeal. The sleek and slender oval table top brings richness and sophistication in your formal dining room.

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13. Square Wooden Dining Table

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A dark wood polished square dining table is perfect for that corner next to the window. This table is classically designed with a center wooden block base and a square wooden table top. It is accentuated with thin groove lines to give it a designer artistic appeal.

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14. 2 in 1 Unique Dining Table Design

This is a modernly designed dining table for your formal dining room. Invite your friends for dinner and show off your 2 in 1 dining and billiards table. Can’t believe it, but it’s absolutely true. It is designed with removable top panels when needed. You can use the top panels for a dinner party and after dinner remove the panels for some entertainment with a splendid billiards game. Its shiny black finish with chrome legs will go well with your modern and traditional interiors.

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15. Fancy Marble Dining Table Design

Design your dream dining room with this magnificent marble dining table set. You will see a beautiful square Italian marble table top with a rectangular marble stand with a slender wooden base. It is definitely a dining table you would want to lay your hands on.

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A dining table is a must for every home. They will bring your family closer and spread the spirit of togetherness. Enjoy the pleasant experience of having friends over to spend some quality time. The above dining table ideas will give you a clear perspective on the type of dining table you want for your home and simplify the selection process.

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