15 Stainless Steel Kitchen Ideas

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

Kitchen is a place where every woman spends most of their time. It is therefore a necessity and even a dream to have this space of the house equipped with the most advanced and best of appliances. In the olden days the kitchen was a space that was equipped with the basic, necessary items required for cooking. However, this is no longer the case. The kitchen is one space in your home, and probably the only one, which is equipped with the latest technology appliances that makes cooking easier for you. Women around the world give special attention to the design of their kitchen and steel is the trend of the day. Here are a few stainless steel kitchen ideas that will completely change the look of your kitchen.

1. Transitional Kitchen

This transitional kitchen is equipped with appliances of top stainless steel. The grandeur of the kitchen is further enhanced by the monochrome granite counter tops and the breakfast counter. Television at the top of the oven keeps one entertained while working in the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen has been equipped with a complete set of stainless steel cabinets and drawer. The furniture acts as a camouflage for the steel door stove and oven. The wooden wall and granite counter top adds a nice contrast to this stainless steel kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Design for Large Families

This stainless steel kitchen design is especially fit for a large family. The white and brown wall gives a break from the steel filled kitchen. The counter in the center with an overhead light serves as an extra stove. The counters have two additional washbowls, making washing excessive number of utensils easier.

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Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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4. Stainless Steel Kitchen with Dining Area

This is one of the steel kitchen ideas that include a dining area for four. The stainless steel counter is equipped with steel cabinets. Fixed with a chimney overhead it also has the facility to hang pans and ladles. It also has the facility to place glasses and other cutlery by the counter. The overhead light by the dining area adds a classy look to the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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5. Center Steel Kitchen Idea with Cabinets

This kitchen has a central stainless steel counter equipped with cabinets of various sizes. The counter has a wash area fit into the counter along with a space for placing an oven. The counter has a raised platform upon which plates and cutlery can be placed. On the opposite wall, there is another wash area given. This stainless steel kitchen also comes with an overhead lighting facility.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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6. Stainless Steel Kitchen Under a Wooden Roof

Set against a backdrop of stone walls and under a wooden roof, this stainless steel kitchen idea is completely out of the ordinary. The white tiles enhance the stainless steel shelf cum cabinet along with the separate counter with the stove and wash area.

Stainless Steel Ideas

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7. Stainless Steel Counter and Wall Cabinet

This is one of the steel kitchen ideas that give the kitchen a complete contemporary and classic look. The black wall supporting the kitchen counter adds a great contrast to the kitchen space. The separate wall cabinet provides enough space for storing all the necessary kitchen items.

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Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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8. Contemporary Kitchen Design with Stainless Steel Cabinets

This kitchen design is one of the most extraordinary contemporary styled kitchens. The modern stainless steel cabinets placed against striking white walls and the glossy white floor adds a relaxing and balanced ambiance. The raised platform on the side provides dinner space for two.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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9. Japanese Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

This grey themed Japanese kitchen is a great example of classy and contemporary stainless steel kitchen. With a stainless steel extractor and counter, this kitchen provides enough space for cooking as well as washing. The counter is also equipped with stainless steel drawers, aiding storage of cutlery and various other kitchen items. The spacious kitchen, with a wall cabinet exudes an elegant ambiance.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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10. Modern Stainless Steel Mosaic Kitchen

This ultra-modern stainless steel kitchen is built in a bright red color that gives a bold touch to the kitchen. The stainless steel counter top and extractor along with the trolley give the kitchen a balanced, classy, and modern look.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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11. Steel and Stone Kitchen Design

This unique stone walled kitchen gives a rustic feel to the otherwise modern kitchen. The steel kitchen counter along with the steel serving table modernizes this kitchen. The kitchen counter has an in built stove and oven along with cabinets for storage of cutlery.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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12. Mosaic Tiled Kitchen Design

This contemporary stainless steel kitchen comes with stainless steel mosaic tiled walls. The stainless steel extractor along with the white granite counter top and wooden cabinets provides the kitchen with modern and classy look.

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Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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13. Stainless Steel Cabinet and Country Sink for Kitchen

This contemporary stainless steel kitchen comes with wooden cabinets with stainless steel extractor, modern cabinets, and country sink. The mosaic tiles and the white ceiling add an elegant look to this kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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14. Contemporary Wood and Steel Kitchen

This contemporary styled kitchen brightens up the space with the bright colored wooden cabinet. Coupled with stainless steel extractor, stove, and the wall cabinet, this wood and steel kitchen idea is quite extraordinary.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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15. Modern Stainless Steel Interior for the Kitchen

The contemporary and classic interior of this kitchen is accentuated by the wooden wallpaper and the glossy grey tiles. The stainless steel counter tops coupled with the black cabinet and drawers around the counter enhances the contemporary look of the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen ideas

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The transitional stainless steel kitchen is the trend of the day. Nearly every kitchen today has appliances and cabinet built of stainless steel. So if you are looking for renovating or furnishing your new kitchen, the ideas discussed above might prove really helpful for you.

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