18 Modern Outdoor Wicker Furniture Ideas

Nothing can uplift your mood like spending some time in the great outdoors. The best way is to perhaps invest in outdoor wicker furniture or rattan furniture set for your patio. Not only can you enjoy the weather but spend some quality time with your loved ones.

These days technology has taken over the simple pleasures of life. Having outdoor rattan furniture which is comfy and inviting can bring back the good times. Times when people reveled in each others company and had a great time as well.

We bring to you eighteen modern outdoor wicker furniture and Rattan furniture ideas for making your patio look both cozy and appealing.

1. All Black Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Why not be a bit bold and invest in black for a classy and appealing look. Its deviation enough from the ordinary and can add an instant appeal to your surroundings.

However one thing to keep in mind is that outdoor wicker furniture doesn’t need to be boring. In fact many people have started using outdoor rattan furniture for creating stunning outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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2. Calming Neutral and Beige Outdoor Rattan

Black is not for everyone. However one thing is for sure, you can’t ever go wrong with beige or white. Not only does white have a timeless appeal it even provides a relaxing feel as well.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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3. Chic French look for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Nobody does classy better than the French. Get some of that French appeal in your homes by investing in sturdy looking wicker garden furniture and pair it off with wood pieces for a suave and sophisticated look.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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4. Stunning Outdoor Dining Room created using Rattan Furniture Ideas

If you live in a place blessed with extraordinary weather at least a few months a year than get your hands on outdoor rattan furniture which includes a dining table and some tasteful and chic looking chairs.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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5. Cushy Pillows for Wicker Sofas or Outdoor Rattan Furniture

You can make your wicker furniture look even better by adding few cushy looking pillows. It’s the ultimate on comfort and beauty. Outdoor rattan furniture can be made to look interesting and pretty using these bright colored cushions.

Rattan Furniture Ideas

Image Credit: cottagehomefurniture

6. Gazebo for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

A gazebo can provide much needed shade from the sun and add a touch of elegance to its surroundings. Take some inspiration from these rattan furniture ideas for completing the look.

Rattan Furniture Ideas

Image Credit: alicdn

7. Rattan Furniture Placed in front of a Fireplace

Another great rattan furniture idea is to place the rattan furniture in front of the fireplace thus creating a separate seating area.

Rattan Furniture Ideas

Image Credit: victory-eu

8. Asian Patio with Rattan Furniture

Create an Asian patio look by placing tastefully carved Asian objects or a gravel garden. Add to it fine looking wicker furniture and you get a great wicker garden furniture for your patio.

Rattan Furniture Ideas

Image Credit: soothingcompany

9. Rattan Swing

A wicker or Rattan swing can add an instant bohemian chic to your otherwise dull surroundings. Revamp your porch or patio by adding a wicker swing to it.

Rattan Furniture

Image Credit: abjectfilms

10. Wicker Dining Table and Chairs for Garden

Create a quaint look of a bygone era by investing in a wicker dinner table and chairs. When combined with other elements like wood and a variety of fabrics the end result is inviting yet sophisticated!

Rattan Furniture

Image Credit: esellerpro

11. Wicker Garden Furniture Day Bed

Do you love lazing around on a Sunday? Nothing beats relaxing on a wicker day bed watching the sky change color.

Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Image Credit: grezu

12. Wicker Furniture Love Seat

Cozying up with your soul mate now gets even more comfy with an outdoor rattan furniture love seat. Throw in some beautiful upholstery and you are all set for a romantic rendezvous.

Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Image Credit: discountpatiofurnitureguide

13. Quaint Wicker Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs made of wicker look fun and inviting. However there are many health benefits to rocking as well. Some of these include reduction of stress and anxiety. Also rocking with your kids can prove to be nurturing for them. So go ahead and get your hands on some wicker furniture.

Outdoor Rattan Furniture

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14. Wicker Porch Swing

A wicker porch swing is always a welcome addition. It’s a wonderful way of spending quality times with loved ones.

Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Image Credit: bpc.h-cdn

15. Hanging Wicker Bed

Would you like being suspended in luxury? Invest in a hanging wicker garden furniture bed to enjoy those lazy afternoons.

Wicker Garden Furniture

Image Credit: rilane

16. Sun room Decorated with Rattan Furniture

Sun rooms are usually the favorite part of the home for most homeowners. Why not add some classy looking rattan furniture ideas to make the sunroom look all the more inviting.

Wicker Garden Furniture

Image Credit: wisegeek

17. Turn Your Patio into a Cabana with some Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Do you have a patio begging to be revamped? Try styling it into an old fashioned cabana by adding comfy wicker love seats with foot rests. You can use Rattan furniture as well for an added quirky look.

Wicker Garden Furniture

Image Credit: pinimg

18. Wicker Loveseat for Outdoors

Love seats are comfy and tend to look pretty interesting as well. Invest in rattan loveseat and bring out a bit of character to the outside of your home with this wonderful outdoor rattan furniture idea.

Wicker Garden Furniture

Image Credit: ebayimg

Outdoor Wicker furniture can be incorporated outdoors to create a stunning visual appeal. The best part about wicker furniture is that it’s pretty versatile and can make a space look comfy or add a zing to your porches as well. Choose from some of the above mentioned wicker garden furniture ideas and make your outdoor space look appealing.

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