12 Wall Bed Ideas For Small Bedrooms

small bedroom design ideas

Our dream bedroom often includes beautiful artwork, exquisite facilities and an extraordinary bed which compliments the décor seamlessly. The beds are usually considered the most important part of a room as it is your only place in the whole wide world where you can relax and have a sound sleep. From single to king size bed you can choose your favorite sleeping place depending upon your needs and most importantly the size of the room.

Designing a room when you don’t have ample of space can be tricky, but with some cool bed design ideas you can transform your small chamber into a luxurious apartment with a few quick hacks. The most adequate kind of beds that can easily adjust in a small room are wall beds. They are sleek, stylish, take up less space and can easily be fitted to any wall of the room depending upon the interior. Below are some really incredible wall bed ideas which can help you adjust a wall bed in style.

1. Simple and Stylish Wood Wall Bed

This is your best pick for an attractive mobile bed that you can easily operate and can fit in a small room. During the night it is your bedroom where you can have a good night’s sleep and during the day, it can be your living room where you can work, exercise or play freely.

Wall Beds

Image Credit: wallbedsnmore

2. The Metal Wall Bed Delight

Want to combine the living room and a bedroom? Opt for this stylish and classy metal wall bed which will fold back easily to reveal a couch from beneath. It is best for singles or couples and can effortlessly become your house’s most important item.

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Cool Beds Design Ideas

Image Credit: adacondesign

3. The Best Bed and Work Table Combo

How cool is an item that transforms into a bed in a push and converts back to being your multi-purpose workplace? If you want to combine your work and bedroom combined then this is a very good and clean choice to pick. Without the bed, it is a great cabinet that allows you to store your books and work in a comfortable space. With the bed, it is a cozy and comfortable sleeping area where you can relax your senses with ease.

Wall Bed Ideas

Image Credit: avexy

4. Classy White Wall Bed

If you are a lover of elegance than this lovely bed is designed for you. It has its front shaped like a closet, which doesn’t look out of the place when closed and has a comfortable length bed area to accommodate two persons with luxury.

Wall Beds

Image Credit: homesdir

5. The Ultimate Twin Wall Bed Set

What if you have a small room and want two beds? This definitive dual bed combo is an absolute delight for any two persons who want to sleep in the same room but in different beds. They will completely fold back, releasing the space for other activities and will allow you to have a cliquey sleep.

Mobile Bed

Image Credit: made-in-china

6. Old is Gold Wall Bed

Today, there are many small bedroom design ideas available to create your dream room, but you can never replace a classic old style design like this, which is durable and very simple to handle. It is big and can be pushed into the empty space to complete the décor with less expenditure.

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Wall Bed Ideas

Image Credit: bestmebels

7. Super Cool Bunker Wall Bed

A Bunker bed alone is super fun and you mix it with wall beds design, you will have the most incredible bed design ever to accommodate two persons in the same small room. It will cover the wall completely when closed and if opened it will become two amazing spacious beds.

Cool Beds Design Ideas

Image Credit: jtinterior

8. The Incredible Study Table and Bed Combo

Simple and effortless opening and closing of bed makes this a very popular design. It will become invisible when adjusted with the wall and will let you work, watch TV or read books in an open area. After opening, it will expose a comfortable bed to relax and sleep on.

Wall Beds
The Incredible Study Table and Bed Combo

Image Credit: baxylz

9. Crafty Big Bed and Small Room Combo

This bed’s structure is made up of metal and can easily slide into the wall like most of the wall beds. The most important feature that you will adore is the size of the bed. It is big and will allow a comfortable accommodation for two persons.

Wall Bed Ideas

Image Credit: resourcefurniture

10. Perfect and Fun Kid Wall Bed

It is suitable for one person and covers less space than others. Ideal for a kid or teenager’s room as it can leave out enough space to keep books, study table and other similar important kid things.

Perfect and Fun Kid Wall Bed
Perfect and Fun Kid Wall Bed

Image Credit: decorioo

11. Compact Wall Bed

A wall bed cannot go smaller and startling than this. If your room is really small and want your bed to take as much less space as possible? Then this is your savior, as it is perfect for one person and yet will take just the right amount of space. It can also be used as your study table once folded.

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Murphy Wall Beds

Image Credit: econizeclosets

12. The Stylish Wall Bed

Unlike other wall beds mentioned above, this has its back attached at the bottom of the wall and floor, which makes it really easy to lift and drop the bed. It also looks different and will make your room, stylish and big.

small bedroom design ideas

Image Credit: yuehuacn

Choose your favorite bed from the above listed incredible wall beds and design any room into a dream. This list is for you to understand that how you can create a whimsical look out of a small space without making any major efforts.

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