10 Awesome Bedroom Decor Ideas with Wooden Headboards

bedroom headboard

Bedroom décor reflects the aesthetic sense and taste of the home owner. While most of the bedroom décor ends with bed and few essential pieces of furniture, few go overboard and think out of the box.

This is when creativity and imagination club together and comes out in the form of unique décor pieces for our bedroom.

One such décor idea that can change the overall appearance of your bedroom is with wooden headboard.

While wooden headboards were traditionally meant to provide coziness and warmth to the bed, they have now become a very important part of bedroom décor. They add both functionality and beauty to the bedroom.

Here are 10 awesome bedroom décor ideas with wooden headboards that you can try to create a style statement in your bedroom.

Simple Wood Headboard

Provide a country look to your bedroom with a simple wood headboard. Get two pieces of stained wood and attach it to the bed frame to create a simple yet stunning headboard.

Or you can use old shipping pallets to create quick woodworking projects for beginners. You can leave the work as such or beautify it using nail head trims available in craft shops.

Wood pieces can also be cut into different shapes to create unique pieces. This type of headboard would suit bedroom that are decorated in casual, country and rustic style.

Carved Headboards

These headboards are meant to add to the overall beauty of the bedroom without affecting its functionality. Such headboards can either be bought as such or carved according to your taste and preference.

Carved headboard can be customized to suit your décor style like traditional, contemporary or casual. Add metallic paint or attach sheet metal to the headboard to create a more traditional feel or go for light carving on the surface for a contemporary touch.

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Placed at strategic location, these headboards can change the overall look of your bedroom.

Window Panel Headboard

If you have a rustic style of décor for your bedroom, then convert a rustic window panel into a customized headboard. Remove the glass from the frame and attach fabric or fiberboard as per your taste.

You can attach it on all panels or on alternate panels. Attach the headboard onto the wall just above the bed. Your window panel headboard is all ready for show off.

Similarly, wooden doors can also be used as a unique piece of headboard. Color it according to your taste or use it with a stained finish to create a style statement for your bedroom.

You can even use an antique or carved door for a more traditional décor. Small colored doors can be used for kid’s room décor.

Floating Furniture Headboard

If you have a spacious bedroom with enough space to place a piece of furniture above the bed, then the floating furniture headboard would be the right choice.

Place a dresser or cabinet above the bed with its back facing the bed to make a customized headboard. But make sure that there is enough space to open the dresser or cabinet from the other side.

The dresser or cabinet can be replaced with other furniture to provide a new theme to the headboard.

The main advantage of this type of headboard is that it is not only functional but also stylish as you can add to the beauty of the room by placing a flower vase or a décor piece on top of the dresser or cabinet.

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For tall cabinets, you can paint or attach wall decals to the back side to make it more appealing.

Bookshelf Headboard

Place a wooden bookshelf above the bed and create a unique piece of headboard. Books can be arranged according to their color to create a style statement.

Alternatively, you can also color the headboard to make it a statement piece. If you are short of books then beautiful décor pieces can be kept on the shelf to create a one of a kind look.

Spot lights inside the bookshelf can add to the overall beauty of the décor. This type of headboard can be used in bedrooms where space is not a constraint.

Room Divider Headboard

Stretch all pieces of a room divider and make it a unique headboard. To create a unique style statement, paint the wall behind the divider in a contrast color or stick a beautiful wall paper.

Alternatively, you can also paint the room divider in a bold color to make it stand out.

Click here to find out how to make quick headboards easily.

Picture Frame Headboard

Arrange wooden picture frames above the bed on the wall to create a one of a kind piece of headboard. You can either place pictures inside the frame or use beautiful fabrics with geometric or floral prints to create a contemporary look.

For those with crafty hands, embroidered or crochet work can be placed inside the picture frame. For kid’s room decor, kid’s art work can also be used to create the picture frame headboard.

This can be a quick woodworking projects for the beginners. This type of headboard would best suit small bedroom where space is a major constraint.

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Mantel Headboard

Do you have old mantel lying in your backyard? Do not throw it off. Convert it into an eye-catching headboard.

The mantel headboard can be used as such or you can place beautiful flower vases or mementos on it and create a unique statement. Polish it for a more contemporary look or retain its rustic nature for a country side feel.

This type of headboard would suit small bedrooms with limited space.

Bamboo Headboard

Want to go all tropical for your bedroom décor? Glue together different bamboo shades and frame it with bamboo poles. This will provide a more coastal and airy look to the room.

The headboard can also be painted to blend in well with the hues of the room. But it is best to leave it as such for a more natural feel.

Log Headboard

Attach round wooden pieces to a base and paint it to look like logs. You can paint the logs in different shades of brown to make it stand out. This would go well with a rustic or country like décor.

Creativity and imagination is all that is required to beautify your bedroom. You need not have to spend a lot if you put in a little time and effort in coming up with unique designs.

Things that are lying in your backyard or that is left unused in your attic can be converted into beautiful pieces of headboard with little creativity and imagination.