Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Kitchen

Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Kitchen

Interior decorating allows for your creativity to shine. With your kitchen being one of the most important living spaces in your home, a fresh design acts as a sound venture. These tips for creating a rustic-style kitchen give you a solid foundation on what to aim for when designing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen as a Social Space

We often treat our kitchen as utilitarian. When we finish preparing our meal, we typically take off to another room to eat. For that reason, a rustic kitchen design seeks to keep the party right there. Installing an island makes it easy to gather and not feel crowded. Meanwhile, a small nook allows supreme comfort for you to sip on some coffee in the morning.

Make It Vintage

When deciding on items to include in your new kitchen, using new appliances tempts the best of us. However, when going for a rustic aesthetic, coziness and homeliness top the needs list. Choose specific appliances that capture a classic feel. Any machine that appears vintage keeps the rustic theme without losing practicality, even if older appliances aren’t as efficient technologically.

Add All the Wood

We’re all taught that doing things in moderation makes for the best approach. That life lesson does not apply to using wood in a rustic kitchen. Using wood from top to bottom creates a homely feeling that other material does not replicate. Furthermore, antique hewn beams add an antique feel that any rustic kitchen seeks to accomplish.


Vintage wood décor sets the foundation for an immaculate rustic kitchen, but colors allow for a particular elegance. Earthy tones that don’t contrast each other make for the best results, such as navy blue, tan, dark yellow-gold, or terra cotta. Bright, neutral, natural hues allow for a sense of welcoming for you and your guests.

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Light a Fire

When you think of an intimate setting that a rustic atmosphere brings, huddling around a small fire creates those strong vibes that bring calm over anyone. A fireplace addition adds a cherry on top of the rustic kitchen sundae, but it requires a large investment, both financial and spatially.

With the tips for creating a rustic-style kitchen fresh in your mind, you may go out and make that dream a reality.