6 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Bill

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You use energy to heat and cool your home. However, your monthly energy bill can be costly. In 2109, the average electric bill for residents of the U.S. was $155. To help lower your expenses, try these six strategies.

1. Add Some Window Film

If you want to keep your windows open in the summer, consider installing window film. Window film is a thin laminate layer usually applied to glass surfaces. It can block the sun’s heat, which helps cool the inside of your home. This way, you won’t have to turn on your air conditioner as often.

The film also blocks UV radiation that can cause furniture to fade. Along with reducing costs, it can add an extra layer of security.

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2. Clean Your HVAC Filters

Over time, debris can accumulate in your air filters and end up clogging them. When this happens, it can reduce the efficiency of your device. Also, it can cause your air conditioner to work harder and waste energy. In fact, insufficient appliances are one of the top causes of a higher energy bill. So, regularly vacuum and wash your filters.

You also want to replace them every few months. Consider buying pleated air filters for their higher quality. Changing your filter will also reduce the risk of health concerns. An improperly functioning system can circulate dust into the air. This can negatively affect family members with allergies.

3. Buy a Smart Thermostat

These devices will automatically adjust to your ideal temperature preferences. They also turn off when you’re not home and kick back on as soon as you return. This saves a ton of power and lowers your energy bill. Besides energy efficiency, these devices are more convenient. You can remotely control them from your phone. This way, you don’t have to miss a minute of your favorite television show.

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Here are some other smart devices to consider adding to your home:

  • Smart lights
  • Video doorbell
  • Smart lock
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart security system

4. Cook Smaller Meals

Using appliances like your oven can consume lots of electricity. In fact, a stove can run on around 2,500 to 5,000 watts of energy for an hour of cooking time. So, try to make meals that can fit into a microwave or toaster. This can help you waste less energy in the kitchen. It also can improve your health by reducing your portion sizes. Plus, it can save you time on meal preparation.

Also, to lower your energy consumption in the kitchen, upgrade to Energy Star-rated appliances. These devices are more efficient and can significantly reduce your expenses.

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5. Turn on Your Ceiling Fan

In the summer, you will want to find ways to cool down. Instead of blasting the air conditioning, turn on your ceiling fans. These consume less energy than your cooling system, reducing your monthly energy bill. You may also want to add standing fans to certain rooms.

Just keep in mind you want to turn on fans in places where people are. Placing them in unoccupied spaces can waste energy. Also, if the temperature outside your house is hotter than inside, shut the windows. This way, you’re not circulating warm air inside your home.

6. Add Dimmer Lights

These can help reduce the amount of energy you waste. By controlling the amount of brightness, you can conserve energy and only use what you need. It also allows you to create a certain ambiance. Suppose you’re having a romantic night with your partner? You can keep the lights dimmed for atmosphere then make them brighter when you’re cooking breakfast the following day.

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Also, consider replacing your bulbs with LED lights to increase your energy efficiency. These lights are durable and can work in colder environments. They may be more expensive than other bulbs, but the energy savings outweigh the price. Although, costs have dropped since the product first hit the market.

Along with the dimmer option, you may want to find motion-activated ones or lights with timers. These conserve energy by turning themselves off when people aren’t in the room. Then they come back on when someone enters.

How to Cut Down Your Energy Bill

You use tons of energy daily, whether you’re heating your home or cooking a meal. Over time, this can raise your monthly expenses. So, try these six tips for successfully reducing your home’s energy bill.