Must Have Kitchen Cabinet Features

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A kitchen is the heart of any home. Ideally, all kitchens have cabinets but these cabinets are not always enough to offer sufficient storage space. They don’t always offer the kind of strategic and intelligent storage that allows you to have maximum efficiency while working in the kitchen. If you wish to have a dream kitchen, your focus should be on the storage features and accessories that go in the kitchen cabinet.

Here are some essential features that maximize the storage potential of your kitchen cabinets:


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Drawers are the ultimate storage devices for a kitchen because they offer ergonomic storage. You just have to pull out the drawer and find your stuff. Drawers can easily hold anything from smaller items like knives, spoons, etc. to larger kitchen items like pots, pans, dishes, and lids. Drawers are also important because they help you speed up your cooking. In case you want to have a perfect kitchen cabinet design, invest well in your drawers. Drawers are also good for those people who find trouble in lifting, bending, or reaching out for objects. Lastly, no matter what kind of kitchen you want, these drawers help you create clean lines that are very attractive in any kitchen style. You can also go for three-drawer base cabinets that go well in any kind of kitchen layout.

Vertical Dividers

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Another great way to amplify smart storage space in your kitchen is by adding vertical dividers. These dividers are very useful for storing various large and flat objects like cutting boards, muffin tins, cookie sheets, chopping boards, baking pans, large lids, and also cooling racks. You can even get an adjustable unit made which allows you to reconfigure the dividers in whatever way you feel is the most efficient. The vertical dividers mostly find their way in the upper portion of tall cabinetry.

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Pull-Out for Trash

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A smart way to plan your kitchen is to hide the trash behind a door because nobody wants to see that trash can. One of the best storage solutions is to add a pull-out trash unit inside the kitchen cabinetry. This allows you to hide the trash can so that nobody can see or smell it. In this unit, you can even add two bins, one for dry waste and another for wet waste. The leftover space can be used to keep extra polybags and disposable boxes. This unit can easily fit into a base cabinet with a top drawer.

Pull-Out for Spices

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No kitchen is complete without having lots of spices. You all need spices like salt, pepper, red chili, paprika, garlic seasoning, oregano seasoning, etc. to cook delicious dishes. Whenever you try any new recipe, you have to accumulate spices. But how to organize these spices in a wall cabinet in the kitchen is a big question? If all the spice bottles are kept together, you might have to take out some time to look for the bottle that you need.

It can be difficult to see what you want without removing the entire shelf. In such a case you can go for a pullout cabinet that is fitted adjacent to the kitchen surface. You can even go for two cabinets, one on each side if you wish to get a more symmetrical look. The best solution here is to go for tiered shelves which allow you to store jars so that you can easily see what spices you have.

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Corner Storage

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The last but the most important storage hack in any kitchen is the corner storage space. You might not see corner storage in every kitchen but if utilized well, these corners can be one of the best storage areas of the kitchen. A corner storage space gives you chance to create dynamic compositions. These are L-shaped drawers that are ideal in case you have a small kitchen. A corner storage space allows you to exploit the point where the two adjoining walls meet. You can even play with the color and texture of the two adjoining walls and add an aesthetic element to your kitchen.

Bottom line

By now you must have understood that the proper design of a kitchen cabinet and accessory is very important for any kitchen. These hacks can make all the difference between a kitchen that is just aesthetically appealing and a kitchen that is both attractive as well as functional. Whenever you plan to design your kitchen, don’t leave everything in the hands of the contractor or the interior designer. Try to be proactive and add features in the kitchen cabinetry that you feel will help to maximize efficiency in the kitchen. There are thousands of cabinet storage options that are available nowadays. Try to be well-informed and make sure that your money is well spent.