15 Stylish Kitchen Countertop Ideas

kitchen countertops

Choosing the design of your kitchen countertop can be a bit tricky especially in this modern times where there are so many designs to choose from. Before, most of the countertops that you must have seen were made of granite. But these days, you will find several stylish and unique kitchen countertop ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen. From the sophisticated glass countertops to the elegantly designed concrete countertop, there are certainly several alternatives to choose from if you are thinking of changing the overall look of your kitchen.

1. Glass Countertop with LED

In the recent years, the glass countertops have become increasingly popular especially in modern designed houses. These kitchen countertops create an innovative yet timeless look, which complements well with your kitchen whether you have a small or big kitchen. You also have the option to install LED lights in it. Just look at the picture below, the countertop looks even more sophisticated with its Blue LED lights!

kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Houzz

2. Granite in Oval Shape

Although granite kitchen countertops are a thing of the past, a lot of homeowners would still prefer this material for their countertop. This is especially applicable to those with traditional or classic designed houses. As for the picture below, the granite countertop looks perfect with wooden cabinets and furnishings. And if you want an oval shaped countertop, this idea might just work for you.

granite kitchen countertops

Image Credit: honeycan

3. Contemporary Red and White

Modern designed houses who want a red and white theme for their kitchen should install this contemporary red and white kitchen countertop. The white color makes your kitchen to look neat, but sometimes, having an all white kitchen would look boring. So spice it up by adding a red accent to your countertop such as the design shown below.

kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Tovtov

4. Yellow and White Themed Countertop

Another sophisticated kitchen countertop idea that works great for modern designed kitchens is this yellow and white themed countertop. It looks so chic and has a feminine flair to it. This is one of those countertop ideas that works great for modern women out there who want to linger all day long in their kitchen.

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countertop ideas

Image Credit: Starmanner

5. Modern Rounded Countertop

This modern design rounded countertop has a masculine flair to it, making it ideal for modern bachelors who love to cook in their kitchen. The countertop itself is in black, with stainless steel accents. But of course, in order for your kitchen not to appear unexciting, consider adding some colors to it, such as a red chair, as shown in the photo below.

countertop ideas

Image Credit: Decosee

6. Round Shaped Kitchen Countertop

The best thing about having a round shaped kitchen countertop is that it helps to save some space in your kitchen. So if you are in the hunt for countertop ideas that would work for your small kitchen, this round shaped kitchen countertop would be perfect. In this picture though, the material used is granite so it works well for traditional designed houses. But if you do not like granite kitchen countertops, you can choose a different material especially if you want it to have a modern feel.

granite kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Rusacc

7. Stainless Steel Countertop

If you have been to the kitchen of some of the world’s most popular restaurants, you will find that their kitchen countertop is mostly made of steel. What’s great about these steel kitchen countertops is that they are extremely durable, making it a long-lasting choice. This contemporary design will work great in your modern designed kitchen, and if you want, you can have some wooden accents added to it as well, just like with what’s shown below.

kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Pennyrudolph

8. Black and White Laminated Kitchen Countertop

Black and white is one of the most popular trends in interior design these days. So if you want to follow this trend for your kitchen, this black and white laminated kitchen countertop would be perfect. The countertop is black while the rest are in white. It’s simple and trendy, but it’s undoubtedly stylish.

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kitchen countertop designs

Image Credit: Interiordesig

9. Stylish and Elegant Countertop

For those who want an all white theme for their modern designed kitchen, this stylish and elegant white countertop would be a great choice. This is one of those kitchen countertop designs that would be perfect for contemporary designed apartments and condominiums and other houses that have small spaces. You can choose different materials for the countertop, although what’s recommended is quartz. It has a glossy sheen and is very easy to clean up.

kitchen countertop designs

Image Credit: Mohomy

10. Mosaic Kitchen Countertop

If you want a Mexican theme kitchen or perhaps, you simply want to have a lot of colors in your kitchen, then take inspiration from this mosaic kitchen countertop. It is truly stylish and what’s great is that the countertop has a round shape, so it will work great for smaller kitchens. You can choose to design it on your own if you have an artistic flair in you, or you can have a designer to do it for you.

kitchen countertop designs

Image Credit: Deflitched

11. Contemporary Pink Kitchen Countertop

This contemporary pink kitchen countertop may have a simple design, but is definitely one of the most sophisticated kitchen countertops ideas out there. And of course, since it is in pink, ladies will certainly love to have this design in their kitchen. The countertop can be made of different materials, but these days, the concrete ones are popular. They are eye catching and are highly durable as well. They are heat and scratch resistant too so you can enjoy preparing delicious meals without worrying about the countertop getting scratches.

kitchen countertops ideas

Image Credit: Kitchensourcebook

12. U-shaped Granite Countertop

Granite kitchen countertops will definitely not go out of trend. Just look at this u-shaped granite countertop. It looks stylish and will work perfectly with any kitchen design, whether it is contemporary or classic. But for those who do not want to use granite, there is an alternative to that and it is the quartz. This material is as durable and stylish as the granite. And with its glossy sheen, your countertop will definitely look sophisticated.

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Granite kitchen countertops

Image Credit: Urtuition

13. White Countertop with Round Element

Another countertop with unique and stylish design is this white countertop with round element. It is definitely one of those stylish kitchen countertops ideas that you should incorporate for your modern designed kitchen. As you can see from the picture below, it is made of a combination of different materials, wood, steel, granite, etc. So if you want your kitchen to have a unique look, then this will be a perfect inspiration.

kitchen countertops ideas

Image Credit: Lushome

14. Small Kitchen Island with Stylish Chairs

For those with small kitchens, take inspiration from this small kitchen island with stylish transparent chairs. As you see, the countertop is made of granite, while the cabinet below is in wood. The chairs are stylish as well, so it helps to make your kitchen to look even more sophisticated.

kitchen countertops ideas

Image Credit: Starmanner

15. Unique Shape Kitchen Island With White Countertop

This uniquely shaped kitchen island with beautiful white countertop will certainly make your kitchen to stand out. It is not like the usual oval, round or square shaped countertop that we often see in the kitchens of other homes. And in order not to make it appear too boring, add some colors on your wall! Just look at this picture below, the wall is painted in purple so you can do the same thing in your kitchen.

kitchen countertop designs

Image Credit: theflutecircle

With the variety of choices available for stylish kitchen countertop designs, deciding for the design and style of your kitchen should no longer be that big of a challenge. Whether you want a modern feel, a traditional design, or perhaps an artistic, sophisticated or colorful kitchen, there will certainly be something available for you to choose from.

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