How to Decorate Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom

As most parents may know, their daughter’s teenage years include many rules that are hard or near impossible to fulfill. One example is the bedroom. When your little girl was younger, she may have liked Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse decals all over her room. Now? Probably not so much. By the teenage years, the dream bedroom probably includes a hammock bed, a makeup table, a mini couch, and about a gazillion mirrors. Is this realistic? Nope. However, here are some quick tips to make your daughter’s room look ‘cool’ without going over the top.

Neutral Colors

Nowadays, neutral colors are an amazing choice for a chic, simple bedroom. Usually, when we think of neutral colors, we think of boring beige and white. Thankfully, today, neutral colors range from light lavender to pastel green to pale cyan. Choose any one of these classic options and it’s sure to impress!


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Mirrors are more helpful than just being that little contraption that your daughter likes to look in. In fact, mirrors can be used to make a small room bigger, and make a dark room appear lighter. Mirrors come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, so you’re guaranteed to find one for your girl. If your daughter’s throwing a hissy fit because she has such a “tiny” room and you don’t want to give her your master bedroom, add a mirror! Piece of cake.

Posters and Photos

Allow her to stick posters from her favorite movies all over the walls. It’ll send a “this is my room” vibe to all that enter. If posters are ‘meh’ to her, buy her a pegboard and let her pin up all her favorite photos. A pegboard is also great to organize all the random stuff lying around.

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Spice It Up

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Add some color! Give her bedroom a cheerful, playful look. Some bright throw pillows on her chair would be a welcome choice. Perhaps some dark curtains would contrast against her pale walls and furniture. A colorful comforter would add some uniqueness to her room. Besides all these ideas, there are plenty of other ways to make her room look nice and cheerful.

Wall Art

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If your daughter is the artsy kind of girl, she would most likely love some art on her walls. Whether you bought it from an art gallery or merely printed it out, she will adore the look it gives her room. The good thing about this is that no matter where you get her wall art, you are guaranteed to find something that fits with your girl’s personality and taste of style.

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