Top 15 Bedroom Closet Ideas

Closet Design Ideas

Does organizing your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories sound to be an amazing task to do? Are you planning on having an elaborate closet for yourself? If yes, setting up a bedroom closet is what you need to go for. Gone are the days where piles of clothes and stacks of shoes ended up in dingy cupboards or on the floors. Having a well-organized closet in your master bedroom itself is the new cool.

A lot of people are loving this concept of closets these days. Especially a rage with the ones who are moving to new houses, they are keeping a special place for these bedroom closets. If you have been planning on getting one for yourself for a while now, you’ve landed up in the right place at the right time. Given below are some cool bedroom closet ideas which you can incorporate while designing a bedroom closet.

1. Cool Blue Kiddy Bedroom Closet

Wouldn’t you want to start organizing your kid’s closet first? For your son’s bedroom closet you can go in for a cool blue color. Get an open closet designed so that he can easily find his stuff. This is one of the best bedroom storage ideas for kids room as it takes up minimal space.

Bedroom Closets

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2. Pink Princess Closet

Next one is for your daughter. Just keep it pink and follow the same lines as the ones you did for your son’s closet. You can go for a sliding door; it is completely your choice.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

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3. The Traveling Kind’s Bedroom Closet

If you’re a person who loves to stay on the go, a quirky and easy to manage closet in your bedroom is what you need. You can dedicate a special place to your suitcases. All the things you need to grab for a last-minute travel plan can be put in together at a place. You can use brown and beige together for such a closet. Try using some bright curtains to complete the look; subtle ones will also look good. It is completely your choice.

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closet design ideas

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4. Pristine White Master Bedroom Closet

You can have a luxurious and impeccable closet for yourself by using white as the main color. Use different sections for shoes and clothes. Chandeliers can also be used to add to the plush look of such a closet. Combine white with a subtle shade like beige while coming up with a bedroom closet design of your own.

Bedroom Closet Design

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5. Smart Brown Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet can actually be understood as a room within a room itself. You can use this idea if you have enough space to spare. Use a bright colored wall to implement this. Choose a dark wooden set-up of sections to go with it. You can make use of some drawers if you want.

Bedroom Closet Ideas

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6. Classy and Spunky Bedroom Closet

You can add a whole lot of spunk and sass to your bedroom closet by going in for a solid shade. Organize the men and women section together and you will get a complete master bedroom closet for yourself.

Bedroom Closet Designs

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7. Superstar’s Bedroom Closet

Don’t you want to feel like a superstar every time you walk into your closet? Go in for a lot of mirrors. Get yourself a soft couch to sit on, placed right before the master mirror of the closet. You can organize the clothes in hangers parallel to each other.

Closet Design Ideas

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8. Gallery on the Wall Closet

If you want to keep it minimal yet well-organized, go for a closet carved out on your wall. You can keep different partitions for upper wear, shoes and trousers. These kind of closets can be covered using a curtain or sliding doors.

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9. Showcase in the Mirror-Box Closet

If you’ve got a great collection of apparels and accessories from the top-notch brands and want to go in for a massive closet, try using the showcase design. With this bedroom closet idea, you’ll be able to make a closet that looks like a glass box. Get huge glass doors to complete the decor of the closet.

Bedroom Closets

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10. Sliding Door Closet

Minimal, Sleek and Sophisticated; choose a wall to fix a closet and then cover it up with a sliding door that exactly goes with the color of the walls. This is an alluring concept to give your bedroom a neat yet stylish look.

bedroom closet ideas

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11. Colorful Affair Closet

Perfect for the teens, this colorful closet will help you add a brand new definition of style to your room. You can choose the brightest color for your closet. Leave it open or cover it with a couple of contrasting curtains. Also, you can choose a sliding door if you wish to.

Bedroom Closet Designs

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12. Work and Wear Closet

You can combine two interesting things of your life together to craft out a bedroom closet like this. Set up a closet around your workplace in the bedroom. It is like placing a desktop right in the middle of the closet. It is a funky way of organizing the clothes and gives a exuberant look to your bedroom.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

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13. Portable Closet

If you’ve recently moved into a rented apartment or are sharing a dorm room, you can have a closet in the room right away. All you need to do is think of some cool portable closet ideas. You can find a space in the room where you can place your shoes. Hangers, drawers and boxes can be laid out in a manner that they don’t give a cluttered look to your room.

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Bedroom Storage Ideas

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14. Sweet Grey Closet

If you want to add just a little dash of color to your otherwise spunky looking closet, go for grey color in combination with small floral patterns. They will bring out the look of the closet and also you’ll be able to organize all your stuff in one place easily.

Bedroom Closet

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15. Elegant Bedroom Closet

For a total ‘Devil Wears Prada’ kind of a feel, you can incorporate a sassy closet on the wall next to your bed itself. Get partitions made for shoes, blazers and bags. You can also use hangers for dresses. If you don’t want to go over budget and still want a smart closet, this is the idea you must follow.

Bedroom Closet Ideas

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Make use of these 15 smart bedroom closet ideas and give yourself a brilliant experience dressing up for work each day. Also, you can save yourself from going through the last-minute outfit crisis with the help of such well-organized closets right across your bedrooms.

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