Ten Ways to Beat the Heat While Waiting For AC Repair Services

Photo by Helen Shi on Unsplash

How can you stay refreshingly cool this summer? No one enjoys living in a hot, sweltering home. Fortunately, ten ideas should help cool down your household. Use these tips while awaiting assistance repairing an AC unit:

Drink Cool Beverages

First, remember you need to keep well hydrated during blistering summer weather. Make sure everyone in your household drinks plenty of ice water. Keep well supplied with ice. Mix ice cubes (or ice chips) with cold, refrigerated beverages.

Use a Ceiling Fan

You’ll also want to employ fans around the home. If you own ceiling fans, use them to help air circulate through the residence. Consider placing a bowl of ice water directly in front of a portable fan. Air blowing from the fan will contact the chilled water and help cool down the immediate area.

Create Indoor Shade

Block beating sunlight indoors to help reduce room temperatures. Use window tinting films, blinds, and curtains. Try and restrict the amount of sunlight entering your home during the hottest hours of the day.

Clear Humidity With Exhaust Fans

Experts recommend using bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, too. These devices help clear away steam and cooking aromas. Run them briefly, when necessary.

Use Window And Door Screens

Does your home include window screens and/or patio door screens? Use your screens frequently. They’ll help keep out flying pests while heavy doors and windows remain open. Catch pleasant breezes (if any) during cooler hours of the day.

Cook Outdoors Whenever Possible

Photo by Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash

Consider cooking hot meals outdoors on a patio grille. Before the invention of air conditioning, homes in the South frequently provided kitchens located away from the house. Off-site kitchens promoted cooler indoor living spaces. Separating your residence from your cooking facilities helps reduce interior heat. Try and picnic outdoors in shaded locations on balconies or patios during hot weather.

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Embrace Loose-Fitting Clothes

Adopt casual wear to stay comfortable during hot weather. Avoid tight-fitting clothing. Instead, select loose clothes made from cotton. You’ll feel more comfortable during a heatwave!

Freeze Bed Linens

One nifty trick promotes cooler nights. Exchange your fleeces and polyester bed linens for cotton sheets. Cotton fabrics contain a looser weave than some other materials. Secure these clean, dry bed linens in a plastic bag and chill them briefly in the freezer before bedtime.

Remember Hot Air Rises

As you know, hot air rises in a room. The air near the floor will remain slightly AC cooler in temperature. Your household will enjoy spending time in the coolest parts of your residence.

Use Cold Compresses

Finally, consider wrapping ice cubes in a washcloth as a compress to help stay cool. If you grow too hot indoors, summon medical assistance immediately. During sweltering temperatures, heatstroke poses a significant hazard for some people. Cold compresses won’t substitute for knowledgeable medical care.