If You Love Purple: 10 (More) Purple Dining Room Ideas

Since 20 Eclectic Purple Dining Room Ideas was so popular, we decided to give it an update.

Purple – the color of kings, and perfect if you have a little bit of flair for the dramatic. Yet when it comes to interior decorating, people often steer away from using purples.

Yet in the right hues in the right places, purple can give you an eclectic dining room experience that will make it feel like your own throne room.

Of course, you don’t have to inject purple everywhere in your space. Instead, you can bring in little splashes of color and texture in order to make the space feel more uniquely yours.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite eclectic purple dining room ideas to help bring a little more purple into your life.

1. Purple and White Delight

Image Source: Red Cover


Choosing a statement wallpaper is a lovely way to add character and charm to your dining room, and gives you a chance to play with color. A half-wall with a lighter color on the bottom is a creative way to stop the room feeling too dark.

2. Damask Drama

Image Source: House To Home

Your house can be the truest reflection of who you are, and if you love purple then why not show off a little? Adding glass or silver tones is a beautiful way to highlight patterns and colors, and give a dining room a truly eclectic feel.

3. Purple and Patterns

Image Source: Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

A little bit of purple can make any space seem brighter and more interesting. We love how the sideboards of this open kitchen-diner make the rest of the place seem more playful and inviting.

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4. Purple Rain

Image Source: Last Detail Interior Design

Who can say no to purple velvet? We certainly can’t. Mixing and matching bright white and dark gray gives a Parisian salon vibe to the dining room as a space to sit and enjoy conversation and witticisms.

5. Golden Charms

Image Source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Purple and gold tones give a wonderfully adult feel to a dining room, and it reads particularly like an evening space. A glass tabletop is a wonderful way to stop furniture from looking or feeling too heavy in a color-drenched room.

6. Say It With Gray

Image Source: Homedit

Gray and purple go together like peanut butter and jelly. The purple tends to bring out the warm notes in the gray, while grays and silver temper what could be an overwhelming color and bring light to it. This is a great example of cohesive zoning where the looks work independently, but also hold together beautifully.

7. Lilac Is The New Pink

Image Source: House Beautiful

For those of you who were waiting for millennial pink to pass, the good news is here: it has. In its place, a soft lilac has now taken over and in a dining room, it looks particularly elegant. The refined nature of these muted tones means that it doesn’t take much to dress a table fit for a 21st-century feast.

8. Lavender

Image Source: House Beautiful

If your tastes run more to the organic and rustic, then lavender is a perfect way to incorporate some purple into your dining room. The beauty of lavender is that it allows greens and natural whites to really pop, creating a lovely rustic, boho feel.

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9. Mauve Madness

Image Source: Katalay

It’s almost wine-colored, or even burgundy, but mauve is set to have its day. Drench your walls with warmth that helps a purple dining room feel both part of the 1920s and the 2020s. Pairing with bottle green gives you a striking, but stunning, color clash.

10. Chinese Elegance

Image Source: Celerie Kemble

This one is ideal if you’re a minimalist who is a secret maximalist, or vice versa. With all of the attention drawn to the beautiful hand-painted wallpaper, the sleek dining table is a blank canvas for you to entertain your guests (or serve dinner for the whole family).