29 Cool Yellow Bathroom Designs

It’s been a while since we first published this post, so we decided to give it an update. Enjoy!

If you’ve been spending your time at home wondering how you can bring a little bit more cheer into your house, we’ve got an unorthodox solution.

Add some yellow to your bathroom.

Yes, we know it might not be quite what you expected to hear, but yellow elements can make any space brighter and more cheerful.

It’s also possible to extend into the elegant and refined.

In fact, the best thing about yellow is that it comes in so many different shades. Don’t assume that yellowing your space means that everything has to be sunflower yellow.

We’ve got some ideas to help you find a cool yellow bathroom design that fits in with your personal style and aesthetic. Oh, and that are utterly gorgeous, too.

Read on to find out about some of our favorite ways to make your bathrooms a place of joy.

1. Architectural Delight

Attic Mag

When it comes to the relaxing spa feeling, yellow might be the last color that comes to mind. But keep the rest of your color palette simple and you’ll be surprised at the luxurious environment you can create.

2. Eclectically Elegant


Who said that bathrooms had to be white? Remember, when it comes to decorating, there are no rules. Add some personality to your bathroom with bold colors and art choices that are sure to wow anyone you give a home tour to.

3. Peekaboo

One Kin Design

If you’re hesitant to use the color yellow anywhere overwhelming, we love love love the cheeky pop of color here. The inside of the drawers is somewhere that many people would overlook, but why shouldn’t they be fabulous too?

4. Moroccan Luxury

Elle Design

It’s impossible to think of rich golden yellow colors without calling to mind the beauty of Moroccan. Why not enjoy a traditional style and pretend that you’re on vacation (even if only for the length of your )?

5. Retro Modernity

Home Decor Bliss

Zesty lemon yellow and black makes a bold statement, and can be paired with more muted accessories. That way it’s not a case of too much, but instead, it’s just right.

6. Mellow Yellow


Glossy and modern, but with a classically luxurious twist, a butter yellow bathroom makes the space feel elegant and luxurious. The beauty of bold color is that everything else can be simple and pared down.

7. Pops of Color

B Magazine

If you’re not quite on board (or if your bathroom tastes are a little more muted) then a spot of sunshine can brighten up the day. Mixing yellow and white gives you a bathroom that will energize you to take on anything that might come your way.

8. Oranges & Lemons


Orange and yellow can make a cute and playful space, which is ideal if you have children in the house. Give them space where brushing their teeth and washing their face becomes a playtime treat, rather than a punishment.

9. Magic Eye

Culture South West:

We’re obsessed with the clever play of yellow, gold, and blue tiles here which make a stunning pattern. Don’t forget that mixing and matching can bring you some surprisingly stunning results. Let your imagination fly.

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10. Lightning


David Bowie or Anya Hindmarch? Whoever your hero is, a fun placement of tiles is a great way to showcase some individuality without having to commit to an all-over color scheme.

11. Industrial Chic


Do your tastes run more to the industrial than the classical? If so, why not add a bright spot of color to your cabinetry to give your warehouse-bathroom a modern update on a popular theme?

12. Geometric Delight

Ideas Para

13. Modern yellow bathroom design ideas

One can feel relaxed taking bath in this awesome looking bathroom that has been decorated using bright yellow accent against a black toned ceiling, offering a good contrasting effect to the decor. The color combo of yellow and black sets the mood for a relaxing time spent in the bathing chamber. The bathroom appears more like an extension of your living area since one can see a balanced placement of accessorizes that have been anchored to make your bath time memorable. The black furry rug creates a style statement and so does the eclectic wall art.

Modern yellow bathroom design ideas

Image credit: decorativehomeinterior

14. Chic bathroom design with yellow pendant light and bathtub

The first thing that greets anyone who enters this modern bathroom is the beautiful yellow painted wall that appears quite attractive and makes you feel at home in an instant. To compliment the decor of this bathroom, there is installed a yellow colored pendant lampshade, adding the required curves to the interiors! Such yellow bathroom design ideas are gaining popularity as one can feel cheerful and happy when spending time here. Another feature to gain our attention would be the yellow colored bath tub that exudes a retro feel.

Bathroom Designs

Image credit: islandcarriagehouse

15. Geometrical yellow bathroom design

These days geometrical shaped accessories are increasingly being adopted by designers when decorating homes, and bathrooms too fall in this category. The image below shows a trendy looking bathroom where the walls have been patterned with geometric shaped open cabinets and yellow blocks that help in bringing out the powerful contrast of light and bright efficiently. Many bathroom design ideas are inspired by geometry since these shapes add a touch of fun and cheerfulness.

Geometrical yellow bathroom design

Image credit: freshnist

16. Earthy bathroom design with yellow accents

Yellow accents blend efficiently with earthy tones like browns as we can see in the powder room below that boasts of a decor with natural tones splashed on the terracotta finished sink. The sink is bordered with yellow patterns that offer a traditional look. Also, the pillar holding the sink bears a design that is carved using yellow tones. The bathroom appears quite glamorous with yellow painted walls and the rustic terracotta sink.

Bathroom Designs

Image credit: hgtvremodels

17. Sunny yellow bathroom design

Yellow is one such color that helps in rejuvenating the mood and helps being a refreshing change to even a bland looking bathroom. The image here shows a bright looking bathing area whose walls are painted using dark yellow tone that creates a rich look and makes the space appear bigger and comfortable. The shades of white and light wood blend well and manage to liven up the decor.

Sunny yellow bathroom design

Image credit: lushome

18. Cool bathroom design with yellow walls and tub

Yellow bathroom design ideas imbibe a variety of tones, some light, while others are dark. However, the cool yellow tones present in the bathroom below help in creating a happy mood without the interference of the black accents that we can see splashed on the tiled wall and the shiny tiled . Light yellow tones on the wall and on the outer body of the bath tub match well and offer a good combo with black.

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Bathroom Designs

Image credit: worldhousedesign

19. Beautiful bathroom with yellow and white painted walls

Wall designs or art can alter the look of any room, and your bathrooms too can look exceptional with a yellow and white color wall design such as the one seen in the picture. The wall design is a favorite among customers that look for home staging or bathroom renovation. Bathroom design ideas such as this one adds glamor to the settings of a bathing chamber and make the whole atmosphere cheerful. On the walls is seen imprints of animals sitting under an enlightened tree that lends a bit of spiritualism inside.

Bathroom Designs

Image credit: nosdrift

20. Bright yellow and orange bathroom with canopy and table

Bathroom designs involving lots of yellow accents help revive the look of a bathing chamber and make it a place that is worth spending some precious moments. The bathroom here looks sunny with lighter tones of yellow splashed all across, on the table, the shower canopy that is designed with yellow and green strips and the fluffy bathroom rug spread on the floor.

bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: imactoy

21. Inspiring bathroom with yellow accented decor

With a dazzling bathroom such as the one here, I am sure the owners would never allow the space to get dirty since it is a heaven that is fit for dwelling by gods! Yes, the whole decor is dipped in tones of yellow that makes it a sunny place that cheers you up with its metallic yellow shower cubicle, the black and white floral imprinted yellow accented walls and flooring. The tiling in the bathroom steals the show with yellow offering a good backdrop for the black and white accents.

bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: vectormu

22. Contemporary bathroom with vanity in front of yellow painted wall

The one striking feature to grab our attention has to be the effective contrast created by the dark grey floor of the bathing chamber with that of the brightly painted wall in yellow. The color combo is awesome as it succeeds in creating an elevating mood once you enter the interiors. Behind the yellow wall is stationed the bathroom vanity with white sink and a longish mirror.

bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: sabpa

23. Charming bathroom with floral yellow wallpaper

The highlight of the whole bathroom are the beautiful walls decorated with yellow colored wallpaper. The wallpaper has images of white and green flowers on a bright canopy of yellow tone. This creates a happy feel inside and makes the area seem bright and sunny. The green plants anchored just near the tub add to the charm of the bathroom.

bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: niahome

24. Elegant bathroom with yellow tiles

One can do wonders to their bathrooms using vibrant yellow tones everywhere, from walls, cabinets, flooring to various other accessories to add glow to the decor. In the image is an elegant bathroom that has taken inspiration from the latest yellow accented bathroom design ideas. The walls are seen painted in light yellow tone while the flooring is plastered with patterned yellow tiles. The look of the bath area is lively and fresh.

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bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: timticks

25. Astonishing bathroom with yellow paneled single sink and custom floating cabinet

What seems more alluring, the bright yellow panels of the single sink vanity or the white floating cabinet installed in the bathroom? I must say that both these features combine to create an astounding look for the whole decor that seems to enjoy a uniform blend of white and yellow accents splashed elegantly all over. The bathroom seems to have a character of its own with trendy accessories fitted everywhere.

bathroom designs ideas

Image credit: groovexi

26. Stylish bathroom design with yellow tiles

Have you ever wondered what greenish yellow tones can do to your bathing space? Well, these can actually lift your spirits as the light tones of yellow have a positive impact on your minds. The light yellow tiled walls are big and this lends a feel of greater space to the interior. The designer has used yellow accents in such a way that these have a mellow feel to the decor and do not really poke your eyes with starkness.

bathroom ideas

Image credit: hgtvremodels

27. Cheerful bathroom with yellow walls

Black offers a perfect contrast to any lighter tone like yellow, and this helps in cheering up the whole room. On entering this awesome bathroom, you get greeted by a brightly painted greenish yellow walls that spread a mood of cheerfulness all around. The yellow walls appear to look even more gorgeous with black colored accessories and fittings like the black shimmering vase, the western toilet and the bathtub whose rims are bordered in white.

bathroom ideas

Image credit: freshnist

28. Artistic bathroom with canary yellow sink console

Styling your bathroom as per yellow can help add an exhilarating feel to it since yellow always succeeds in livening up the spirits and prompts one to feel energetic. The canary painted console of the sink here looks amazing and a visual delight, without being too overwhelming. Matching with it are yellow floral pots and a bunch of roses arranged for maximizing its appeal.

bathroom ideas

Image credit: vithouse

29. Classy bathroom with cool yellow tones

The half painted walls of this bathroom where the lower half is designed with white tiles, and the upper part is painted using light yellow color helps in accentuating the rich look of the space. The yellow tones used are such serene that your eyes do not get overwhelmed seeing the brightness. The bathroom design ideas imbibing such elegant tones of yellow help in uplifting one’s mood. The textured sink looks grand against the bright yellow wall.

bathroom ideas

Image credit: home-design-information

I am sure you all must have fallen in love with these awesome and cool bathroom design ideas that have yellow as the prime color to coordinate the look of your bathroom’s decor. This is one color that is energetic as much as it is elegant. You can see for yourself how such yellow tones can bring about a sudden change to your bathroom’s appearance and then take help of this post to select a few. I bet you will fall in love!