Pastel Colors In Interior Design – Most Gorgeous 2021 Trends

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The aura of your home should exude warmth, comfort and elegance, no matter the season. When talking of such subtle ambience, shades of pastel come to mind. With their mellow, soothing notes, pastel shades have been used in wall painting and interior decoration for years. Their popularity has soared recently as more opt for this strikingly minimalist color.

Symbolizing a touch of royalty and elegance, pastel shades will transform your walls into a soothing space. They offer a charismatic vibe that can complement any sort of furniture, and fittings. Pastel shades can be light and deep, and these pale colors come in various tints ranging from green and pink, orange and blue.

So if you want to add more to your house walls, try out some gorgeous pastel colors this time. Through this post, we will walk you through the world of pastel shades and the most gorgeous 2021 interior design trends!

What makes pastel colors?

You must have seen the gorgeous pastel tints trending this season, they are made by mixing bolder or brighter colors with white. Pastel colors are broadly preferred to adorn the walls, furniture and other fittings to offer a subtle appeal. These calm and neutral tints are available in multiple shades, pink and blue being the most common choices.

Some examples of pastel colors include:

  • Sand
  • Dove grey
  • Canary yellow
  • Warm grey
  • Bright green
  • Salmon pink
  • Mint green
  • Creme

Some of these shades might have an alternate name, so for instance salmon pink can be called peach pink.

Where can pastel colors be used?

You can go with pastel shades with anything you want. These graceful and attractive shades can be matched with any interiors, and other colors and work perfectly for bathrooms, office spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms and even the kitchen.

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Combining pastels with other shades

Pastel colors are perfect match-makers, they can be used with any other shade to create a whole new shade. They mix best with greys and whites while providing a delicate appeal. Moreover, they look excellent with bolder combinations and can work in combination with rustic styles as well.

Pastel shades in a living room

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As already stated earlier, pastel shades work flawlessly for any setting whether it’s your living room or bedroom. Pastel colors add a touch of elegance to any decor, they make your home come alive while offering positive vibes. You can use pastel colors to paint any sort of room, be it large or small, pastel colors work well on walls and can be clubbed with different patterns, textures and shades.

  • For your living room, choose a pastel shade base on your furniture, pastel goes well with wooden, white and dark shades of furniture.
  • You can also choose to paint your furniture in any pastel shade with complementing pastel walls. This gives a home a sublime theme with an open feel. Alternatively, you can opt for pastel furniture and white or ivory walls to add a fairyland-like touch.
  • An interior with some color accents and a combination of two pastel shades like grey and peach is also a great fusion to offer a modern yet soft touch.

Setting your bedroom with pastel colors

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There are scores of benefits of using pastel shades in your bedroom! Pastel colors are associated with relaxation and peace, therefore adding pastel in your bedroom is a great way to keep your mind free of stress. The most popular pastel colors for the bedroom are blue, green, pink and yellow. You can either go for a complete pastel look by adding pastel color furniture with pastel walls or use the shades of grey or creme to match pastel accessories and furnishings. Apart from this, you can think about arranging your bedroom in boho style with neural fabric, pastel walls and bedsheets in blue or mint green with some beige rugs and dreamcatchers.

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Pastels in kids room

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What can be better than adding a splash of happiness to your kid’s room? Well, pastels truly do justice with your little one’s room. Pastels offer delicate and soft tint options that can be used for both girls and boys, besides you can look for options like peach or pink for a girl and blue or green for a boy’s room. However, when it comes to a teenager’s room, you need to be selective with pastels. The choices of a teenager change now and then therefore, it’s best to keep things minimal. Nevertheless, opt for a neutral base if you are not sure about their changing tastes and play around with accessories to keep the boredom away.

Pastel colors for your home office

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Get over those plain, white colors and add some pastel hues to your place of work. Amid COVID-19 if you are operating from your home, think about decking up your workspace in any pastel shade you want. Options like peach, pink, blue and mint work best for your office. These colors are the shades of prosperity and liveliness so that you never have a bad workday. Creating a white or ivory base and adding pastel accessories is the best choice when it comes to office space. However, try to keep the accessories in the same shade.

Pastels and bathroom

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Now if you are wondering why you need to opt for pastel in a bathroom, here is the answer! Pastel shades are made to go with almost everything, whether it’s your bedroom, open terrace or kitchen, so why leave the bathroom behind?

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Grey-green pastel-colored bathroom walls make a great backdrop when combined with white accessories. Also, pastel shades like pink or peach are an ultimate match for dark floor tiles with white accessories.


Pastel shades are trending in 2021, so why not give your personal space a whole new touch with your favorite mood-enhancing colors? Pastel shades are light, subtle and provide a comfortable ambience. Therefore, you can go on adding pastel shade to anything you want whether it’s the walls, furniture, linen or any other accessory related to your house interior!