Why Your Bathroom Color Ideas is Missing the Mark – And How You Can Fix It

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There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to decorating your bathroom, especially when it comes to the color. After all, a fresh bathroom color ideas will dictate the design process and set the mood for years to come. 

But when it comes to bathroom color ideas, not all hues are created equal, with certain shades better dumped off into the “don’ts” category.

The 4 Terrible Colors You Should Never Use in Your Bathroom 

Among the worst bathroom color ideas is monochromatic white hue. It’s true that cool whites create a cosy, clean look, while off-whites warm up a dark space, but this brand new look doesn’t last long as it accumulates stains and literally makes your bathroom feel truly gross. 

Experts in interior décor are conflicted between the two extremes – should you choose muddier, darker colors or brighter, more uplifting colors? 

Unlike your bedroom or living room, bathrooms tend to be more closed so muddy colors will make the place feel even more claustrophobic. Darker shades distort light, which can create problems for people who need clear light to go about their daily routine. 

On the other hand, bright colors are quick to get stained and make the bathroom look more gross. A clever workaround is to choose paints with a washable finish to ensure that the white stays bright and beautiful.  

With that said, nearly all experts are mostly unanimous with one thing: golden yellow or beige colors are quite simply the worst choice when it comes to bathroom wall decor ideas. They’re simply not compatible with most tiles and finishing. 

This explains why most designers named gold-toned beige as their worst choice for bathrooms. 

The third worst offender on this list is a lacklustre color combination: muddy browns and olive greens. This is because these two colors look a lot like mold and mildew. 

Give it a few years and you would have a harder time spotting mold buildup in your bathroom and that could lead to a host of problems being caught too late. Worse still is the fact that dark corners allow dirt to hire more easily, making it harder to get a thorough clean.

Rendering of a bathroom

And finally, the fourth worst color on our list would be monochromatic red. Red is definitely a unique choice when it comes to bathroom wall décor ideas, but it only goes best with white tiles. 

Its novelty has worn out. If anything, a growing body of research shows that bright reds and oranges overstimulate the mind (which explains why we see more of them in fast food chains). 

So while these colors are perfect for the bathroom at your local fast food joint, monochromatic red will prevent you from relaxing, which isn’t what you want in your bathroom. 

In general, softer shades create more serene environments, while brighter colors make bold statements. The trick is to find a balance between the two. 

Ready to fix your bathroom design and take it to the next level? There are many chic bathroom remodelling ideas that can give your space an entirely new look. 

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We’ve rounded up 10 of the best bathroom color ideas that are the perfect shade for you.

1. Soft Blue

Rendering of a bathroom with blue tiles

Give your bathroom the powerful energy of blue. It’s a safe bathroom color idea that can be used by amateurs interior decorators with confidence. It is very striking if combined with white and makes your space look more calm and serene. One cool bathroom color idea is to use white counter-tops and cabinets to balance out the blue. 

Don’t worry, the white colors won’t detract from the tranquil look of blue. To tie everything together, you may want to consider upgrading the material of your light fixtures, and faucets – consider using stainless steel to complete the clean look of light blue. 

2. Deep Blue

A darker shade of blue can give your bathroom a massive uplift of energy. It’s a refreshing bathroom color idea that you can easily balance out with neutral features, such a Gray and white shades in the counter-tops and sink. 

Blue helps create a dynamic bathroom that makes the space more calming rather than overly stimulating (which is often the case with red and orange).

In order to break up the monotony of using just one color, we recommend using different shades of blue because to make your feel refreshing every time you step into it. 

3. Wooden Finish  

Bathroom with wooden finish

As technology invades every aspect of our lives, we continue to crave nature like never before, looking for elaborate new ways of incorporating organic materials into our living spaces. 

This is just one of many reasons why natural wood finish has been making its way into bathrooms across a wide range of styles and aesthetics. 

You can add natural wood to the traditionally cool feel of a bathroom to make it warmer and more inviting. The best part is, you can add layers to a feminine style, add texture to minimalist aesthetics, or create a more welcoming atmosphere in a traditional design. This color scheme isn’t limited to the bathroom alone. 

It is being embraced extensively in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms around the world. Our favourite option is to incorporate sliding glass windows with wooden louvres because of how they allow light to freely enter the interior. 

It is worth pointing out that adding wood to a bathroom can be quite a bit expensive because it involves replacing the existing modern vanity with something that is more woodsier. 

If nothing else, a simple mirror with matching wooden frames and window frames in wood can add a unique style that will stand the test of time. 

4. Minty Green 

You can breathe some of that minty freshness into your bathroom with mint green colors and patterns. Updating your bathroom with a splash of this color brings it up to date. 

Keep in mind that mint green doesn’t break the bank, unlike wooden colors, because there are near-limitless options of on-trend hued shelving units for bathroom spaces. 

A simple counter-top upgrade featuring a stunning splash of mint green will add style and elegance as you elevate your bathroom space up to the next level in modern appeal with on-trend mint hue. 

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You can accentuate the bathroom color ideas with neutral hues to maintain a consistency that provides a seamless transition into the rest of your home. 

5. Punchy Gray

Bathroom with neutral gray and white tiles

Who knew that Gray could add a punch of color and style into your spaces with little to no effort? It’s super soft, traditional, and can be matched with other neutral colors such as navy blues, windswept beige, and white colors for your bathroom color ideas. 

Gray colors can give you that sophisticated, luxurious tone that can help you start your day on a positive note.  

Bathroom remodelling ideas with punchy Gray are relatively simple to play around with. You can choose Gray wallpaper with floral patterns without overwhelming the space with an overabundance of color. 

There are many floral wallpapers that use Gray color schemes that are visually appealing and work well with most bathroom spaces. 

6. The Power of Pink 

This super trendy hue can be traced back to First lady Mamie Eisenhower, who brought the palette to the White House – her penultimate home. 

She loved pink so much that it began to be called “Mamie Pink”. Fast forward several decades later and pink may not be such an obvious choice today, but a growing number of interior designers have begun incorporating pink shades into the bathroom.

With that said, most designers know better than to go full-on monochrome with pink. 

The best part about pink is that it offers a ton of variety when it comes to bathroom remodelling ideas, a dusty rose hue can set a mysterious vibe, a pastel tone energises the space, and a coral shade exudes serenity. 

Pink is especially effective in smaller spaces because you can go all out without worrying about it being too overstimulating. Unlike red, pink is subtle enough that it feels nearly white, but with just enough tint to give it a warm glow. 

Pro tip bathroom tile idea: Use sparkly mosaic tiles to add a feminine touch to your bath. Something along the lines of glitter tiles in various shades of pink and white can create a fun and unique look. 

7. Add a Rustic Flair to Your Bathroom

Rustic bathroom color ideas creates a homely, rustic look that provides character and makes a big impact in your space with just a few accessories. 

You don’t have to break the bank and can make an immediate focal piece. You can use reclaimed wood accent walls and hand forged iron hardware to turn your bath into a vintage getaway or an elegant cottage.

In fact, the quickest way to give your bathroom that chic rustic touch is to add galvanised objects that are both pretty and practical. 

If you’re in the mood for a major overhaul, add sheets of reclaimed, weathered metal on the ceiling. The aged look of the metal will create the rustic feel of a stone house in your bathroom and add a unique, memorable character to the space. 

8. Cheerful Yellow 

Yellow bathroom with tiles

Earlier we said that red is a bad bathroom color idea because it’s overstimulating. However, yellow is a less vibrant tint and is a great way to achieve a welcoming space. 

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Our favourite is to add yellow bead board panelled walls because they lend a cosy, summery warmth to the bathroom space. Complement this with deep wood accents and terracotta tiled floors to further enforce that organic feeling. 

The best part about bead board panelled walls is that you can install them on a budget over the weekend and it will still look standout. Here is our favourite DIY tutorial of installing bead board panelling that you should definitely checkout. 

9. Purple Royalty

Purple and pink are some of the hottest interior bathroom color ideas right now. They instantly grab attention, make a strong statement, and give your bathroom a luxurious look. There are various ways of incorporating purple into your bathroom, below are just a few ideas:

  • Add a dark purple mirror frame with a floral bathroom curtain to add purple on a budget
  • Paint your walls purple for a distinct visual advantage
  • Go all out with purple mosaic tiles 
  • Add purple floral wallpapers – an affordable option 

Bonus tip: Adding dark purple marble counter-tops will create a dramatic ambience in your bathroom that will steal the show literally every single day. But it’s generally very expensive and not suitable for most bathrooms. 

10. Chic Black

 Bathroom with dark tiles

While it’s true that bright whites and vibrant colors continue to be very popular, black remains the choice for anyone looking to create a sleek and chic environment. 

You could go all-out with black and the approach will never let you down. But the same cannot be said about the color red or orange because they assault your senses persistently with their bright aura. 

More importantly, black is more masculine yet decidedly elegant. This only works when you choose black porcelain ceramic tiles, and black sheets of glass. The trick with making black work is to introduce texture with wood walls to create shadows inside the dark color. 

Caution: Don’t choose jet black colors because they will make the bathroom appear less sophisticated and even outdated. The secret to making black work is by blending it with another hue. Something along the lines of black with some Gray in it or brown can lend your bathroom an inviting warmth to it. 

Some of the most well designed black bathrooms have one thing in common: they’re super expensive. As mentioned earlier, you need to work with shiny surfaces and fittings that are made of metal or glass. Anything that adds reflectivity to the absorptive properties of dark will be expensive. 

The obvious choice is metal because it is shiny and reflective enough to bounce off light, even against a pitch-black backdrop.  

Wrapping Up

There is an endless battle of keeping up with bathroom décor trends that can be daunting for beginners. But with just a tiny bit of careful planning and some trial and error, you can create a stunning bathroom without breaking the budget. 

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