Kitchen Color Schemes To Match Your Personality

Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

They say your choice of color does have something to say with your personality. This is then transposed to any of your rooms through your color choices. Unsurprisingly, the is the room where many homeowners tend to play a lot in color choices.

Known as the soul of the home, the kitchen space is the most descriptive room in a house, and whatever color you mix and match will tell you more of your character. Discover what color scheme represents you the most as we will uncover different kitchen color schemes that don’t only match any kitchen style but also match your character.

Color Schemes Who Like Tidy and Clean Kitchen Space

If you are the type of person who wants everything in order and wants a clutter-free space, then these kitchen color schemes will match you. You are most definitely drawn into shades such as blue and white, as these colors represent tranquility. You also want everything in your surroundings organized.

In these color schemes, you can observe how the specks of blue, white, grey, and silver are combined and how these colors complement each other.

Clean White

Kitchen Color

An all-time classic color scheme, a contemporary one but definitely will showcase your tidy personality. Transforming your kitchen into an all-white is a traditional move. You can achieve this kitchen color scheme in your new home at bma homes.

Blue and white with a touch of silver

Kitchen Color

Another clean and seamless combination that is perfect for any kitchen. The combination of blue and white with little touches of silver may be a fixture or tap handles that invite cleanliness. You will hate seeing any clutter in a space like this.

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Icy Blue with a hint of grey

Kitchen Color

If you want to showcase your tidy personality but want to play a little with colors, this scheme is for you. The bright part brought by the icy blue color can be toned down by adding a slight hint of greys. You can also add a touch of white by adding a marble slab.


Cool Grey on WhitesKitchen Color

Don’t want to lean on too much white but still would like it as part of your color scheme? You can start with greys and slowly add touches of white, maybe add marble tiles or use white bowls or white Tiffany chairs. All these will complement each other and will showcase a subtle mix.

Pro-tip: Do not overdo adding blue colors in your kitchen, as this color is known to be an appetite suppressant due to its overly refreshing sensory qualities. You can tone it down by adding other complementing colors.

Color Schemes For Those With Vibrant Personality

People who do have a good vibe personality are sociable. They are confident, bold, warm, and lively most of the time. They lean more to physical companionship, always want to be in group settings, and want to start the fun. If you are this type of person, then the following color scheme will highly match you.

Prominent colors will include red, orange, yellow, and green. When combined right, these colors will result in a lively and inviting kitchen space that you and your family or even guests will love to stay in.

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Classy Red and White SignatureKitchen Color

Did you know that red paints are a popular color for restaurants? It is because red is an appetite stimulant, the exact opposite of blue known as an appetite suppressant. A classy red paint combined with white showcases a classic kitchen color scheme. They are appealing to the eyes because of the clean white surfaces added with a red splash to create an edgy look.

Citrus KitchenKitchen Color

It is a complete combination of greens, light of yellows, with little touches of oakwood and pale white. This kitchen color scheme is peaceful and refreshing. These colors invite afternoon family gatherings and friends’ reunions. A perfect moment to hang out and remember good memories.

Country Orange with touches of greens

This color mix is a perfect combination of a welcoming kitchen for guests who want to stay and prepare. A natural maple finish counter creates a rustic countryside feels. Added with touches of green in countertop seat cushions and mini appliances can create an inviting environment.

Neutral Color Scheme Who Likes It Classy and Simple

For people who want to keep it simple yet want to remain classy and prestigious, neutral colors are the answer. These types of people are bold and steadfast when it comes to making decisions. They are also strong-willed and determined.

The perfect color scheme is going to sophisticated black, touches of metallic grey, and brown hints.

Contemporary Black

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

The kitchen painted with sophisticated black exudes elegance, beauty, and prestige. It is traditional yet poses a classy touch that dares you to be present in your kitchen all the time.

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The Shades of Grey

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

When mixed properly, an all-shade grey kitchen showcases your bold personality. But when not done right, your kitchen will look dreary and dull. Be careful in getting into this type of color scheme.

Metallic Brass and Black

Dark kitchens are sophisticated, especially when done right. Adding tints of metallic brass or hints of gold can give an interesting look at your dark kitchen. However, please do not overdo it as it will not be too pleasing in the eyes as dark and metallic colors are a dry combination.


Even if you don’t believe in it, there’s a psychology behind your preferred color choices. Your color choices represent your personality and character, and all of it can be seen and interpreted by the way you design your kitchen space. If you are warm, lively, relax, or want to be subtle, your color choices will tell it for you.