Cooking Up A Storm – 4 Kitchen Upgrades That Will Turn You Into A Master Chef

Photo by Megumi Nachev on Unsplash

The is a place for food preparation, and it can be a welcome escape from the worries of life. Cooking and food preparation can be an incredibly creative and enjoyable past-time, especially if you enjoy experimenting with recipes. The difference between cooking for fun and cooking being a chore lies in the utensils you have at your disposal. It’s never enjoyable when you have to work too hard to prepare your ingredients. You also want to know you’re operating in a safe environment.

1. Cook Up A Storm With Quality Cookware Sets

It’s far easier to manage multiple kitchen endeavors at the same time when you’re using quality induction cookware sets. You don’t have to worry about which stove-tops are left on, temperatures being too high, and there’s no chance of accidental fires. Plus, a complete set gives you a more aesthetically pleasing outcome in terms of the kitchen decor. A good quality set of pots and pans (and other cookware) can last you a lifetime with good care. You’re also going to enjoy a far more family-friendly cooking environment if you add induction stove-tops to your kitchen.

2. Cutting Edge Utensils: Knife Set

Your knife set will determine how much you enjoy chopping, and your willingness to chop is going to determine how creative you get with your vegetables and your other ingredients. A professional knife set makes it easier to cut with precision. One of the most important elements in preparing great food is chopping each ingredient into fairly even and symmetrical pieces. Your knife set should contain a paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a serrated knife. These are the most important knives. A knife set’s design is usually called Western or Japanese while the modern sets amalgamate the strengths of both into one.

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3. Get Fired Up With A Blow Torch

Caramelized sugar is the (delicious) defining characteristic of desserts like Creme Brule. It looks super complicated but getting that end result is simple with a blowtorch. You can sprinkle sugar onto any sweet desserts, and even vegetables like roasted butternut squash, and melt it into a delicious caramelized topping. Knowing how to use a blowtorch gives you a chef-like status among your peers and is of the easiest kitchen tricks. Your secret’s safe for as long as you choose to keep it.

4. Industrial-quality Appliances

For dips, stews, batters, soups, and mouth-watering sauces, you’ll need a few appliances that can give you better results than an old hand blender. Industrial-quality blenders and juicers are easier to clean, they can give you a greater volume of processed food, and they can achieve a far smoother outcome. These higher-performing appliances can also handle different temperatures, blend ice and make frozen smoothies and ice cream, or bowl hot soup or sauce. Products like the NutriBullet are popular if you need something small and convenient (especially if you travel frequently).

When Kitchen Work Becomes Play

When everything works as it should, cooking and testing new recipes in the kitchen become an adventure. Your appliances and utensils should empower you to try bigger and braver recipes, rather than limiting you. It’s when you get adventurous with combinations and techniques, that you discover new ways to titillate the taste buds. That’s the basis of being a master chef, uncovering your own presentation style, your own recipes, and your own unique flavors.

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