How to Use Wood in Your Interior Design

By embarking on a wooden interior design project, you are opening your home to a whole world of possibilities.  When you explore the DIY route, there are a number of things you can create: from cozy kitchens to big bookcases. It’s important to remember that wood is not just for building, it’s a material you can get really creative with, and show off your design flair. It allows you to bring the rustic feel of the outdoors into your home. So where do you start? 


A bookcase is an elegant addition to any home. Not only does it give you more storage, but it allows you to show off your tastes and what’s important to you. It doesn’t necessarily have to home just books, either. When building a bookcase, a circular saw is a useful tool to use as it allows you to get an even, straight, line for your shelves. Remember to check your blade is suitable for the job, as circular saws are incredibly versatile and can be equipped for a number of different materials. SGS stock plenty of power tools.

Photo by Paul Melki on Unsplash

Wooden Floors

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by some cozy, cabin interiors and want to bring that aesthetic into your home. There are several ways you can go about this, one of the easiest is to check and see whether your house already has wooden floorboards. Then it’s a matter of setting to work exposing them. You can do it on the weekend, and save yourself a lot of money. Here is a step by side to exposing floors. An oscillating multi-tool can help you with so many steps in the process, including sanding off any edges.

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Mixing farmhouse with chic, modern style seems to be getting more and more popular. Don’t be afraid to add rustic elements in unexpected places – like your kitchen or laundry room. Putting up shelves can be a very quick DIY project. Make sure you measure and get the right materials you need. Mark the walls before drilling anything. You need to ensure the brackets which are holding up the shelf are straight, a spirit level can help you with this. An impact driver will be a vital tool as it installs bolts and screws effectively.

Photo by Tania Miron on Unsplash


Once you’ve finished whichever wooden project you’ve been working on, the work isn’t over then. It is vital for you to regularly clean, and look after, your wooden pieces. Dusting frequently is a must. Monthly waxing is also a habit you should try and fall into. Waxing lasts much longer than polish and leaves a better finish. Apply your wax in a light coat, leave it to dry, and then buffer with a soft cloth. If you’re looking for some more detailed techniques, look no further than right here.