18 Ideas to Use Cube Storage In Your Home

A cube bookcase is one of the most versatile organization pieces you can bring into your home. With clean symmetrical lines, it fits with every design style. Thinking outside the box with cube shelving will maximize the function of your space. Here are 5 unique ways to use cube storage in your home.

Room Dividers

Homes with limited space call for multi-functioning rooms. Cube bookcases are a creative way to create zones and set boundaries. This is useful if you find yourself working from home without a dedicated office. A matching set of cubes can achieve the look of a doorway to an office space off of your living or dining room. Rooms with large windows look especially beautiful with this treatment.

cube storage

A tall and narrow tower case placed next to a sofa is a great way to separate living and eating areas.

cube storage

Floor to ceiling cube shelving serves as a wall to create an entry area without making it feel closed off.

cube storage

Studio apartments or large bedrooms gain a level of privacy for sleeping areas while adding much-needed storage space.

Faux Built-ins

For anyone who loves built-in furniture, a cube bookcase is a great tool to achieve the look. Installing a wall-to-wall cube case is an easy way to add visual impact to a room. You don’t have to limit yourself to storing books in them either although a rainbow of spines makes quite the statement.

Placing a simple desk against a cube case and adding wainscoting and trim will elevate your home office. Mixing painted and natural wood achieves an understated sense of design.

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Framing a doorway is another way to make your home feel like it came with gorgeous built-ins.

Placing a 1×4 cube bookcase on its side with a cushion on top utilizes the often wasted space under windows. These can create cozy breakfast nooks.


By stacking another 1×4 to frame your window you will create a lovely reading spot for the kids.

Mudroom Storage

A horizontally placed 1×4 cube bookcase is a clever way to add shoe storage and organization to your mud room. Wall paneling painted to match creates the bold look of custom furniture.

Vertical trim and hooks over your cubes serve as personalized locker cubbies for each member of the family. This will help streamline getting out the door each day.

Going high and low with your 1×4 cube cases maximize the function of even the smallest entry spaces.

Furniture Foundations

Well-constructed cube cases make sturdy foundations for other furniture pieces. A set of 1×3 and square cube cases can serve as the base of a loft bed. This is especially functional in guestrooms.

A single cube and 1×2 case also make great stairs to loft or bunk beds in kids rooms. Stacking them together looks more polished than traditional ladders.

Cube cases are great foundations for desks as they offer ample storage for frequently used supplies and many fit devices like printers.

Laundry Room Organization

Whether your laundry room is big or small, a cube bookcase will add valuable organization. A wall-mounted cube shelf utilizes vertical space over a front-loading washer and dryer.

Larger families will love having individual cubbies to keep their hampers sorted and organized.

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Placing a tabletop over a 2×2 square cube creates a handy folding station with storage for laundry detergents and supplies.

cube storage

If cube storage hasn’t made it into your home, you will love all the spatial potential they will bring. We would love to hear how you are creatively using them to maximize the space and function of your rooms.

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