8 Modern House Exterior Design Ideas

Contemporary architecture and facades are flourishing in popularity due to being both functional and beautiful. The expansive windows, the clean lines, and the elegant sleekness are all the rage these days. So, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the trendiest exterior house exterior design ideas of contemporary architecture. Whether you prefer something with industrial metal or that of wood, there are a plethora of modern home exteriors that will surely catch your eye.

1. Floating Home

From the impressive collaborative efforts of floating construction experts Timo Urala Design, Marinetek Group and Bluet Ltd come a masterpiece of a project that demands your full attention. This amazing three-story floating house sports a design that’s classically modern and strongly complements its natural surroundings.

The facade is a combination of Kebony wood, white fiber cement, and glass. Lead designer Timo Urala says that in order to create a house that floats, it needs to be laid out and relies completely on top-quality and beautiful materials. Kebony wood worked well as it was durable and quite strong. In fact, this project inspired me to add a Kebony rooftop terrace to my own home.

2. Canopy House

This modernistic rustic-looking canopy house features excellent masonry finishes and a steel structure system that guarantees low maintenance and longevity. The landscaping features native and xeriscaping plants.

On the southwest side, a second to nobody structure right over the guest suite includes deep overhangs that protect both the pool and the lawn from the intense setting of the Sun. The Architects explain that the canopy structure was meticulously edited to only the essential parts.

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3. Mediterranean‌ ‌Dream‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Exterior‌

Apart from having a beautiful modern house exterior, The Villa CView also features stunning modern interiors breath-taking views of the cliffs of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat‌ in French Riviera. You can get an eyeful of those cliffs through the house’s huge glass panels. The general structure of this idyllic house is made from simple painted concrete material. But the best part about this place is when it lights up with its decorative facade lighting at night.

4. Minimalist‌ ‌Chicago‌ ‌Duplex‌

Although the house front design’s historic qualities were kept intact, the back of this minimalist Chicago duplex was given an obvious modern makeover. The positioning of the windows gives an idea about the layout of the house from within. For instance, the long windows indicate where the stairs are and the rising sill heights provide extra privacy on the upper floors.

To get the rare facade some more depth, the architects installed small strips of Hardie cement board in a shiplap application. In fact, Hardie boards are also used as the ’s cladding material in a completely random pattern.

For more unique exterior ideas, look at the offerings from Canadian home builder Paradise Developments.

5. Valley Living

If you prefer a comfortable solitude lifestyle surrounded by nothing but ’s panoramic beauty all around, Valley Villa near the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius is just the place to be. The very aim of this house was to harmonize with the verdant surroundings of pine trees and hillsides by incorporating sustainable Kebony wood for natural timber cladding and an asymmetrical pitched roof.

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Architect Arunas Liola remarked that the more the architect team used Kebony, the more they got creative with it. This designer‌ ‌home‌ was the recipient of the 2016 Contemporary‌ ‌Lithuanian‌ ‌Architecture‌ ‌Exhibition.

6. 2‌-‌Layer‌ ‌Exterior‌ ‌Facade‌

Who says you can’t have a good-looking home in the scorching hot desert? This modernistic Tresarca house doesn’t seem to think so. This property is a fine example of functional, sustainable and innovative ideas to live a comfortable and secure life in the hot barren wastelands. The contemporary house exterior uses mesh screens to offer protection from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun for making the inferior living space more comfortable and giving the house a unique look.

The architects of assemblage STUDIO decided to take up the challenge to develop a house in a harsh environment after being inspired by the textures and materials of Mojave Desert. This resulted in something which emanates the glamour‌ ‌and‌ ‌glitz‌ of Las Vegas and personifies the meaning of “function over form”.

7. Olive Tree House

The name of this 226-square foot retreat is justified as it is located on a hill in a pristine olive‌ ‌grove‌. And that’s exactly what architect Eva Sopeoglou I thought of when she decided to construct this tiny, low-maintenance summer house in Halkidiki, Greece. What’s more, is that it overlooks the sea and the popular monasteries of Mount Athos.

Sopeoglou said that the architectural reference for using metal‌ ‌sheets‌ for this house was the existing sheds and sheepfolds that were scattered around the hills. She says that inhabitants can still hear distant bell sounds from the herds that feed on the land.

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8. Spanish-Revival Stucco Home

This gorgeous modern house is located in the Palo Alto California suburbs. The entire house is actually a triangular wedge with the main house being the taller one while the second house is the smaller one. Each one of these houses fulfills the desire of the owners to accommodate their individual needs.