Design Tips To Make A Rented Space Feel Like Home

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When you live in a rented space, it can sometimes be tricky to make it feel like your own home. However, you can change all that if you apply the right design tips.

Buy Some Plants

There’s always a good reason to have plants in your home. Not only do they boast plenty of excellent health benefits, but they also liven up a space and make it feel more homely.

When it comes to , you’re relatively spoiled for choice. These hark to kill plants typically make the best addition to a home, so buying a few of these could make all the difference to your new place. Put them on shelves, on tables, and by your windows, to turn your rented space into your own miniature jungle.

Use Throws, Blankets And Rugs

Sometimes, when you move into a rented space, it’s already furnished. This can be a real convenience and save you from having to spend money on furniture. However, if the stuff that’s there isn’t to your liking, it can make you feel like a stranger in your new home.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in some throws, blankets, and rugs that you like. These can help to cover up areas of the space you may not like so much, allowing you to feel a little more at home in your surroundings.

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Make A Few (Permitted) Modifications

If you really want the space to feel like your own, a few modifications might be in order. Something like a new coat of paint in one of the rooms or installing an updated appliance could make all the difference.

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Of course, as the property is rented, you must ask permission for this first. The owner may not be happy about you making such big changes to their property.

What’s more, the space may be newly renovated and not need such big transformations anyway, like some of these apartments in Washington DC. Several of these DC apartments, with their many amenities and convenient locations, had a makeover recently enough that you’re better off sticking to the other design tips instead.

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Switch Up The Lighting

Again, messing with the fixed lighting is something that may not go down too well with the property’s owner. However, the great thing about lighting is that you don’t just have to rely on what’s already installed.

From table lamps to string lights, you can find plenty of ways to transform the brightness in your home without breaking your contract. Playing around with this could impact your property in these ways, from changing the atmosphere to creating the illusion of space. Whether you want to open things up or make them cozier, having fun with the lighting could help to make the place feel a little more like your own.

How you decorate your rented property is what determines whether it feels like a home or not. While you might not have free reign to change everything in the space, what is available to you is still enough to get the job done.

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