Give Your Conservatory a Modern Makeover

The conservatory is a construction that has been around for decades, enhancing buildings for many different purposes over the years. With a history spanning over 2 centuries, the conservatory began as a construction that we would now call a greenhouse. Back in the 17th century we saw the first concepts of the conservatory, but they were stone structures used for exotic plants brought back from Europe and Asia.

The science community used many early conservatories of this kind, looking to learn more about plants from other countries. Soon after that, the conservatory’s purpose altered and it became a structure representing social prestige or wealth. Often, very important buildings had conservatories built in the grounds to impress guests. As they became a symbol of high status, they were naturally very few and far between. They were incredibly expensive to build and as such they were very exclusive to the wealthy.

Fast forward a few decades to the 1970s, and conservatories were quickly becoming popular in households up and down the country. They were one of the best ways to add extra space to small properties, providing an extra room for families. However, they were made with poor materials and became cheaper to be accessible to the masses. Thanks to the recession and trends changing with interior design, the public fell out of love with conservatories.

The Transformation of the Conservatory

The conservatory that was once made from poor quality materials underwent a resurgence and became a popular structure again in recent years. The British public love getting the most out of the good weather and a conservatory seemed the perfect way to encourage the sun. Sometimes known as a room, the conservatory of more recent times has become the favorite room in the home through the summer months.

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However, homeowners quickly concluded that conservatories suffered from extreme temperatures; too hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. Thanks to glass roofs and poor insulation, the conservatory needed a makeover to ensure it remained a popular addition for homes.

So, what made them so popular again? Why are conservatories still such a desirable feature, decades down the road?

The Modern Conservatory

Today, customers are much more savvy when it comes to making improvements to their homes. Conservatories have become popular thanks to an increase in quality materials and better construction. Developments in elements such as glass and other such parts of the conservatory mean that they are much more comfortable to use.

What’s more, new designs are also available, catering to a modern audience who love being able to choose the best solution for them. The replacement conservatory , for example, can transform your conservatory using modern tiles. Creating long-lasting appeal, this solid tiled roof provides your home with that all-important addition without the worry of extreme temperatures or noise from the rain.

Bringing the conservatory into the 21st century, you can choose a conservatory design that works perfectly for you and your family.