7 Things Your Living Room Can Tell About You In A Glance

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Our personality is defined by our choices, tastes, preferences, and interests. Much like an outfit tells something about one’s persona, a home is a consistent and visually appealing reflection of the owner’s personality. Interior design, style, and comfort reveal a person’s psyche and traits that define his/her actions.

A living room is the beating heart of a home. It is a space of warmth and comfort, where you can prop against the pillows and unwind. It is also space where we spend most of our time, entertain friends, and prioritize comfort over ornamentation. So, what does your living room décor reveal about your personality?

Keep reading to find out.

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Self-love & esteem

This may come as a surprise, but your living room décor can reveal whether you have a strong sense of self. People who hang up personal artifacts, pictures, and memorabilia exude confidence and cherish themselves. They want to surround themselves with artifacts and photographs that tell their life story. Displaying personal photos reveals a confident personality that enjoys sharing his/her life with others.

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Interests & preferences

Many homeowners want their homes to reflect all their preferences and interests, other than interior décor. For instance, many people like to display their stamp collections in elaborately framed cases. Gardeners enjoy planting whimsical vines and colorful indoor plants throughout their homes.

Bohemians gravitate towards bright colors, ethnic accents, sustainable materials, and rustic furniture. Art lovers like to adorn their walls with stunning canvases, while some prefer graphics, pop art, and even vintage fashion shoots. Avid travelers like to hang up pictures from their adventurers and a map poster to plan their itineraries for future trips.

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Living room décor reveals a great deal about the interests and preferences of a homeowner. A room that serves to unwind and relax is decked with memorabilia and elements that bring comfort. Homeowners are likely to decorate their living room spaces with items that reflect their interests more than anything else.

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Goals & ambitions

Some homeowners are very particular about how the furniture, fixtures, appliances, and décor elements they want in their surroundings. They have a well-defined taste and gravitate towards high-end trends and expensive luxuries. Others tend to seek out aspirational décor to make their rooms look aesthetically pleasing.

Does your living room décor reveal any relevance to your lifestyle and interests? If not, it reflects a sense of dissatisfaction with your present life and lack of ambition. A lilac-themed living room is an ornamental choice if you don’t like pastels and prefer richer color palettes. A living room that reflects authenticity reveals a lived-in comfort and warmth. It reveals a personality that is goal-oriented and focused.

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Love & relationships

Your living room decor can tell a great deal about your love life and other relationships that you cherish. People who hang up lots of family photographs and romantic photos with their partners reveal a nostalgic and romantic personality. Such people genuinely adore their loved ones and like to flaunt their relationships.

People with nostalgic personalities hang up family photographs to gain comfort by revisiting happy memories. Their memories bring them comfort and joy, and they enjoy human interactions.

Cherishing memories is a trait that reveals a fiercely loyal personality devoted to preserving relationships and celebrating love. On the other hand, a living room devoid of personal photographs indicates a preference to hide one’s relationships. It can also reflect a desire to avoid memories or a lack of memorable pictures to adorn the walls.

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Introvert or Extrovert?

Interestingly, living room décor can tell if the homeowner is an introvert or an extrovert. Introverts prefer neatly arranged spaces, with lots of cozy corners and comfortable nooks. They like a simple and quiet life and a home brimming with comfort. Their living room is most likely to have a comfortable reading nook and several bookshelves.

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On the other hand, extroverts are big entertainers, and they also like to celebrate their personalities. Extroverts also like attention, so their living room will contain pictures of their life’s best moments. They are likely to hang up wedding photos, graduation photos, and other critical life moments.

Extroverts entertain a lot, so they decorate their living rooms with lots of comfortable yet posh sofas and chic ottomans. They will deck up the room with an eclectic blend of comfort and style that appeals to their guests.

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Thrifty or Unthrifty?

Are you a smart spender or someone who tends to waste money on frivolous and practically useless items? If you’re unsure, take a look around your living room and count all the smart investments you’ve made. Just keep in mind that a $1200 metallic vase doesn’t count as an intelligent investment.

A quality sofa that can turn into a bed is a smart investment for small apartments, especially when you have someone staying over. A center table that can turn into a small dining table is another example. Smart investments are items that cost less and offer superior utility. These investments are not made on sudden whims, but they require thought and consideration.

Smart investments address our needs and offer durable comfort. On the other hand, unthrifty investments are more focused on ornamentation and aesthetic appeal. It is natural for homeowners to find a healthy balance between embellishment and comfort while decorating their living rooms. Both are instrumental in personalizing and defining the space.

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Old-Fashioned or Inconsistent?

It is interesting to note that some people gravitate towards traditional elements and old-fashioned accents. They have a set idea of how a living room should look like, inspired by their childhood memories or preferences. They like to show off their precious family heirlooms and coveted pieces of china and silver.

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Some homeowners are erratic, and they like to keep changing their living room décor. This is a trait that reveals inconsistency and a desire to keep changing one’s surroundings. People who find new ways to decorate their walls also demonstrate an eagerness to embrace change.

Many homeowners like to add new pieces of art or artwork made by their kids. This reveals a personality that is inspired by change and is comfortable embracing recent life events and changes.


Every décor element in your living room reveals something more profound about your personality. It is interesting how much one can learn about a person with one glance around their living rooms. But before we all put on our Sherlock Holmes caps, let’s remind ourselves not to read too much into things and appreciate the aesthetics for what they indeed are.

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