How to Choose the Perfect Drapes for your Dream Home?

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Are you planning to refresh your home decor? Want to give a nice general touch to your place? Drapes are the perfect way to do so.

Drapery allows for an excellent source of creativity in deciding which patterns, textures, and styles will suit your space best. It is the best home decor buy, though it is one of the least affordable items in a room.

They help insulate your home and protect you from extreme temperatures during the summer and winter seasons. You can save money on energy bills for heating/cooling.

Read on to choose the best custom drapes and curtains for your house.

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Size and Shape of the Window

The size and shape of your windows play a significant role in determining which type of drapes to choose. The function of the drapes also plays a role here, if they are for decoration purposes or to cover windows from direct sunlight etc.

In most cases, shorter rods are more suited for decorative purposes, and longer rods are ideal for blocking direct sunlight.

Duration of the Decor

According to research, the curtains and window blind market size was valued at $20.8 billion in 2020. If your drapes will be in a place where they will undergo wear and tear, then it is better to choose easy-care fabrics that can resist stains and fading.

The fabric’s durability also depends upon the length of the horizontal pleat. The more significant the number of pleats, the lesser the durability. So, it is better to consider fabrics that have single or double-needle stitching at the top and bottom.

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Interior Décor

The interior décor of your home should be well-coordinated with your window coverings. If you have a decorative rug, it is better to choose a sheer fabric. But if your interior décor has a motif or a print, then a heavier textured curtain can be more complementary.

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The Type of Window Treatment

Different custom drapes and curtains are available for various parts like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom for further reference. The most common types are:

Curtains: Curtains can provide a stylish touch to your windows and become an attractive part of the exterior décor too. They create a decorative look for the window and allow you to get light into the house during the daytime.

Shades: These are also available in different types like roller, Venetian, or Roman shade. They help block sunlight or direct light from the room and provide more privacy to the house.

Blinds: Wooden blinds can be one of the best options for your home interiors. They tend to blend well with most of the room interiors and can be used as a decorative element.

The Style of the Drapes

The style of drapes is also an essential factor to be considered while choosing suitable drapes for your window dressing needs.

You must always consider what style of interior décor you have in your home. It will help you choose a style of drapes that will blend well with the home interior décor.

The Pattern and Texture

Patterns and textures are essential in creating a decorative effect, as they can be used to draw attention towards the windows or away from them.

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At times, it is best to consider using blackout shades to conceal a door or a window that is not too appealing.

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The Purpose of the Drapes

If you use your drapes to block sunlight or keep your home warm during winters, consider choosing fabrics that have thermal insulation properties.

Thermal insulation refers to the ability of a material to retard heat transfer. Generally, a material can be considered thermal insulation if it has a greater R-value.

R-Value measures resistance to heat flow in materials used for heating and cooling. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating property of the material.


The price range of different drapes varies depending upon the fabric type and its design or pattern. You must choose a type of window treatment that is within your budget.

It may seem overkill, but matching the style, color, and pattern of your drapes to the wall colors and floors can make a big difference.

You should remember that drapes are not meant only for decorative purposes; they serve the critical function of blocking sunlight and keeping your home warm during the winters. So, you must ensure they are large enough to cover your windows completely.

Experimenting with drapes is a good idea; it allows you to make changes in décor without making too many permanent changes. You can always think about getting new window treatments if you are not satisfied with the look of your drapes.