10 Landscape Trends For 2020

Homeowners are seeking ways to create appealing landscapes by incorporating environmentally-friendly features and high tech additions to cut back on wastefulness both in aspects of time and finances.

Landscape Trends For 2020

Landscape design trends in 2020 have been influenced by innovations such as contemporary features, lush gardens, and smart irrigation technology. These landscape designs have the common goal of creating custom and great looking outdoor spaces that take into consideration environmental wellbeing.

The following are some of the new landscaping trends in 2020 that may be used to create a striking final product.

1. Ornate hardscaping – there has been an increase in the number of requests for intricate and geometric hardscaping patterns for their outdoor spaces. Professionals have been creating hardscaping to integrate with home décor patterns with basket weave, chevron, waves, and lattice designs. Ornate hardscapes can be seen in patios, walkways, fire features, and retaining walls which enhances your outdoor space.

2. Contemporary landscape design – contemporary designs are well appreciated by people of all ages. These designs are modern, sleek, and transform your landscape. Some of the outstanding and more popular design trends in the landscaping industry are an elegant outdoor kitchen, modern fireplace, the inclusion of contemporary sculptures, and a stylistic water feature. Another large group of homeowners has opted for simplistic designs that have a time-appeal.

3. Wide-ranging shades of blue – Who said blue is a color for the interior only? The classic blue has been the color popular with homeowners for their landscapes in 2020 and considered a functional color by landscaping professionals. Some of the popular shades of blue are naval, Chinese porcelain, and other hues of blue that have been used to transform the outdoor space. Blue works well with water features due to the reflection of the azure skies. The garden can be enhanced by introducing shades of blue through plants such as globe thistle, blue fortune, grape hyacinth, and delphinium.

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Landscape Trends For 2020

4. Incorporation of a garden – many homeowners all around the country are happy to create gardens in which they can grow their favorite fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Gardening enthusiasts experience great joy if they are able to enjoy farm-to-table dining. There are plenty of food options right from vegetables to fruits that are best suited for your home garden or outdoor spaces. These food plants are appealing to both the eye and to your taste buds.

The gardens are designed in a manner that meets the needs and ideas of an individual. Some design features include vertical gardens and containers for constrained spaces and even the creation of an outdoor garden oasis. Vining plants are now common to soften hard concrete walls in your landscape and a creative way to add natural appeal.

5. Installation of smart irrigation systems – More high-tech options are becoming available for use on the lawn and other outdoor spaces. High tech irrigation systems are one of the latest landscaping trends and continue to be installed as a way to deliver just the right amount of water for your lawn and other outdoor plants. These systems will help save money and save water and have added features such as control through smartphone apps, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

6. Multi-season Landscaping – multi-season functionality has been a major feature in landscaping in 2020 and the design aims to create a final product that works across different ranges of temperatures. The multi-season designs will incorporate features such as native plants, outdoor heaters, and heat lamps and protective structures like awnings and pergolas that allow homeowners to make use of their landscapes irrespective of the weather.

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Aurora has beautiful landscape that can be adorned with perennial plants and both flowers and fruits that will grow over the different seasons. Many florists recommend plants such as Blue Star, catmint, hyssop, and May Night salvia for your landscape project. Some plants such as dogwood and serviceberry will offer structure to the landscape and are low maintenance.

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7. Creation of a Pollinator Gardens – falling numbers of plant populations are forcing pollinators to longer and longer distances in search of pollinator plants. The tending of pollinator plants is a trend that has really picked up in 2020 with homeowners choosing plants such as coneflower, a nectar-rich plant; and species such milkweed that acts as a host plant for monarch butterfly larvae, and bee balm and Joe Pye weed for adult monarch butterflies helping them to complete their life cycle.

Other plant species provide essential food sources for bees, numerous insects and bird species can be included in the landscape. These plants will provide a wide array of colors to attract insect and birdlife, longer bloom times, and different textures.

8. Discreet lighting – lighting adds a different dimension to your spaces besides making them livable. Outdoor lighting should enhance the ambiance and that’s where discreet lighting systems are used to illuminate the landscape to a different standard. The lights used could be LED that is highly energy-efficient and even solar-powered.

Some of the available options are low-profile pathway lights around the edges of paths and planters with built-in lights to help with enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

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9. Use of plants that discourage wildlife – the maintenance of any lawn is expensive. Having to replace plants destroyed by wildlife will make it even more expensive. Deer, wild goats, and some burrowing animals can wreak havoc to your neatly maintained landscapes. The use of plants that wild animals will not eat is a popular trend to avoid running up prohibitive costs to replace damaged plants and redo your landscape. Some plants include daffodils, lavender, lilac, and Russian sage.

10. Hardy, long-lasting outdoor furniture – your landscape may not be complete without outdoor furniture to enjoy the warmer months outside on your lawn. Homeowners are ready to spend money on high-quality furniture for their outdoor spaces which will withstand the elements and never lose their appeal. You will want sturdy construction materials and fade-resistant fabrics to ensure furniture is resistant and long-lasting despite exposure to sun and rain.

You will not want to miss out on the landscape trends in 2020. Choose to work with professional landscapers to bring out the best of your landscape and make it trendy and functional.