Living Room Cleaning Checklist: Don’t Miss These 6 Things

A living room cleaning checklist is a must-have guide to keep your entire living room clean. Since the living room is one of the commonly used rooms in a house, it always attracts a lot of dust and clutters, necessitating the need for a daily cleaning routine.

While it’s essential to clean the living room daily, you should do a thorough and deep cleaning of every corner in the house for at least once a week. That’s why we’ve put together an incredible living room cleaning list to help you get rid of any dirt.

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Living Room Cleaning Checklist

If your house has a well-spaced living room like those in Aurora’s new homes, you need to use a checklist to help you clean everything. Otherwise, you may forget tidying some spots. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss.

Tools for Cleaning Your Living Room

Before you start cleaning the living room, you need to assemble all the essential tools. Here are some of the items you’ll need.

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Glass cleaner
  • Long-handled duster
  • Clean broom
  • Furniture polish
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Four boxes labeled “Donate,” “Sell,” “Elsewhere,” and “Trash.”

Living Room Cleaning Steps and Routine

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning your living room.

1. Remove All Surface Items: Some of the surface materials available in most living rooms include drapes, curtains, vases, and frames. If the linens are washable, you should take them to the laundry or the dry cleaners.

Make sure you wipe the vases and frames them before keeping them in a clean box temporarily. Don’t clean the photo frames with any liquid. You’ll return them to their places when you finish cleaning the surfaces.

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2. Clear out the Clutter: Take about 15 minutes to declutter the room. Arrange the four boxes and fill them with items you plan to donate, sell, keep, or throw. If you have books that you no longer need, keep them in the “Sell” and “Donate” boxes.

The “Elsewhere” box is for keeping the items belonging to other rooms. If you get trash in your living room, whether under the furniture or surfaces, place them in the box labeled “Trash.” Doing these will help you stay organized.

3. Dust the Room: Dust every item in the living room, starting from top to bottom. Clean the ceiling fan using the long-handled duster and shake the dust outside. Also, dust the accent lamps, lampshades, and other decorative material.

Make sure you dust the ceiling, corners, walls, window frames, and window sills. The drawers and shelves may also hide a lot of dust. Make sure you remove every item in them for cleaning. Return the items after cleaning, keeping them organized.

4. Clean Soft Furniture

Remove cushions and pillows from your furniture for quick cleaning. You can even air the pillows outside after beating them to remove dust. Once you’ve done that, dust the furniture’s back and the wall behind them.

Vacuum the sofas using a vacuum’s upholstery attachment to remove any debris accumulated under the cushions. Also, vacuum the sides, front, and back of the furniture. Return the cleaned pillows and cushions after cleaning.

5. Clean the Entertainment Center

You should disinfect all the electronics in your entertainment room by dusting and sanitizing them. That will help you keep germs at bay, primarily if you use the electronics daily. Make sure you’ve unplugged all the appliances before cleaning.

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As you dust the electronics, check if the cords are in good condition and replace the bad ones. Once all the electronics are clean, you can now dust any other item in the living room, including tables, light bulbs, and lampshades.

6. Vacuum Your Floor Carpets and Rugs

Sweep all the dust and debris on the floor carpets or rugs before vacuuming. If the carpet is heavily soiled, a vacuum cleaner may not be convenient. You may have to dry clean, wash, or take it to a professional cleaner.

You should also use this time to dust the doormats on your doorways. Wiping them will help to remove all the dust. Also, make sure the doormats are in good condition to keep your carpets protected.

Living Room Cleaning Tips

In a nutshell, let’s look at some of the cleaning tips for living rooms.

  • Assemble all the necessary tools and equipment before cleaning
  • Remove all the light and portable items outside for quick cleaning
  • Listen to soft music while cleaning to pass time
  • Ask a friend or family member to help you clean and move the items

Final Words

With the above cleaning tips, you can make your room sparkling clean with a few hours. To make the room more comfortable, spray it using an air freshener right after cleaning. Don’t forget to refer to the living room cleaning checklist whenever you are cleaning.