18 Modern Coffee Table Ideas

Salient Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table is supposed to be the centerpiece of a living room; without it, the interior looks incomplete and diminished. So choosing the correct coffee table for the living room is an important task. A coffee table does not only lend its aesthetic to the room, but also adds character to the ambiance. A modern living room aspires to be something more; and so a modern coffee table is what lends credibility to its aesthetic. It gives the overall ambiance a holistic look and is also pragmatic with its functionality.

There are so many variations of a modern coffee table available in the contemporary market that it is hard to make a plausible choice when buying your product. You have to know that the right modern coffee table has to suit the aesthetic of your home, and is not just limited to be the centerpiece of your living room – you can use it as a glory piece to your parlor, or breakfast nook or even as a side accoutrement to other luxurious furniture.

Following are some novel modern coffee table ideas that would look perfect in the right home.

Abstract Modern Coffee Table Design

This kind of a coffee table comes in two parts – the sculpture like pedestal that looks like contemporary art, and the clean, shiny table top. Both parts come together to make a creatively designed modern coffee table that would look best in any modern contemporary interior.

Creative Coffee Table

Image Credit: Lushome

Designer Cubby Coffee Table

This coffee table is one of a kind pocket fixture. With its organic physique and rounded edges it is more contemporary than modern, and amazing for storing any living room essential out of sight. Its upbeat aesthetic is all you need to ramp up your living room ambiance.

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Designer Cubby Coffee Table



Foldable Coffee Table

The foldable coffee table is a rising modern trend. Not only are these coffee tables multi-purposed and utilitarian, they also bring with them an added boxy aesthetic that fits right in with a minimal or modern style interior.

Elegant Coffee Table

Image Credit: Iconic Home Design

Patterned Coffee Table

If you’re bored with the usual monochrome coffee tables then Ikea has its own line of gorgeously patterned coffee tables that would take your breath away. Available in various colors, this coffee table is simple in design, but gives off a charmingly charismatic effect.

Gorgeous Modern Coffee Table

Image Credit: Decoist

The Aquarium Double Coffee Table

This kind of a coffee table is a double whammy in aesthetics and functionality. While the pedestal is home to a small aquarium, the table top is plausible for functionality and gives a nice view of what is under the table.

Hexagon Sophisticated Coffee Table

Image Credit: Opulent Items

Leather Top Modern Coffee Table

The sleek, buttery material of leather is one synonymous with luxury, so the leather top coffee table is one adored by millions. This kind of coffee table can accentuate any regular interior and make it seem sleek and sophisticated.

Leather Top Modern Coffee Table

Image Credit: Simplified Bee

Dual Table Coffee Table

Contemporary furniture sometimes comes in subtle pairs. Aside from being the tiny bit foldable, the two parts of the dual table coffee table click together to present a rather wholesome picture.

Modish Coffee Table

Image Credit: Momentoitalia

Rustic Coffee Table

If you’re a fan of the old school vintage vibe, then look no farther. The rustic coffee table is a combination of wood and metal that would fit perfectly in a cottage style country interior aesthetic.

Rustic Coffee Table

Image Credit: Blogspot

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Modern Acrylic Coffee Table

The modern acrylic coffee table is lined with a high gloss finish and comes in funky colors – red, blue, green, etc. its overall vibe is more contemporary and it can accentuate any modern interior by providing contrast against a lighter tone.

Salient Coffee Table Design

Image Credit: Decorate The Table

The Fireplace Coffee Table

Ventless fireplaces have been a raging trend across the globe. With no gas supply inlet, these can act as individual centerpieces. Combine that with a modern coffee table setting and you’ve got a glamorous show piece.

Trendy Coffee Table Ideas

Image Credit: FreshomeDecors

The Minimalist Coffee Table

This one is rather simplistic in physique, with an earnest design that is sleek and modern at the same time. The minimalist coffee table has no ornamentation and is often achromatic in color scheme.

Contemporary Coffee Table Design

Image Credit: Ikea Hackers

Modern Coffee Table

Storage space is one of the most important necessities in a home. This elegant coffee table provides you with a minimalist design and compact storage space. The wooden center table has two storage drawers to store your stationery, magazines, serving mats and more. Its design is further enhanced with sleek steel legs.

Modern Coffee Table

Image Credit: Freshome

Simple Modern Coffee Table

Check out this modern coffee table in white, adding sophistication and class to your room settings. Display your favorite reads in the glass top showcase to bring out its luxurious visual appeal.

Striking Modern Coffee Table

Image Credit: a-v-designs

Oval Aquarium Coffee Table Design

Give your room an exceptional appeal with this one of a kind coffee table design. Its oval shape saves space and is appealing to the eye. It is crafted with wood, with a glass top and a coral ocean tank aquarium bottom. It adds color and opulence to your formal sitting area.

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Stylish Coffee Table Design

Image Credit: Decorate The Table

Colorful Glass and Aluminum Coffee Table

One of its kind – this modern coffee table is crafted with an aluminum base and colored glass top. This multicolored center coffee table is eye-catching and attractive. It is sure to get noticed by all your guests. Stylize it with floating candles or trendy flower vase.

Unique Style Coffee Table

Image Credit: Single Serve Coffee

Round Designer Coffee Table with Seats

Decorate your room with this awesome round coffee table. Its dark wood finish goes well with its glass top and your other furniture settings. The coffee table comes along with four sitting puffy’s that go under the table for a compact look. Occupying minimum space and providing extra seating it is an ideal option for your living room.

Wooden Designer Coffee Table

Image Credit: Lvluxhome

Chic Ikea White Coffee Table

White duco finished ikea coffee tables are a must have. This coffee table is crafted from supreme quality wood with an inlay glass top design. Display modern artifacts or attractive artwork under the glass top for a pleasing effect. The table offers an open shelf at the bottom to store magazines, newspapers and more.

Chic Ikea Coffee Table

Image Credit: Blogspot

Classic Coffee Table

If contemporary is not your thing, then add this classic coffee table to your abode. Its elegant wooden design adds a delicate character to your room interiors. The beveled glass top enhances its design. The coffee table offers four drawers for storage purposes.

Classic Coffee Table

Image Credit: Groovexi

Of course there are sub-genres of all these coffee table styles but we hope getting a basic hang of these designs will help you in your hunt for the perfect modern coffee table.

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