15 Creative DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Dorm Decor Ideas

Just moved to college? We’re sure you’ve been weaving dreams about your dorm room ever since you got admission in the college. And, why not! A dorm room is that one place where students spend maximum times of their college lives. From pleasant memories to spending nights yapping with the best-est friends, it’s all here in the dorm room.

Do you want to decorate your dorm room in a way that you would remember it for years to come? If yes, go through these DIY Dorm room ideas. Yes – you heard that right. You don’t really have to spend extra bucks on decorating the dorm room. Just use these ideas and you’ll be amazed to see how you can improve the look of your dorm even on a shoestring budget.

1. DIY Dorm Room Chair Covers for Study Area

When it comes to doing the interiors of your dorm room, study area is that one place where you must bring in some great ideas together. This corner of your room has to be nicely decorated. You can set-up a study corner for yourself by arranging a wooden pair of table and chair. Use some pen stands on the table with a wonderful lamp placed on the side. For the chair, you can go for some do-it-yourself covers. You can use an old printed pillow cover and put it on the chair like shown in the image below. Choose a color and style that suits you the most. You can also accessorize these chair covers by tying a matching ribbon around it or add some funky badges to it. This is a one of the finest Dorm Decor Ideas to go with.

Dorm Room Ideas

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2. Polka Dot Wallpapers for Dorm Rooms

Want to drape your dorm room walls with something unique yet affordable? Try these polka dot wallpapers. You don’t have to hunt down the markets to find such wallpapers. These can be easily made by you. Go ahead, buy a few handmade sheets and a pair of scissors. Cut out round shapes from these sheets in different colors. Use glue to stick it on your walls and there you have your nicely done Polka Dot Wallpaper.

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Dorm Decor Ideas

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3. Photo Collage Dorm Room

You can use cutouts from magazines, newspapers or even old posters to create a beautiful collage on the walls. A pair of scissors and some glue is all that you’ll need. From your favorite actors to sports cars, you can decorate your dorm room as per your choice. This is an excellent DIY Dorm Room Idea you can go with.

DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Image Credit: davinong

4. Cute Polaroid Chandeliers

This is one of the most interesting and unique dorm decor ideas to go with. Your Polaroid pictures can come into use. You can tie them with a thread and hang them from the roof like chandeliers. These won’t exactly work as chandeliers but atleast you’ll give your room a superb look. Also, if you want to work these out as wind chimes, make use of some metal beads or pipes and tie with along with the pictures in the thread. Isn’t it a cool one to go with?

Dorm Decorative Ideas

Image Credit: jerle

5. Bags on the Walls

Aim twice the bulls eye with one arrow; this is what the next dorm room idea is all about. If you’ve been finding a place to store all your stylish bags, the wall has an answer. Just a few nails on the wall and you will get your own bag hanger. This will not only act as a storage but also your dorm room will look nicely decorate. Isn’t this an innovative one you can pick?

Dorm Decorative Ideas

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6. DIY Paper Art Wall Decor

This is another cool idea which you can use to decorate your dorm room. Pick the wall besides your bed. Relax, you don’t have to be a pro at art and craft for doing this! Cut out a few origami sheets in the colors matching with your bedspreads. Fold it out in a Chinese Fan pattern and join their ends. Make a few of these in different sizes and then stick it onto the wall, that’s how you’ll get a superb wall decor option for your dorm room within a few minutes.

Dorm Room Ideas

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7. Shoe Storage Idea for Dorm Room

Be it for girls or for boys, managing the shoes is a problem almost everyone faces in the dorms. This is an excellent shoe storage idea which you can go with. Use some old wooden egg baskets. Paint them in different colors and fix them on the walls using a nail and hammer as shown in the image. You can save yourself from the pile of shoes that you’ve been tripping over. Also, it is one of the most brilliant dorm decor ideas to opt for.

Dorm Room Ideas

Image Credit: bwjags

8. Butterflies on the Walls

This is a simple idea that you can go for in order to bring out the look of your dorm room. Pick up a marker and draw out some beautiful butterflies on the walls. If you’re not sure about your drawing, pick a stencil and get going. The stencil won’t cost you a lot. You can do this on any part of the room. Walls next to the beds, tables and lamps are the finest spots in a dorm room to carry out something like this.

Dorm Room Ideas

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9. DIY Dorm Room Bulletin Board

Your dorm room is literally incomplete if you don’t have a bulletin board for one of the walls. This is the place where all your inspiration quotes, to-do lists, important notes and wishlists will be pasted. Also, it can act as a message board. All you need to do to make this dorm room accessory is: Pull out a cardboard, cut it out in the shape you want, draw in some funky patterns on it. You can even choose to paint. As far as the colors are concerned, you can experiment the way you want to. White and black in combination with red is a good idea too. The best places in the dorm room where you can put this is next to the bed or near the study.

DIY Dorm Room Ideas

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10. Cute DIY Dorm Divider

This is one of the easiest DIY Dorm Room Ideas to go with. If you’ve got a bigger dorm room, you can use your old curtains for dividing the study area from the rest of the room. Even you can use it as a separator between your and your roommate’s bed. If you don’t have a curtain to use, go for a quirky old bedsheet instead. Tie it with a string on both sides and further attach it with nails on the ceiling. Voila! Your very own dorm room divider is here.

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Dorm Room Ideas

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11. Lighting it Right Dorm Room Idea

Yes, rope lights are what you can bring to use. Pull out those old Christmas lights and use them as decoration items for your dorm room. You can put these near the window or on the ceiling. Rope lights make a superb DIY idea for decorating the dorms.

Dorm Room Ideas

Image Credit: shimbawa

12. Crafty Dorm Room Bedsheets

This is again another one of the brilliant dorm decor ideas. You can get crafty with your bedsheets as well. Pick a plain white sheet and create it into a notebook of your own. Use fabric paints or pens and draw cute doodles on it. It’ll really give your dorm a funky look.

Dorm Decor Ideas

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13. Cool DIY Hockey Headboard

Perfect for the boys; the old hockey sticks or baseball bats can be set up against the wall behind the bed as a headboard. It’s an excellent idea for your dorm. Your bed will start looking unique and bigger instantly.

DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Image Credit: fantasticviewpoint

14. DIY Dorm Room Calendar

Another cardboard idea which will work brilliantly for your dorm door. Look at the image below and draw out a similar calendar. You just have to fetch some cool badges, pens, a pair of scissors and a cardboard; that’s all.

DIY Dorm Room Ideas

Image Credit: lovethispic

15. Hanging Frames DIY Dorm Wall

You can use strings of net and cloth to hang photo frames in the walls of your dorm room. Also, bring in some lights to brighten up the space.

Dorm Decorative Ideas

Image Credit: welke

Now that you have been 15 quirky and easy DIY Dorm Room Ideas by your side, what are you waiting for? Get going and make use of the finest ideas. Use a little creativity of yours to improvise these.

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