15 Modern Teenage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

teen bedroom furniture

If you are redesigning your teen’s bedroom and you want to infuse a modern flair to it, then you should definitely check out these 15 modern teenage bedroom furniture ideas. From beds, , side tables, cabinets and more, these furniture ideas will certainly make your teen’s bedroom to look impressive.

1. Hanging Loft Beds

If you have two teenagers who need to share a bedroom, then a loft bed would be perfect. But if you want a modern design teenage bedroom furniture, this hanging loft bed would be great. This bed certainly looks more impressive than those traditional designed loft beds.

teenage bedroom furniture

Image Credit: US Country Properties

2. Bright and Playful Bedside Lamp

Contemporary themed lighting ideas for teen’s bedroom feature bright colors and playful design. This cute orange bedside table lamp will certainly add flair to your teenager’s bedroom. Aside from placing it on the bedside table, you can also place this on the study desk, on the wall, in the bathroom, near the mirror or any other areas in the room.

teen bedroom furniture

Image Credit: Lushome

3. Built-in Loft Cabinet

Modern bedrooms are all about saving space. This could be because of the fact that most apartment complexes and condominium spaces are getting smaller and smaller these days. If you want to save space in your kid’s modern designed bedroom, a built-in loft cabinet such as the one shown below would be the perfect furniture for your teens bedroom.

teenage bedroom furniture

Image Credit: Motiqonline

4. Four Poster Bed for Girls

Although four poster beds are classic style beds, a lot of teenage girls would still prefer this design for their bed. Perhaps this is because they have grown to love those fairytale stories that feature princesses sleeping on their beautiful four poster bed. There are modern designed four poster beds that you can follow for your teen’s modern designed bedroom and if you want it to look just like in the fairytale, hang a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling such as the one below.

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teen room furniture

Image Credit: Sistrends

5. Red Floating Bed

One of the modern designed beds when it comes to teen room furniture is this beautiful red floating bed. You will often see these types of bed in contemporary designed bedrooms. Of course, since your teens are not grownups yet, you can accentuate some teen inspired decors in the room, such as the beautiful giraffe structure shown below.

teen room furniture

Image Credit: Designkastle

6. Wall Mounted Cabinet with Table

Teens love to collect books, magazines and all other stuff. So if you want them to stay organized, why don’t you hang this modern designed wall mounted cabinet in their room? This bedroom furniture comes attached with a small table too, so it functions both as a cabinet and as a study table as well. Just make sure to provide a lamp on the side, to help them to be able to read clearly.

bedroom furniture

Image Credit: HomesComfort

7. Modern Designed Book Shelf

Those traditional bookshelves are no longer a trend. If you want to exude a contemporary appeal to your teen’s bedroom, then consider a modern designed book shelf, such as the yellow zigzag book shelf shown below. As you can see, it is not like your usual bookshelf. It is unique, modern and truly eye-catching.

bedroom furniture

Image Credit: Justsoakit

8. Colorful Beanbags

Teens love to lounge in the sofa or couch, either to watch TV, play guitar or read books. But instead of the usual couch, why don’t you place these colorful beanbags in their room? Your teens will surely love hanging out in their bedrooms if they are sitting on a very enticing bean bag such as the donut bean bag shown below.

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teen room furniture

Image Credit: Telegraph

9. Modern Side Tables

Contemporary teenage bedroom furniture ideas often suggest bright colors, such as bright orange, sparkling red and loud yellow. This modern designed orange side table will certainly look great beside your teenager’s bed. It’s fully functional, too. You can place picture frames, mug and lamps on top and its storage shelf can be used for storing books and other things.

teenage bedroom furniture

Image Credit: Decoration Channel

10. Creative Bedside Lamp

Instead of the usual traditional lamp, why don’t you install a creative bedside lamp in your teen’s bedroom? Among the most creative and artistic teen bedroom furniture is this bedside lamp in pure white with unique red accents. It will not only illuminate your child’s bedroom but it will also make the bedroom look colorful and playful.

teen bedroom furniture

Image Credit: ahoming

11. Contemporary Bookshelf

Teens often have lots of books, from schools and from their own personal collection. If you have bookworm kids, this contemporary bookshelf will certainly look great in their bedroom. It is very colorful and exudes a vibrant feel, a far cry from the traditional bookshelf that we commonly see in some bedrooms.

teenage bedroom furniture

Image Credit: varrell

12. Artistic Table and Chairs

There has been lots of unique furniture these days that were created by artistic individuals. These artistically designed table and chairs are truly a sight to behold and will look great in your teen’s modern designed bedroom.

teen bedroom furniture

Image Credit: newyorkmarkt

13. Round Bed and Colorful Pillows

Instead of the usual square and rectangular shaped beds, why don’t you install a round bed in your teen’s bedroom? The round bed shown below will certainly delight your teenage girls, especially since it is filled with lots of colorful pillows and has a princess themed bedside table. The side table is also among the most beautiful teen room furniture that you may want to consider for your teen’s bedroom.

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teen room furniture

Image Credit: meggx

14. Hollywood Inspired Bed

Teens these days are so fond of Hollywood that even the way they dress, talk and portray themselves is sometimes influenced by their favorite movie star. If your teenage girls would love a Hollywood theme for their bedroom, this Hollywood inspired black and white bed with pink accents will be a great choice. You may also add other contemporary bedroom furnituresuch as the metal side table and cabinet.

bedroom furniture

Image Credit: bedroompedia

15. Modern Bed with Integrated TV

This futuristic bed for teens comes with an integrated television set. Aside from its stunning modern design, you will love how space saving this furniture is. The picture shows a grey colored bed, which is ideal for boys. If you’ve got girls, you can paint the bed in vibrant colors or perhaps neon pink.

bedroom furniture

Image Credit: Davinong

There are certainly lots of modern bedroom furniture pieces that will look great in your teen’s bedroom. Most of these are unique and colorful furniture that will certainly bring a vibrant glow into your child’s modern themed bedroom.

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