15 Useful Tips to Select Chandeliers for your Living Room

living room lighting ideas

Chandeliers can certainly help to improve the overall ambiance of your living room. It is therefore important that you choose the best chandelier or else, your living room might not look as enticing. So to help you with, here are 15 useful tips when it comes to selecting the best living room chandeliers.

1. Check if your Ceiling Is High Enough

First of all, you need to ensure that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the chandelier. If your ceiling is too low from the ground, then you may want to forego putting a chandelier in your living room or perhaps, you can look for small chandeliers that will look best for low ceiling living rooms. So get a measuring tape and start measuring now.

living room chandeliers

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2. Choose the Right Size

The size of the chandelier that you choose matters a lot. So before you go on to shop for chandeliers, you have to think of what size you want your chandelier to be. This way, you can narrow down your choices to either small or big size chandeliers. Remember that small chandeliers will look good for low ceiling living rooms and those with really tall ceiling, should opt for huge chandeliers.

Living Room Chandeliers

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3. Determine the Height of your Living Room Area

The height of your living room area is also an important factor in determining the type of chandelier that you should invest in. And again, taller ceilings demand larger size of fixtures. You can measure your living room area on your own or you can hire someone to do it for you.

Living Room Lighting

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4. Consider the Size and Shape of your Living Room Table

The chandelier that you will choose must compliment with the furniture in your living room and most especially the center table. Therefore, consider the size and shape of the table that is in your living room, especially the one in the middle. The chandelier must not overpower the table and it should instead complement with the furniture. Approximately, it should be at least 12 inches narrower than the table that’s below it.

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5. Consider the Size of other Living Room Furniture and Furnishings

When you measure your living room, make sure to measure your existing furniture pieces as well, such as the living room sofa. This can help you to decide the size of the chandelier that you will buy. Measure the height as well as the width of the furniture where you plan to hang the living room lighting over.

Lighting Ideas

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6. Find out How Wide or How Big is your Living Room

Aside from the height, the width of the living room must also be measured in order to choose the best chandelier. This is for you to know if the living room chandeliers you are buying are too big or too small for your living room. Evaluate the area carefully and jot down all your observations.

living room chandeliers

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7. Find out How Much is Your Budget

Just like with buying anything else, money is certainly an important factor to consider. So find out how much you would be willing to spend for the living room lighting. Remember that the price will greatly differ depending on the brand, design and size. Of course, if you plan to buy a chandelier that is as magnificent as the one shown below, then prepare to spend up to a thousand dollars!

living room lighting

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8. Think of the Form and the Design

The design of the chandelier is something that you need to think about. Would you prefer a traditional or classic design or perhaps, you want an innovative design for your chandelier? Do you fancy those flamboyant chandeliers that come with so many ornamentations or would you rather go for the simple ones? These are things that you should think about when deciding on your living room lighting ideas.

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living room lighting ideas

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9. Consider the Predominant Color of your Living Room

Still can’t decide which chandelier to buy for your living room? Just look around, check the surroundings and determine the most predominant color in your living room. Use that color as your basis when deciding on the base color of your chandelier. Just like the example below, some of the chairs have purple accent in them and as such, a purple chandelier can be seen hanging on the ceiling.

living room lighting ideas

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10. Find out the Latest Chandelier Trends

If you are someone who prefers to have the latest design trends for your living room, then go online and search for information on the latest trend on chandelier designs. Modern Chandeliers often come with futuristic design, such as the image shown below.

Modern Chandeliers

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11. How Many Bulbs Do you Want for your Chandelier

You should also think of the ambient light of your living room. This way, you can decide on how many bulbs you want the chandelier to have. This is for you to also decide at what wattage the light needs to have. Will a three bulb chandelier wok for you? Of course, if you want your living room to be so bright, then look for a chandelier that has up to twelve bulbs.

living room lighting ideas

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12. Think of the Entire Décor of the Living Room

Of course, the design of your chandelier must be compatible with the overall design of your living room. So when looking for lighting ideas for your living room, you should always think of the overall decor of your living room. If most of your furniture has a teal color, then a teal colored chandelier will do the trick! Just look at the photo below.

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Living Room Lighting

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13. Examine your Existing Electrical Wirings

So you have already bought a new chandelier to install in your living room. But have you checked if there is enough electrical wiring on your ceiling to provide power to the chandelier you bought? It is therefore important that you ask from the manufacturer how much electrical work is needed in order to safely hang the chandelier on your ceiling. Some chandeliers come with instruction manuals that will teach you how to install the electrical wirings to get your chandelier to be powered on.

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14. Search for Design Inspiration from a Magazine

Interior design magazines are the best places to search for living room lighting ideas. So grab the latest copy of the magazine in your local bookstore, or better yet, go online and check out interior design website and blogs.

living room lighting ideas

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15. Choose a Reputable Supplier

Remember that just like with any furniture and fixtures in your home, the living room chandeliers are among the most expensive piece of investment that you have. Therefore, you have to make sure that the money that you will spend for the chandelier will not go to waste. Thus, always look for a highly reputable supplier to deal with.

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Whether it’s the Modern Chandeliers that you want, or perhaps the traditional ones, these tips will certainly help you in finding that perfect chandelier to hang on your living room ceiling.

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