Trends In Creating A Backyard Oasis For The Whole Family

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Today’s backyard is often a gathering place for friends and family alike. Some backyards are designed such that they are a spot for everything – from homeschooling to cooking and craft projects. All of that in addition to the outdoor space’s traditional purpose as a place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. This one area in a residential property has become so important that people are considering new ideas and trends to spruce it up. If you are on the lookout for remodeling, redesigning or simply rearranging existing features in your backyard, you will be glad to know that trendy backyards tend to fetch high return for your investment. And if you are like most people, the motivation to renovate may be more personal than it is for financial reasons.

1. Hardscape Materials For Backyard Oasis

Uncertain weather conditions in many places have increased the demand for long-lasting hardscape products for backyard design. Wouldn’t it be delightful to prepare your meal in a tiki hut equipped with the latest appliances and configured such that they are not only safe in the summer but waterproof in the winter and rainy seasons as well? These ideas are exactly what backyard furniture designers are aiming for and selling today. Concrete, flagstone and granite pavers have become a favorable choice for durable patio floors and pathways. Lighter color materials are preferred because they don’t absorb a lot of sun or fade easily. Water-proof coverings are used to protect the colors and textures of these materials. Investing in temperature-resistant products also lets you enjoy the backyard more easily and more often.

Creating A Backyard

Besides the basic furniture sets for swimming pools from trusted firms like Austin Pool Companies, today’s hardscape designs include mini golf courses, chess boards and basketball courts. Then there are decorative orbs, bird baths and other features to add to your small or large backyard oasis. The backyard is now the catchall for many related indoor items. The only thing left is to ask yourself is, what do you want in your backyard?

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2. Native Plants And Xeriscape For Backyard Oasis

Plants, trees, shrubs, vines and flowers. These are some of the elements of a perfect backyard garden. They also represent placements that should be considered when designing the outdoor space during your backyard renovation. However, in regions where water is scarce and soil is not fertile enough to grow wide varieties of vegetation, xeriscaping is an alternative idea. Plants and shrubs for xeriscaping require little water, sometimes no water at all. This is also another growing trend where the main focus is on water and resource conservation.

Creating A Backyard

Many landscape designers and homeowners are becoming more conscious in selecting the type of plants for their backyard projects. Local varieties of all types are preferred as they can flourish with relatively little effort and care. More landscape codes govern the yards in today’s world as well, which is why xeriscaping has drawn the attention of new homeowners and builders and motivates them to incorporate style to backyard spaces. In fact, you may be intrigued by all the choices that are present around xeriscaping style. With such a variety in design and plant choices, it is important to analyze their needs carefully during the planting stages, not when they are grown fully. Some of these varieties can also be used to improve the efficient use of available space in the yard.

3. Designer Deck Floors For Backyard Oasis

Giving your outdoor space a personality requires the same careful thought that you have dedicated to designing the rest of your house. There are many new trends available in the backyard design market. Designer deck and patio floor is one such trend. In fact, they are staples of outdoor design because they are something that people notice as soon as they enter the backyard.

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Today’s products offer flexibility when it comes to flooring for decks and patios. They are available in colors that will blend with the inside trim, wall, siding and windows of the house. Modern inlays are sold in colors and patterns that would highlight an area or add an accent to the existing space. Deck and patio flooring come in wood, tiles, concrete, ceramic and many other forms. The past couple of years have proved to be a deck designer’s dream, as decks have become more popular and preferred among owners of high-end houses and beachfront properties.

Creating A Backyard

4. Pizza Hut For Backyard Oasis

One more trend that is catching many homeowners’ and designers’ attention – built-in ovens. Although the idea is derived from the ancient times, these ovens, it seems, have become a cooking source for many households in the modern world. It can make your backyard look stylish, efficient, and a whole lot neater. The look you create will largely depend on the backyard theme as well. Keep in mind, though, that it will consume a big chunk of your remodeling budget, depending on the size and upkeep. So, before making an expensive decision like a pizza oven, research on all of the various cooking options that are available to you.

Basically, ovens for backyards come in various ways – concrete, steel etc with fire sources such as gas and wood. Unless you have the time and skill to build it yourself, you will have to hire someone else to do it. Prices vary from category to category. Then there are other things to consider, like safety issues, maintenance and so on. Installed with the right materials, these ovens can make a great addition to your home backyard while extending your indoor kitchen outdoor.

5. Shining Light For Backyard Oasis

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You may have been used to a backyard lighting consisting of a single fixture in the corner of a wall that spilled dim color around a small confined area. The effect is about as good as a small candle light in a dark room. Over the past few years, homeowners’ palate has become more advanced, as has the designers’ role in coming up with good lighting ideas for backyards.

Thoughtful landscape lighting not only increases nighttime safety but provides illumination for multiple tasks, such as cooking food, walking or sitting in the company of family and friends. With today’s lighting designs, you can bring in as much light into your backyard as you like. Nighttime lights can also make people feel good and cheerful. The outdoor area can benefit from a healthy combination of natural light during the day and artificial light at night. The outdoor light can also be used to compensate for nature’s dimming effect during certain seasons. Adding solar landscape lighting at pathways, driveways and other areas can save money and resources as well. Then there are motion-sensor lights, lights embedded in furniture sets and seating areas and much else.

Creating A Backyard

On the style side, many outdoor lights have inundated the market, such as string lights, lamp posts and pathway lights. Replacing age-old fixtures with these is relatively easy and affordable at the same time. In fact, it is possible to change the entire architectural look of the backyard by placing lights here and there. With one switch or change in daylight intensity, your backyard can go from a dull spot to a softly lit setting for an enjoyable dinner meal. Additionally, gatherings in the backyard that feel blurry are easier in the right light because your vision is less susceptible to strain. Whether you use ambient light or accent light, the key is to follow the purpose and make it as functional as possible.