Furniture Trends 2021: What To Look For While Setting Your Home?

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Whether you are renovating your living space or shifting to a new one, planning the best interiors is always a great idea. Good-looking interiors add up to the aesthetic appeal of your living space. They also create a lasting impression on all your guests and visitors.

Get over the stale idea of using the obsolete furniture trends in your new home. Here are the top furniture trends to check out in 2021:

Say Hello To Velvet:

Once considered as boring and old-fashioned, the trend of velvet has revived again, and how!

Contemporary furniture tends to make use of velvet. You can also add it to a variety of furniture pieces. From buying a good-looking velvet sofa or settee, to upholstering your bed’s headboard using this material – velvet is going to be everywhere this year.

Add On Some Flower Motifs:

While designing your interiors with the best furniture or decorative accents, adding flower motifs can be a good idea. The trend of floral patterns and flower motifs is in a new light. All the space artists and enthusiasts are adding large proportions and contrasting colors of flower motifs into the furniture, wallpapers, décor items, etc. to create a timeless décor. Flower motifs and floral patterns can also be used under different themes such as vintage, farm, bohemian, etc., to add that dose of oomph to any interiors.

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The Combination Of Strong And Subtle:

Some like it bright while others prefer neutral. You can mix both and make your interiors look more stylish and classier. Mixing and matching two contrasting colors is considered one of the latest furniture trends this year. This trend has a great scope of creativity. As the ball is in your court, we suggest you to play well.

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Minimal Is More:

The concept of less is more is back in action. Gone are the times where you would want to stuff your bedroom or drawing room with a lot of furniture. Unwanted furniture consumes a lot of space. Now is the time to bid goodbye to the space-consuming chairs and poufs. Make your living room look spacious by working on this trend.

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Outdoor Furniture – The Hottest In The Store:

Call yourself lucky if you have a balcony, patio, or any other outdoor space in your home. Spending on outdoor furniture is one of the hottest trends of 2021. Bring home the cane dining chair or other furniture and sip your morning/evening tea while admiring the ambiance.

Multifunctional Furniture For All Small Spaces:

Fret not if you own a very little space for the furniture trends 2021 also include multifunctional furniture for a small living space. You can look into the furniture ideas such as murphy beds, floating desks, murphy beds and futons, sofa cum beds, expandable tables, and space-saving wardrobes to make your living space look good and increase the utility of the furniture at the same time.

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Eco, Ethnic, Country – Choose Whatever You Want:

Decide on the theme of your living room or drawing-room, and then buy the desirable furniture items for the same. Eco-style, country and ethnic are the most emerging themes of the season. Eco-style includes furniture dominated by the elements made using recycled material, natural furniture, etc.,

Add wooden chairs to the country theme to make your interiors look more rustic. Give a dash of culture into your bedroom, drawing room, or even kitchen by adding some folk art and culture-inspired furniture if you have decided on the ethnic theme.

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Parting Thoughts:

The above-listed furniture trends of 2021 are surely going to transform any space from being drab to fab. Use your creativity or hire a professional/interior designer to design your living space artfully and aesthetically.