10 Ways To Create A Comfortable Year-Round Outdoor Space In Your Home

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The outdoor space of your home is just as big a draw as the inside is. Make a cozy and comfortable seating area in your outdoor space. Invite your guests to relax as they enjoy their luxurious surroundings when you use one of these simple ideas. Crafting an inviting outdoor space that you can use throughout the year will only add to the charm of your home.

1. Make a Fire Pit the Central Focus

While chairs grouped around a fire pit may be uncomfortable in the rain, it is anything but when the weather is merely cold or windy. With a few low, inviting chairs or sofas arranged around your fire pit, this is an easy, versatile and cost effective way to make an outdoor area that is not only visually appealing but is also warm and inviting. A firepit not only makes the space more cozy but it can be like a campfire for telling ghost stories or making treats. For the conscious, a fire pit sheds light on the ground and near surroundings. You can design and build your own or seek the service of a professional.

2. Add a Curtained Pergola

The open walls of a pergola or gazebo may seem ideal for warmer temperatures, but when fitted with heavy curtains they become insulated dens of warmth and privacy. While a pergola might seem like a permanent structure on your property, they can often be customized as you see fit. Many of them come with detachable roofs so that you can change the layout of the pergola to accommodate the weather. In addition to being able to be customized against the cold, a pergola or gazebo will offer you shelter from the rain. For existing structures, you can easily find companies offering lanai screen repair service.

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Outdoor Space

3. Keep the Floors Warm

Efforts to keep your body warm do better when they involve keeping your extremities warm. To make sure that you are not allowing undue to escape from your body, add an area rug to your favorite outdoor space. A fun all-weather rug will add charm to your outdoor space while making your floors softer for your feet. Use a rug made of a porous material. This can be left in the rain and will not suffer. Remember that heavy-pile or long shag rugs are not to be used in areas where they will be exposed to the elements.

4. Put Up a Permanent Structure

While any of these ideas can be charming and create a welcoming nook for all of your needs, a permanent structure may seem necessary. Not only does it mark your property as permanently yours, but you can be sure to get used to it no matter what the weather is like. Sheds are becoming a very popular option. They can be very versatile and are easy to fit into your style. Build a new one or find lanai screen repair Tampa to fix one you already have. Use a shed or other structure as a craft room, a workspace or as an extension of your entertaining area.

5. Illuminate the Space

While a lighting system will not necessarily make a space more comfortable when the temperature dips, it can open up a space and make it possible for you to entertain after the sun goes down. Try lanterns that pull double duty as coffee tables or festive sprinklings of fairy lights wrapped around stakes or pillars. Make sure your lights are waterproof and can withstand any type of weather. Adding light to your outdoor area is a way to make it look homelike and inviting to your guests. It will also add to the safety of your property, illuminating the ground entirely.

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6. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Just as your kitchen is the room where most family events happen, you can capture that environment in an outdoor setting. While full outdoor kitchens may be too costly for some, you can evoke the feeling with a small grill or cooking surface. Your outdoor food preparation area can be moveable and it can be as large or as small as you want. Update your ingredients according to the weather. Stock your outside area with mugs and cocoa in the cooler months. Keep treats around for children as well as adults to enjoy.

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7. Cover Every Surface With Something Warm

The cooler temperatures seem to be nothing more than an excuse to mummify your tables, chairs and other surfaces in blankets, throws, and other warm things. This will only serve to make your space seem cozier and more inviting. Use durable fabrics and make sure that they are stain resistant if your outdoor space is often host to pets. Using soft and warm coverings on all your surfaces can make it look and feel prepared for the cooler time of the year. This technique can be easily switched out along with the weather.

8. Set Up a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the center of good times all year round. They make your body feel warm and your spirit feel relaxed with very little preparation. Though hot tubs can make you feel good at any time of the year, they are particularly satisfying when it is cold outside. If you have a hot tub on your property, it is always available for you to soak in, whether it is a solo time to be alone with your thoughts or as a party.

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9. Create Some Enjoyable Memories

while it is true that your outdoor space will get more use when it is not cold, there are several ways you can make the most of it during this time. You can bring an entertainment system outside and enjoy your favorite media. Putting in a cooktop is also a great way to get the most out of your outdoor space. Clearing a large space will give you room to enjoy the snow, if temperatures dip that low. Even if it does not snow, this is an excellent venue to host a holiday party. An outdoor space can be decorated as inventively as one indoors.

10. Research Seasonal Plants

While people often associate growing plants with warmer temperatures, you can research which are in season and grow them in small containers on your windowsill or in an outdoor area. These not only will encourage you to be outside more, but you can learn more about the plants that are common in your region. You can choose a type of vegetable, a flower or even an herb.