25 Adorable Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Kids Bathroom Ideas

For most parents, designing and planning the bathroom of their little ones is truly exciting. Thankfully, in this day and age of the Internet, you no longer need to take up interior design courses just to come up with a great design for your kid’s bathrooms. There are lots of design inspirations that you can find online which can serve as your guide. So refer below for a list of 25 adorable Kids Bathroom Decor ideas.

1. Colorful Stickers on Bathroom Walls

Kids love to have lots of colors in their room. Therefore, one of the best ideas to incorporate in your child’s bathroom is to place some colorful stickers on the wall just like in the image shown below. You can easily find these wall stickers being sold in some home improvement stores and there are lots of designs to choose from. If you have little girls, a colorful flower designs such as the ones shown below would be a great idea. This Bathroom Décor will not cost you a lot of money and does not require a lot of effort.

Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Vedezevalka

2. Charming Kids Blue Bathroom

If you have little boys, then take inspiration from this charming blue bathroom. Incorporating this design inspiration for your kid’s bathroom does not require a major renovation, and thus, you do not need to spend a lot of money for this. All you basically need to do is to paint the walls in white, purchase a blue shower curtain and install blue wallpapers and rugs as well. This is one of the Kids Bathroom Ideas recommended for those who have low budget.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Getawol

3. Beach Themed Kids Bathroom

This beach themed bathroom is definitely charming. Your kids will certainly love to have this kind of bathroom in your home since it feels like they are on the beach every time they go for a shower. And as you know, there is really something about beaches that kids love. For this Kids Bathroom design however, you may have to spend a little bit. Yet, doing so is definitely worth it.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Style Motivation

4. Lego Toys in Kids Bathroom

If your little bunch is fond of collecting Lego toys, then you may want to use some of these toys to decorate their bathroom. Just look at the picture below, the blue tiled bathroom looks truly adorable because of the colorful Lego toys that were scattered in it. You can also add other colorful bathroom accessories such as a red toilet seat covering similar to the one shown below.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Rudedogdesigns

5. Beautiful Flower Designs in Girl’s Bathroom

Your little girls will certainly be thrilled to have an adorable bathroom filled with colorful flower designs such as the one shown in this picture. The design is so girly and chic and it does not require a lot of work as well. All you need is to purchase shower curtains that have colorful flower prints and some flower stickers to paste on the bathroom wall. It would also be a great idea to decorate the bathroom with towels and rugs that have flower imprints as well.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Norahouse

6. Princess Themed Little Girl’s Bathroom

Another adorable Kids Bathroom Décor idea for girls is this princess themed bathroom. Your girls will absolutely love showering in their bathroom in this beautiful pink and white combination. This will not require a lot of work as well because all you need is to purchase those princess themed shower curtains, towels and rugs and other bathroom accessories. Make sure to keep everything in white though, so it will not go against the pink color.

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Kids Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Decor Art

7. Jungle Inspired Kids Bathroom

Kids love animals so what better way to decorate their bathroom than with a jungle inspired themed. Just look at the picture below for inspiration. The shower curtain features a beautiful jungle inspired theme and those quirky rugs with a monkey’s faced design complements well with the curtain. The sink is also embellished with plastic green grasses to complete the overall jungle theme. What’s even great is that this bathroom decor is easy to achieve.

Bathroom Decor

Image Credit: Bandon Living

8. Colorful Stairs Near the Vanity

One of the concerns that you may have about your kid’s bathroom is that the sink may just be too high for them to reach which makes it difficult for them to wash their face, brush their teeth and even look at the mirror. Therefore, the best solution to this is to invest in these lovely colorful stairs. Aside from being useful, these stairs can help to add color to your child’s bathroom and enhance its overall look.

Bathroom Decor

Image Credit: Style Motivation

9. Adorable Mickey Mouse Mirror

Another adorable bathroom accessory to decorate your child’s bathroom is this Mickey Mouse shaped mirror. If your kids adore this famous Disney character, they will certainly find it a joy to use their bathroom every day. This mirror can be custom made and there are also some furniture shops that carry this quirky mirror. And if you happen to visit one of the Disneyland parks, they may also have this mirror sold in one of the shops there.

Kids Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Asihome

10. Pirate Themed Bathroom for Little Boys

A lot of little boys love pirates and this pirate themed bathroom would be one of the most adorable Kids Bathroom Ideas that you may want to incorporate in your little boy’s bathroom. Simply invest in those shower curtains with pirate theme imprints, rugs, towels and some wall stickers as well. Complete the overall look by placing a beautiful pirate ship on top of one of the bathroom cabinets similar to the one shown below.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Digsdigs

11. Blue Walled Bathroom with Rubber Ducky Décor

Perhaps one of the most common accessories that you will find in a child’s bathroom is the rubber ducky. These are the toys that your toddler would love to play with while you bathe them. But if your kids have already outgrown their rubber ducky, then why don’t you use these toys as decorations for their bathroom. Just take inspiration from this blue walled bathroom with rubber ducky décor. It looks fun and quirky, and definitely adorable.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Gaiff

12. Winnie The Pooh in the Bathroom

A lot of kids love Winnie the Pooh, which is why this famous cartoon character is also among the best choices of decoration for your Kids Bathroom. This is easy to achieve as well because all you need is to purchase shower curtains with Winnie the Pooh imprint. You can also have some Winnie the Pooh stickers embellished on the wall and on the mirror and a rug with Winnie the Pooh imprint. This should not cost you a lot of money, yet this will no doubt bring joy to your little ones.

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Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Imgarcade

13. Bright Colored Bathtub

Having a bright colored bath tub and sink is a great way to add color to your kid’s bathroom. Just look at the picture below. The bright green bath tub complements well with the green walls of the bathroom and the neon colored sink has helped to enhance the overall look of the bathroom. You can also add some stickers on the wall to make the bathroom look even more adorable.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: jumpew

14. Colorful Stripes on the Bathroom Wall

Another fun way to decorate your kid’s bathroom is to install colorful wallpapers on the wall. If you have little girls, installing colorful wallpaper with pink stripes would be a great idea, similar to the picture below. And if you think you can manage to paint the walls, then go ahead, paint it. Just make sure to keep everything else white, such as the cabinets and the bathroom fittings and accessories.

Kids Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Style Motivation

15. Mickey Themed Bathroom

Having a Mickey themed bathroom is perhaps what your kids would love. So why don’t you take inspiration from this Kids Bathroom Décor idea shown below. This project would require painting colorful Mickey heads on the bathroom walls, so you might need to exercise a bit of creativity on this. Or better yet, hire someone that can do this for you. Of course, make sure that everything else complements with the theme as well. Since Mickey Mouse is all about yellow, red and black, you can paint the sink in yellow, similar to the photo below.

Kids Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Home posh

16. Green Walled Bathroom with Butterflies

A beautiful green bathroom that’s filled with butterflies will certainly delight your little bunch. So take inspiration from this lovely bathroom below. The green tiles have butterfly embellishments and the mirror is shaped like a butterfly as well. And look at that huge orange butterfly rug below. It certainly matches with the quirky theme of the bathroom.

Kids Bathroom Décor

Image Credit: Blogspot

17. Purple Walls with Tinkerbell

This lovely Tinkerbell sticker on the bathroom door would certainly make a great Bathroom Décor for your little girl’s bathroom. It matches well with the overall girly theme. Aside from painting the walls in purple, you can also install a purple bath tub and some purple colored bathroom accessories. Adding some Tinkerbell stickers on the bathroom walls will also do the trick.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Gaiff

18. Bright Colored Mirror and Sink

Kids Bathroom Ideas is all about color. Thus, this bright colored mirror and sink would be a great addition to your child’s bathroom. This design would not require major renovation and requires only a little amount of work. Simply paint your white sink with a bright color of your choice and install a mirror with matching color. The orange and yellow combination would be perfect, just look at the photo below.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: uujcu

19. Kid’s Bathroom with Bright Colored Interiors and Decors

This is another colorful design inspiration for your child’s bathroom. The orange walls certainly help to brighten up the bathroom of your kids. The green sink, green decors on the wall, complements perfectly to the bright orange wall. To make the room even colorful, add some yellow colored accessories and other colorful embellishments, such as a yellow colored rug.

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Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: uujcu

20. Bathroom Filled with Hearts

Certainly, this Kids Bathroom design says a lot about how much you love your kids. As you can see, it’s filled with hearts! From the mirrors, sink, down to the cabinets below, this heart filled bathroom would be a great design inspiration for your child’s bathroom. You might have to spend more for this since most of the accessories will have to be custom made such as the sink and the mirror. Nevertheless, your investment will definitely be worth it.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Lushome

21. Cute Towel Hooks with Fish Designs

See those plain walls in your kid’s bathroom? They look boring right? A great way to brighten up the wall is to hang some of these quirky hooks with fish designs. Your kids can use the hook to hang their towels, used clothes, undergarments, etc. Aside from being functional these hooks can make a great decoration to your kid’s bathroom as well.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Wawnow

22. Bright and Cheerful Kids Bathroom

Kid’s bathroom should not be only colorful, but they must be cheerful as well. If you want that kind of look for your child’s bathroom, the picture below would be a great design inspiration. This teal colored bathroom was made to look even more adorable with its yellow and orange embellishments. Some of the bathroom accessories are colorful as well, such as the sink, rugs and cabinets.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Jengooch

23. Colorful Bathroom Cabinets

Having these colorful cabinets in your Kids Bathroom can certainly help to make the bathroom look even more adorable. The green cabinets with blue top are fun to look at especially if you install a matching blue sink on it with cheerful design such as the one shown in the picture. You can also install some hanging cabinets with matching color and design on top of the sink.

Kids Bathroom

Image Credit: Snuut

24. Green Bathroom with Cute Frogs

This adorable green bathroom is lovely, neat, stylish and fun! Your kids will surely love using their bathroom if you copy this look. Aside from painting everything in green, you can also choose to add frog stickers on the wall to make the bathroom look quirky and fun, which is what a kid’s bathroom, should be like.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Jumpew

25. Little Mermaid Characters on Pink Bathroom Wall

If your girls love Ariel, that famous mermaid in the Disney hit movie Little Mermaid, then why don’t you paint Ariel on one of the walls of their bathrooms? Just take a look at the picture. The pink colored walls have become even more adorable because of the presence of Ariel and her friends. If you cannot paint, then you may want to install those life size Little Mermaid stickers on the wall instead.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit: Skydesigns

These adorable Kids Bathroom Ideas will certainly delight your little ones. As you can see, most of the designs featured above do not require that you spend a lot of money. Others will not even take up a lot of time to be accomplished. With a little bit of creativity, you certainly can come up with the most adorable bathroom for your kids, inspired by the designs featured above.

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